Dodgers Draw Clayton Kershaw During Good Play

Clayton Kershaw has won three National League Cy Young Awards, one NL Most Valuable Player Award and a World Series. He did nothing and wrote a CV of the Hall of Fame.

But he has never played well, and his chances of winning what he missed most may have been lost because of the managers’ choice, his age and recent injury history and, possibly, the closure of the owners that threw the Major League. Baseball in winter uncertainty.

Dodgers 7, Amapasa 0 | | Box Score | Play-by-play

Kershaw, 34, was the leading scorer of the season, beating 13 Minnesota Twins over seven innings and 80 yards on a cold, 38-degree day at Target Field in Minneapolis.

But that afternoon ended there. Superintendent Dave Roberts summoned left-back Alex Vesia to start the eighth inning with any of the game’s combined ideas – would have been the first of its kind – to end it as soon as, out of one, Twin Gary Sánchez hit Vesia’s fifth. enter the appropriate section for one.

There have been only 23 good games, and none since Seattle’s Félix Hernández did against Tampa Bay on Aug. 15, 2012. Everything was planned for Kershaw in Minnesota not only to add one minute to history, but to end the existing drought. the best, longest game in the MLB since mid-1968, when Oakland’s Catfish Hunter played against the Twins, and 1981, when Cleveland’s Len Barker beat Toronto.

But this was accomplished in the pre-season and pre-season defense, and Kershaw appeared to be willing to give up his perfect chance. Calling it a “fair verdict,” Kershaw told reporters “he would be charged with felony criminal mischief for felony criminal mischief.”

His age and the fact that Kershaw had only made 22 years since last year and missed out on all of this time due to a left arm and elbow injury – and, because he had struggled with previous injuries – no doubt contributed to the case. The Dodgers are well-versed in the health of their players and the amount of work they do and, under the direction of Andrew Friedman, president of the baseball operations team, and Roberts, prioritize the movement aimed at achieving long-term World Series success in the short term. one-minute satisfaction or individual player.

To that end, Roberts probably has more experience than he would like in clearing history away from the pitchers as this was the fourth time in his seven-year reign as Dodgers manager whether he released a pitcher for a good game or not. -beating, incorporating just another time since 1901 that the barrel was pulled after seven fine innings, according to Stats Perform.

In ancient times Roberts made the following choice:

  • Ross Stripling on the right ran an unbeaten innings in his big game on April 8, 2016, in San Francisco Roberts before pulling him out after 100. Realizing, among other things, that Stripling had just been removed two years from Tommy John’s surgery, Roberts, who was widely ridiculed by San Francisco fans that night, called the election “unwise.”

  • Rich Hill left-back, like Kershaw, was throwing a good game when Roberts pulled him over. He had made seven appearances and scored 89 games just five months after the Stripling game, on Sept. 10, 2016, in Miami. Hill was battling an abscess problem and Roberts tried to breastfeed her all season and make her do well in October, so she made an unprecedented decision to get rid of her. “I have a stomach ache,” Roberts said, realizing that, at age 35, he was probably the best shot of Hill in immortality. Hill, 42, is now on his way to Boston.

  • Walker Buehler ran six unbeaten runs in his third major San Diego game in Monterrey, Mexico, on May 4, 2018. But given Buehler’s youth and rainy night, Roberts pulled him out after 93 games and called on him. it’s “very irrational.” Tony Cingrani, Yimi García and Adam Liberatore did not defeat the Padres all the way and, together with Buehler, formed the first non-batting team.

But Kershaw, because of who he is and what he has done, is on a different level. Had he finished a good game, it would have added to his story and given MLB a full-time mom.

His vessel was a vintage, which is seen as the Twins ’17 swaying and missing the court on a cold afternoon that certainly had a history commemorating the Dodgers’ 1965 World Series victory in Minnesota. The title was written by Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax the 7-game winner at the old Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minn., With a short break. The thread that connects the two left-handers is the most influential in Dodgers’ history: Kershaw and Koufax have formed strong bonds and bonds over the years.

Meanwhile, a recent reminder of how much work has come to fruition last October, when mid-season Max Scherzer failed to make it to the National League Championship Series against Atlanta after starting one game and closing another against San Francisco. divisions after launching wild NL games against St.

Regularly, the Dodgers adjust their calendar around October. And what happened with Kershaw in Minnesota on Thursday afternoon in April was a very recent example.

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