Domestic Accidents with Kids: Know the Dangers Indoors – 06/11/2022

Anyone who has a child at home knows: attention to the little ones must be constant, given the high incidence of accidents, which occur slightly slippery. Domestic accidents are more frequent when the baby starts crawling at about eight months of age. From there, when you get up and start walking, there is already a risk of climbing small obstacles, which make opening windows, for example, extremely dangerous.

The fall is the accident that topped the ranking of the most common households involving children. In 2013 alone, 753 children were hospitalized “for falling or falling off a building or other structure,” according to the health ministry’s Datasas data. Since then, the average annual death rate in Brazil is 33 children. Data from the NGO Kryanka Segura shows that the tendency to fall is often seen in children under the age of nine – data confirmed by the Ministry of Health, which warns that domestic accidents are the leading cause of death among children up to the age of nine. At the age of Brazil ..

Thus, curtain windows, porches, porches, mezzanines, railroads and any other open space that is at risk of falling is mandatory. “The recommendation is that the screens should be installed even before birth, to prevent accidents in which babies move from the lap and push themselves,” said Luiz Renato Valerio, a pediatrician at Hospital Pecuino Princip, a pediatric institution in Curitiba (PR). Caring for children.

All windows in the house must be screened, even the bathroom windows, which are usually omitted due to the height and small size of the installation. Those who have a tilting model at home can and should use the feature. In this case, the network is installed inside the property. If you have concerns about frame cleaning, specialty companies offer removable screens as an alternative.

Other dangers at home

However, waterfalls are not the only concern, as there are many other recurring domestic accidents for children exploring indoor and outdoor environments. In addition to reading from a height, a smooth and wet environment, such as a bathroom stall, is also a potential risk, making it important for older children to take an adult bath.

Babies, despite their poor mobility, need special attention because they can be seriously injured if they fall from a common place. “Beds, sofas and cribs are frequent waterfall sites. We advise parents and guardians that the baby will be safe when they wake up and there will be no care at that time,” Valerie continued.

In wet environments, in addition to falling, the risk of drowning should be a concern. Therefore, there is no indication that children are left alone in places with buckets, basins, tanks and bathtubs, for example, which create the risk of drowning even at low altitudes.

Burns are also common among children inside the house. According to doctors, they should not be performed in the kitchen, especially during the stove. “The problem is not just the fire. Access to gas, stove doors, boiling water and pans that can be pulled by oil and handles need to be considered,” he said. Burning care should never be done with home or homemade recipes.

Still in the kitchen, you need to be extra careful with sharp objects like knives, scissors and glass. “These are all utensils that should be stored, especially in high cabinets and drawers where kids don’t really have access,” the doctor guides.

The risk of poisoning should also be considered indoors. It usually occurs with medicines, cleaning products and pesticides, which must be stored in a safe place and without access. “Ingestion is a real risk, especially because of the curiosity that makes these products. If it does, adults should know that vomiting is never indicated. Expression adaptation is to seek professional help in emergency care,” Valerio said.

According to experts, foreign body adoption is another common problem in the child population, with most cases being recorded in children under the age of five. “Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the standard age indications made by the toy makers. The fact is that nothing can be neglected indoors because of the risk of accidents present in virtually everything in the case of children.

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