Discover the curriculum of candidates for State Deputy in Brusque and region

Brusque and regional state deputy candidates despatched details about their private, skilled and political lives to the municipio newspaper.

Among the candidates are Henrique Ávila (PSD), Leila Graf (PSC) and Yordan Gams (Novo) contesting the elections for the first time. Dr. Jonas (Patriota), Josimar dos Santos (DC) and Paulo Eckel (PT) held political positions, and Paulo is the just one who has already been a state deputy amongst all the candidates for a seat in Alesc. Luciano Camargo (União) and Marcos Habitzreuter (DC) have participated in different elections, however are looking for to be elected for the first time.

Dr. Jonas (Patriot)

Jonas Oscar Paegl, born in Crisciuma, was born on November 2, 1946 to Osvaldo Eugenio Paegl and Antonia Marta Paegl. He got here to Brusque in 1974, the place he married Rosalda Oriques Pegle. The couple had 4 daughters: Rina married Darnicio Nascimento, Deis married Jean Eckert, Rizia and Martina, and they’ve grandchildren: Manuela, Thiago and Noah. Dr. Jonas can be concerned in non secular actions.

Professional historical past
Dr. Jonas graduated in medication in 1972 and got here to Brusch in 1974 to work as an occupational therapist at the invitation of Sia Industrial Schlosser, the place he labored for 25 years. Since then, he has practiced medication at Azambuja Hospital, labored as a basic practitioner at Syntraphyte for 40 years and additionally at Detran for over 35 years. As an occupational therapist, he additionally labored for Irmaos Jane and Fabrica Renox Company.

Political historical past
He joined Arena in 1982, the 12 months he was a candidate for vice-mayor on a slate led by Eloi Luiz Dadan. In 2004, he was elected councilor by PFL and re-elected by DEM in 2008. In 2012, he was a vice-mayor candidate on a slate led by Ciro Rosa. In 2016 he was elected mayor by the PSB, with Ari Vecchi as his deputy.

Henrique Avila (PSD)

Henrique Avila, 42, was born in Tubaro (SC) and has lived in Brusque since he was 5 years previous. He studied at São Luiz College and went to Farbe College in Blumenau, the place he lived for 4 years. He lives in Aguas Claros neighborhood.

skilled trajectory
He is a dentist specializing in orthodontics in Aikos Joinville, he labored in a non-public observe and was an worker of City Hall, working in most of Brusk’s well being posts.

political course
Participate in elections for the first time. He was financial improvement coordinator and EBplan coordinator of the authorities of Jonas Pegel, well being director of the well being division of the Boca Cunha administration, participated in the elder council of the metropolis of Brusk and was the president of the native PSD in 2020.

Josimar Dos Santos (DC)

Josimer dos Santos Lima, born on September 20, 1977 in the metropolis of Jardim Alegre (PR), moved to Zaragoza do Sul in 1994, the place he stayed till 2016 earlier than transferring to Brusque. Married to Sidnia Marques dos Santos for 19 years, has two youngsters and two grandchildren, lives in the Centro I neighborhood, has a level in administration and a grasp’s diploma in public administration.

He is an element of the public relations board of the couple of the Assembly of God Church and is the president of the Association of Parents and Teachers (APP) of the Thomas Coelho neighborhood college.

Professional and political trajectory
He is presently a councilor in Brusque, however has been working as a supervisor in a non-public firm in the metropolis of Zaragoza do Sul for 14 years.

Josima was Manager of the Housing Department of Zaragoza do Sul between 2009 and 2012, Councilor of Zaragoza do Sul between 2013 and 2016, Advisor to State Councilor Ismael dos Santos between 2016 and 2020, and Municipal Secretary of Social Development of Brusque between 2016 and 2020.

Layla Graf (PSC)

Layla Graf is 26 years previous and comes from Brusk and has at all times lived in the metropolis. He is married, has no youngsters and lives in Azambuja neighborhood.

skilled trajectory
Small entrepreneur in garment manufacturing enterprise, household enterprise garment producer and vendor for 12 years.

political course
This is the first time Laila is working for political workplace. He has by no means held any commissioned submit, venture, council participation or any direct or oblique affiliation with public administration.

Luciano Camargo (Union)

Luciano Camargo, 40 years previous, born in Brusque, resident of Dom Joaquim neighborhood. He is married and has a son. He has participated in social tasks associated to martial arts, a black belt in taekwondo and a purple belt in jiu-jitsu.

skilled trajectory
Luciano has an Environmental Technician diploma with a level in Biology, is a specialist in Environmental Education and is presently an Academician in Physical Education.

He started his skilled profession at Schlösser, as a dyer, at Buettner and Giracor Textil, as a laboratory technician. He at all times leaves positions for higher provides for skilled development.

In 2009, he handed a contest for a chemical laboratory technician at Samae de Brusque, a place he nonetheless holds right this moment.

political course
In 2014, he based the PEN listing from Brask, now Patriota, and was a candidate for councilorship. Between 2021 and 2022, he was CEO of Samae de Brusque.

Marcos Habitzreuter (DC)

Marcos Habitzreuter is 49 years previous, born in Bruske and presently lives in Guabiruba in the Guabiruba Sul neighborhood. He is married and has three daughters: Rebecca, Maria Antonia and Manuela.

skilled trajectory
He was a lawyer for 23 years. He was additionally an intern at the Public Ministry/Forum and Legal Adviser to Guabiruba Municipality. He was a courier/workplace boy at the age of 14, working in commerce.

political course
Councilor candidate between 1992 and 2000, Councilor in 2016 and Mayoral candidate in Guabiruba in 2020. I labored with the Regional Development Secretariat (SDR) Brusk between 2007 and 2008, Cabinet Officer and Legal Adviser to Guabiruba between 2020263.

Paolo Eckel (PT)

Paolo Eckel is 57 years previous and from Brusk, a lawyer and college professor He is married to the instructor Elisabeth Barney Eckel, with whom he has two youngsters: Joao Vitor and Pedro Henrique. He lives in Souza Cruz neighborhood.

From his youth, he was at the forefront of initiatives of a non secular, communal, academic, environmental, social or social gathering political nature. He was a catechist, participated in the JPAM youth group, was one of the founders of the Brusk Human Rights Center and Brusk’s Union of Residents Association, and most not too long ago, was half of the Life and Justice Association, associated to the affect of Covid-19.

skilled trajectory
Currently he’s a college professor and lawyer. He began working as an auto components salesman at Copal in Brusque at the age of 14, the place he stayed for 5 years after two years as an administrative assistant at the Credit Union of Sia Herring in Blumenau. Another 5 years as a purchaser at Companhia Herring in Blumenau. In 2001, he was Attorney General of Gaspar. In 1992, he began his work as a lawyer and in 1997, as a college professor.

political course
Paolo Eckel ran for councilor in 1992 and once more in 1996. In 2000, he got here second in the mayoral election of Brask. In 2002, he was elected State Deputy. In 2008 and 2012, he was elected mayor of Brusque.

Jordan Gums (New)

Yordan Gums, 26, is from Brusque and lives in the Aguas Claras neighborhood. He holds a Bachelor’s diploma in International Relations from Uninter.

skilled trajectory
He has labored in a household enterprise since 2014, presently as an administrative supervisor. He was half of the voluntary committee to advertise cooperativism in Banco Viacredi and created an enterprise venture linked to rural tourism in the mountains of Santa Catarina.

political course
He has not held any submit related to public administration and is contesting elections for the first time. He was the Novo chief of Brusk Nucleus from 2020 to 2021. To grow to be a candidate for the submit of deputy, he went by means of a coaching course for long-standing political leaders
There is 12 months time to take part in the choice course of of the social gathering in this election.

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