Do not bet against Giants’ WR Wan’Dale Robinson

Minor Wan’Dale Robinson, second runner-up in the 2022 NFL Draft by the New York Giants, at your discretion. It’s already done, with the 5-foot-8, 178-pound wide receiver finishing with the final laugh.

Vince Marrow, senior assistant and co-ordinator among other offices in Kentucky, did just that.

“When people look at Wan’Dale Robinson, I even when I was writing him, I was like a man there was no way this kid could play in the SEC,” Marrow said in a telephone interview.

Robinson captured 104 1,334 yards from Kentucky in 2021.

“Don’t be fooled by the child’s age. I tell you, I was one of those guys. I was like, this baby is no way. Let me tell you something – I can’t bet Dale Robinson.

“Wan’Dale Robinson is a football player. The giants will see this soon.”

Chuck Vaughn, founder and CEO of Aspirations Fitness Institution in Kentucky, where Robinson has been training since his second year in high school, performed.

“The first day he came in he had a hard day. “There were 30 Division I kids running around here, the top kids who were a little older than him, a little stronger, were used to compete with each other at some level,” said Vaughn.

“He came, a very good runner, but he didn’t cook. He had a long day. I think this kid drove 45 miles here, 45 miles back and I probably won’t see this kid again.

“In fact, that night he sent a text message asking what time it was tomorrow. I listened to her on time and she was here early. I immediately realized that this child was interested in pushing himself to be better and to reach a certain level. ”

Many also underestimate Robinson. The Giants were surprised by the selection of Robinson No. 43 all in all, before that the researchers thought they were going to have one very good season with the Wildcats. A well-known theory is that Robinson was transformed.

Our Nick Falato said that Robinson would be “strange” for his estimates if he could win at the NFL level.

Marrow and Vaughn have nothing.

Marrow succinctly referred to this one-on-one discussion as being “a herd of cattle.”

“When I heard people say he was very high, did you see the league we are playing? Have you seen the football league we play? Have you seen what this kid did week after week against Georgia, against LSU, against South Carolina? I mean he would have been 6-1 and done what your fans would have been like ‘oh, yeah, he would have been the first, “Marrow said.

“Is it the No. 1 college football conference? SEC price. Every NFL manager tells you this, every NFL GM. , he has a vision, he understands how he is run, he understands how you make someone miss.The last time I looked there were a lot of dudes from the SEC going to the first or second place.

“I don’t think you know what you have. I think you will be very surprised by what you find.”

Marrow insisted he did not believe Moore was out of Round 2.

“Was I surprised? No, no, “Marrow said.” I really thought of the Chiefs. I spoke to someone who is very involved with the Chiefs. One time I thought he was going to take her with a 30th pick. Undoubtedly, he took her to the second stage. “

Kansas City elected No. 54 and nominating senior receiver Skyy Moore.

Vaughn has coached Rondale Moore (2021 Round 2, Arizona Cardinals) and Tutu Atwell (2021 Round 2, Los Angeles Rams).

“Wan’Dale has things that you can’t measure. Everyone is fascinated by test numbers and their size as well as speed and weight with this kind of stuff,” Vaughn said.

“You look at the guy when the game is on the line making all the big games. He just has the ability to make big plays. Often guys are written on scales and incomplete on the invisible. He looks at all the boxes on anything invisible that exists.

“He will be reliable, he can learn, he can play hard … he has a contagious personality … he is one of the guys who brings strength.”

Robinson’s great drama, the big-temporal ideas did not show more than he does in the 2021 Citrus Bowl vs. Iowa, a Kentucky last-minute victory where Robinson held 10 out of 170 yards, most of them on the winning car.

Here is what Robinson said about faith in the other corners the Giants approached to elect him:

“I always feel like I have the right to be elected first. I just felt like someone had to trust me to believe in magic and just trust the player. “

Men’s influence

DaQuan Edwards.

Robinson was 5 years old. He could not play real football until the age of 6, so his father, Dale Robinson, “told a blatant lie” because he did not want to play flag football. His father received Wan’Dale’s birth certificate under the name DaQuan Edwards who said he was 6 years old, and has been playing football ever since.

“She learned courage because she was 5 years old and all the kids were older than her,” said Dale Robinson. “They were beating him around, but he always woke up.

“That has always been his thought. He always thinks he is the best. He knows not to be afraid of man. He knows that if you doubt those papers you are very good. “

Dale Robinson’s influence on his son goes further.

Dale Robinson spent many years in Wan’Dale’s youth prison for drug trafficking.

“Just walk away from me, my condition. We always talked about breaking the curse. Although I’m in prison I talk to him like, this curse starts with you. You and your brother are not following the path I took, “Dale Robinson told Big Blue View.

“I did things wrong, wrong, I had all the skills, I had people around me, but I made the wrong decision. You will never make the same wrong decisions again.”

  • You can read more about this episode of Wan’Dale Robinson’s growth in this 2019 post from The Athletic.

Wan’Dale is now heading to the NFL. His older brother, Dalegon, graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice.

Robinsons now runs the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation, named after Dale Robinson’s mother, who helps children of incarcerated parents.

“He’s a good kid,” Vaughn said. “He is a leader in his community. He always takes children under his wings, advises a group of children at home in Frankfort, [Ky.]. ”

On the field

When the Giants selected Robinson, GM Joe Schoen said the team had a “clear vision” of how to use it.

“(Robinson is) the best player we’ve been looking for, a generator with a ball in his hand, a very good running back, a very good runner, he can split up,” said Schoen. “And for what we were going to do in anger, we thought it might be a good fit for us.”

Many believe that Robinson’s role was, at first, merely a matter of personal misconduct, a jumble of jokes and other athletic contests, and his use of punctuation as a punch.

Marrow calls Robinson “a pound over the toughest kid I’ve ever taught.”

“He caught more than a hundred balls,” Marrow said. “We didn’t do a lot of games. They did the running.”

Robinson may not be a great athlete, but Vaughn and his staff have been working for years to make Robinson a runner-to-receiver.

“He was a very fast runner when he first came to me. When you were in high school and you did things fast you were just looking for ways to get the ball rolling,” said Vaughn.

“We spent a lot of time with him learning to walk the streets and to block the way and how to use his hands and how to set people up and how to use the corner and get in and out of leisure and things like that. Use his speed to his advantage to be a recipient.”

Marrow summarized his thoughts on the Giants landing Robinson:

“I think the Giants, who were the brains behind it, are very smart.”

We’ll see about that. Considering what Robinson has already done, it seems unreasonable to bet on him.

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