Doctors say mysterious hepatitis CVD-19 in children is not related to the vaccine

On May 31 of this year, Brazil registered the 1st possible case of hepatitis among children in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Confirmation was given through the Ministry of Health after confirming the diagnosis of Ponta Pora Municipality.

Faced with the truth, Accorda Cidad invites hepatologist Karina Maya to provide further clarification on the disease.

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According to experts, severe acute hepatitis is the result of inflammation in the liver, where it is not yet known what caused the problem.

“It is a serious acute hepatitis of unknown etiology, meaning there is an inflammation of the liver where the cause of the disease has not yet been identified. This hepatitis usually affects people under the age of 17 and the most common symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain, yellow skin and eyes. The viruses that usually cause hepatitis in children are viruses that usually give a mild condition, without much severity, and now these children, when they become infected, develop more severe forms of the disease, including acute inflammation of the liver, causing damage. Organ function. , And in some cases a liver transplant is needed, ”he said.

According to hepatologists, the Covid-19 vaccine has nothing to do with the hepatitis outbreak for a mysterious reason.

“The Covid-19 vaccine has nothing to do with it, so much so that the age group most affected is under 5 years old, especially under 2 years old, and this is an age group where the vaccine has not yet been published. , Children who have not been vaccinated against covid. This hepatitis is now the main suspect in a viral agent called adenovirus. Adenovirus is already a virus that carries on in us, but it usually creates a mild condition, without major complications, it only creates more severe conditions in immunocompromised individuals, which was not the case with these children. Immunocompromised is a person whose immune system is weakened, does not have a fully functioning immune system, and these children with hepatitis were healthy, so this is exactly what arouses the curiosity of the scientific community, so there are possibilities, and to determine what is actually happening. The study is being done, ”he said.

According to hepatologist Karina Maya, there are already four possibilities for the onset of the disease.

“There are already four main possibilities. The first is that there was a mutation in the virus, adenovirus, a virus that caused a mild, discreet, non-severe, flu-like syndrome or gastrointestinal symptoms. It only creates serious conditions in patients with hepatitis or immunocompromised system. Hence the possibility of a mutation that made it a more invasive virus. The second possibility is that due to the isolation of these two years in the epidemic, children could not normally come in contact with the viruses present in this age group. Lack of this stimulus creates a weakened immune system, so when these children come in contact with a virus that creates a mild condition, when immunity is compromised, it creates a more severe condition. The third possibility is that it is actually a virus that we do not know, a new virus that will be discovered now, and the fourth possibility, which is currently being further studied, is the role of coronavirus in this dynamic. , Some children may have been exposed to the coronavirus, it was a trigger to activate their immune system, and soon after, they had an adenovirus infection and this created a more enhanced immunity, more severe with acute inflammatory conditions. With severe reactions, and consequently with more serious conditions ”, explained Accorda Cidade to the expert.


According to doctors, it is important that people repeat the same care against Covid-19.

“Resistance is basically the same care we had with Kovid. So some scientists have already suggested, for this reason we should be more careful, reconsider the use of masks, maintain the hygiene we have learned with the epidemic, sanitize our hands, wash our hands, pass alcohol in prison, so basically it. The principles we have used for the coronavirus epidemic will be 7 But what I want to record here is that apart from the prevention problem, the most important thing is the initial diagnosis. So, when parents notice that their children have these symptoms and these symptoms persist, a medical evaluation is needed. Parents need to take their children to the doctor for evaluation, as the initial diagnosis is directly related to how the child will develop, and in order to create therapeutic possibilities as soon as possible, “he concluded.

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