Discovering Bun, the future replacement for NodeJS?

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Everyone talks about it however few have but examined it. I counsel we embark on a journey of discovery immediately

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But again to context. Presented as the new NodeJS, Bun is a JavaScript platform that not like NodeJS doesn’t use the well-known Chromium V8 engine however JavascriptCore. It is a framework derived from KJS (KDE’s JS Engine) used to implement WebPackage inside macOS.

The philosophy behind is to supply a JavaScript runtime that begins shortly and has glorious efficiency ranges. Much greater than NodeJS and even Deno. This isn’t a surprise as a result of along with utilizing JavaScript core, Bun is coded in Zig, a low-level programming language that gives good efficiency.

Moreover, it is a device that wishes to be full as a result of it is each a bundle supervisor (an npm shopper sooner than the authentic or Yarn), a bundler, and a transpiler that features each JSX and Typescript. It implements a whole lot of NodeJS APIs and Web APIs and 90% native NodeJS capabilities like node-api, fs, path, buffer… and many others.

Even if Bun brings an enormous acquire by way of pure efficiency but additionally a time saver for its all-encompassing facet, it’s nonetheless very younger since its beta was launched in July 2022.

I nonetheless give you a brief tutorial to put in and check

How to put in

To set up in your machine, open a terminal on macOS, Linux, or Windows WSL and enter the following command:

curl up | bash

Logically, the set up script added the following line to your $PATH in the ~/.zshrc file:


In your zsh terminal (exec /bin/zsh), then run the following command to verify that bin is began accurately:

bun --version

By operating the command:

bun --help

You can even see the instructions obtainable in bun corresponding to “run” to launch JS, “dev” to begin a growth server, “construct” to create a bun venture from a template, and many others.

Your first bun script

As a check, we’ll first create an http server that broadcasts our hi there world to a .js file like this:

export default {
    port: 3000,
    fetch(request) {
        return new Response("Hello World from Bun!");

Then we run this .js file with the “bun run” command. This is the identical command that permits operating bundle.json scripts alongside JavaScript and TypeScript recordsdata. By changing “npm run” with “bun run”, your launches will probably be 30 occasions sooner

FYI, I named my script: buntest.js.

bun run buntest.js

Then go to localhost:3000 with a browser and it is best to see Hello World displayed:

bun as bundle supervisor

We’ll now deal with the bundle supervisor facet of Bun, which replaces yarn or npm set up and allows you to set up packages 20 occasions sooner. For instance, if I need to set up a lib and its dependencies, I simply run the command:

bun set up nom_de_la_lib

Exactly how to do that with npm instructions.

Deploy an app with Bun

If in your terminal, you sort the following command:

bun c

You’ll see an inventory of venture templates you may create with Bun. For instance, to create a React venture, you merely enter the command:

bun create react ./react-app

Once the template is deployed, do a:

cd react-app

Then begin the dev server:

bun dev

Then by going to the url: http://localhost:3000, you will note the residence web page of your new React venture.


Bun is quite a bit to arrange and use. In operation, it is much like NodeJS nevertheless it’s notably sooner. However, I felt it was nonetheless in beta as a result of I nonetheless encountered some bugs (documented on their github) and even a segfault. So Bun remains to be a great distance from cleansing up NodeJS however as soon as these teething issues are ironed out it will likely be an important JavaScript runtime.

Bunn due to this fact can’t be utilized in manufacturing at this level as a result of there are nonetheless some main points, to not point out the absence of code minification in Bundler. So it is nonetheless not optimum. But it’s a venture to regulate as it’s progressing quick and appears very promising.

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