Does Michigan turn out to miss Saline 5-star QB CJ Carr?

There are no slam dunks for enrolling people in college.

Michigan is coming out on top in its best season under Jim Harbaugh with a win over Ohio State and a Big Ten tournament, but that victory has not been interpreted to promote the recruitment process.

The Wolverines have done nothing since March, and received some disappointing news Thursday night from one of their top targets in 2024.

Five-year-old Saline CJ Carr, granddaughter of former Wolverines coach Lloyd Carr and Michigan graduate son Jason and Tammi Carr, announced her oral swearing in Notre Dame, choosing Irish in Michigan, Michigan State and the other three finalists.

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According to the optics perspective, Michigan’s legacy as well as the top guest who plays high school football the distance to Big House to choose a competitive school is particularly difficult for Wolverines, who do not have a quarter in the class of 2023 or 2024..

Bu when Michigan wrote CJ for years, it did not seem like a good option for those with five stars.

“I didn’t want to go to school near my home,” CJ said after the announcement. “I wanted to stay a little longer and Notre Dame was a very nice place. It’s always been like that. I remember one time ago I told my dad, ‘Yeah, did you go to the school where you grew up?’ To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy it. ”

It is difficult to blame CJ for wanting to start his own career and commit to Notre Dame’s successful program on the recruiting process for Marcus Freeman’s first year. The Irish people boast No. The 1st team in the country in 2023, is the 247Sports Composite.

CJ will also be the third promise of the Irish voice in 2024, and all three are 200 top notch.

Meanwhile, Wolverines are searching for a fire to cross the road. Their 2023 class, which has six promises, has dropped to 30th above the national rankings, and has yet to find a commitment in the 2024 class.

Finding an elite quarterback in one of the next two categories is essential, and their choices are diminished after CJ’s idea.

Obviously, Wolverines could continue to hire him until he signed his international letter, but the conversion seems impossible. So where does Jim Harbaugh’s program turn?

Detroit Martin Luther King of five stars Dante Moore is the main target in the class of 2023. Michigan has only three contributions to the 2023 quarterbacks, and two – five stars Malachi Nelson and three stars William Watson III – have volunteered elsewhere.

This leaves Moore, one of the most coveted people in the country. 6-foot-2, 195-pounder has visited Ann Arbor several times and is returning from a recent trip to Michigan.

Notre Dame is considered to be the favorite to land Moore, but his chances would diminish with Carr’s dedication.

However, Michigan still has work to do with Moore. Texas A&M, which signed the top class in 2022 and has been ahead of the Name, Image, Likeness negotiations, and LSU are still searching for a quarter of five stars, while Oregon is making a strong push as well.

All three schools also admire Pittsburg (Calif.) Four-star Jaden Rashada, another top 50 prospect across the country, so one can drop Moore’s race if he arrives in Rashada.

Wolverines received another quarter of five stars at the school last week at Charlotte (NC) Providence Day School Jadyn Davis, No. 15 all hope is No. 4 quarterback in 2024.

Davis, like Moore, would have been Harbaugh’s top leader since the Wolverines sealed the deal, and like Moore, he would have to beat other top players like Clemson, LSU and Georgia to do so.

Michigan delivered nine quarterbacks in 2024, and five of the top 200 non-volunteers.

Aside from Davis, it probably has the best shot in Carlsbad (Calif.) With five stars Julian Sayin and Baltimore St. Frances Academy four-star Michael Van Buren, who visited Ann Arbor last season.

Newcomer Cade McNamara is due to make his final year in Michigan, and appears to be six years old and former five-star JJ McCarthy has a bright future. If McCarthy continues to grow, it would not be surprising to see him leave the NFL in preparation for the end of the 2023 season.

This is why bringing the elite quarterback nominees into the next two rounds is important. There are several big fish out there, but the question remains: Can Michigan get one? With Carr now a volunteer at Notre Dame, there is one shortcut.

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