Dmitry Bivol breaks down the way he beat Canelo Alvarez with future plans

Dmitry Bivol got the biggest win of his game on Saturday, beating Canelo Alvarez by choice in Las Vegas to avoid relegation and retaining his WBA light heavyweight title.

Bivol (20-0, 11 KO) spoke at his post-war press conference, dispelling any notion that it was disrespectful to take second place even though he was a defender, and discussed Canelo’s power (57-2-2, 39 KO) as a light burden. , plus many more.

Before the publisher arrived, mics caught Eddie Hearn talking to Bivol and Vadim Kornilov at the table.

“In his last two wars, there was no indication that he would ever do that,” Hearn said in an interview. “We know how good he was, you always believed in him. But doing this at this stage is very special. Because most fighters will not be able to do this when needed. ”

“If it were not for my last two fights, I would never have fought this battle,” Bivol stated. 100 percent. “

It’s a little interesting to see the conversation that wasn’t directly on TV.

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

For what he considered to be the key to success

“All this fight, I was straight. I saw how he throws hard punches. He just threw hard punches. After (all) hard punches, he was a little tired. Tired, tired. Canelo is a good fighter as an opponent-puncher, but I made (him a great fight). , and I was a punch-punch today. It was a secret. ”

He even wondered how “simple” it was.

“I felt I had won the war. I do not know. “

On criticism for previously unpleasant

“My last battle was a nightmare. It was not difficult for me. I just defended my head to the other guys, and everyone bet on me. I enjoyed this, and I heard many fans screaming. It really encouraged me today, and I really enjoyed this fight. ”

At Canelo’s greatness to bring out his greatness

“Of course, if my enemy is right, I will show my best side. … I did not expect him to be right. I expected that. I believed in myself, I believed I could win. I expected and he did. ”

On possible repetitions

“My dream is to be an undisputed hero. I got this opportunity to fight a very good guy, and I took the fight to get a chance. That’s all I care about, and I appreciate the opportunity they gave me. Right now my goal is to get what I deserve. If the repetition happens, I have to make sure I get what I deserve, because I do not think that even in previous wars as a professional I got what I deserved. “

Like if a fight felt different on the main stage

“It was, of course. I had been sitting in my room for a week. It was boring, you know? I can’t get out of the room and I’m tired of it. And I saw how the war was affected. “

On his first entry though he was a hero in front of Canelo’s main entrance

“Honestly, it does not matter to me whether the first or second person enters. It doesn’t matter to me. I just wanted this fight. … I just want to fight him. When she came to the courtyard and heard a commotion, I was so happy to hear her cry. ”

Either chat with Canelo later

“I just said he was a great hero, I respect him. He gave me a lot today, he gave me this fight and he knows a lot.”

If he thinks he should be P4P No. 1

“Frankly, no. I just hit the guy who wanted my belt in my mind. He was very rich in the middle. Yes, he had a belt (formerly) on lightweight devices, but I don’t feel like I’m the ‘king’ today. No, I just hit Canelo. I was better than him today. “

On what they can do differently in a replay game

“Honestly, I do not know. I do not know what I will eat today or what I will do tomorrow.

The victory in the battle is a “must have” round of 12

“I thought for a moment when I heard the goals, 115-113, I thought, ‘Maybe I lost today.’ But I felt I had won, you know? I expect that. It was all against me today. too happy for me, you know? “

If they feel neglected in the light heavyweight category

“For me, it is enough to have a belt. I know I’m pretty good, though no one can tell me this. I don’t feel like I’m a winner in the light heavyweight category; I do not hear because I do not have all the belts. If I have all the belts, I feel so good. But for now, I’m one of the best performers. “

When he knew he was in control

“I see his punches, which he wants to do from the beginning.”

If he felt that he was not honored as a hero

“I understand why I went again, because Canelo is the biggest name. And the rules, all the rules, are not his. No problem, just give me a fight. He’s the first on the board, no problem. Laws, not for him. Just give me a fight. No problem for me. I am very happy to have a fight. ”

Whether he felt the power of Canelo

“Yeah, I certainly felt his power. He really has the power. But you know, he has good speed, good energy, good intelligence – but some people are born with power. I don’t have that kind of power. I can throw a strong punch if I want to do it, if I want to put strength in my fist I can do it intentionally. Some boxers have a knack for punching, they can only kick box and it is already strong. I have never heard of such a rich and powerful man as being born with the strength of a fist. I feel like they’re just putting everything they can on each punch and trying to make it strong. ”

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