Dinosaur Parade at Dinner, Children in Outbreaks and Striptease Nightclub Prices at SP – 04/20/2022 – Children

The trip to the interactive show “Jurassic Safari Experience” in the middle of Easter Sunday ends the boring trilogy of kids in the company of my nine-year-old son and assistant Pedro. Before that, we went to Jurassic Park Burger Restaurant and went to a dinner service show involving ET called “Alien Experience”.

This Jurassic safari brings the two together.

In a tent set up in the parking lot of a shopping villa, west of Sao Paulo, dinosaurs are paraded between tables occupied by children who sway in terror and excitement. Companion adults can order food and drink from the menu downloaded to their cell phone via QR code.

When I bought the ticket online, I realized that it was the same team responsible for the alien event, whose food consisted of expensive, greasy and manufactured products, such as frozen nuggets and orange cheddar-flavored paste.

Not with me, guitar. No more. I choose the 5pm session. Outside of professional responsibilities he would taste the food, but he could get something delicious for dinner later.

Despite the unusual hours for a “dining experience”, about half of the table is occupied. The sound system invites everyone to photograph and film the show – and tags event profiles on social media so they can post again.

Voice suggests ordering starters and drinks before the show starts, then leaves the main course. I did so.

I open the phone screen and go to the entry section, where only fry and nuggets are available. I already had a problem with nuggets (R $ 38), so I used potatoes (R $ 30) in the menu description, “Dried and crispy, you can’t go wrong!” I have chosen.

And beer, of course, has a long throat at R $ 18. The price is for a strip club or airport, but a parent also needs a reptile Easter break.

“Do you want to order now?” The app asks. Yes. “You don’t have enough credit.” How? Is the dinosaur robot searching my CPF for the best? I make a pix, and the fries come to the table in one or two things, amazing.

As I suspect, it was industrial frozen potatoes. Interestingly, some of the sticks were quite hot, while most were almost at room temperature. This occurs when large quantities of food are prepared in advance, in several batches which are then mixed.

Among the waiters, a man in the same uniform as them – hats, shirts and shorts, all on khaki canvas – is talking to a microphone over his head. He is the only human character in the story, a very simple plot.

The subject identified himself as Mike, a paleontologist who invented a time machine capable of bringing back extinct dinosaurs. The “machine” is a door at the back of the tent, through which the dinosaurs come out – in fact, the rubber costumes are occupied by one or two people, depending on the size of the animal.

The plot unfolds more or less like Miss Parade. With each door opening, a different species walks along the walkway –TriceratopsStegosaurus and even the terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex – when the show’s master Mike recounts the characteristics of the tick in question.

Children like the leader and stay with him. Time to put aside my whimsy and pay attention to Pedrão.

He ran, leaned on the table, screamed, and pretended to be an idol to avoid a half-startled dinosaur that could recognize the prey only by moving. The actor happily controls the children – at least three times, he insists they shouldn’t hit the dinosaurs. Some cry in fear.

As the puppy bounces and bounces, I order him the main course. Pedro chose gnocchi bolognese (R $ 59) because the hamburger from the Alien Show did not please him. The dish comes when he is holding a parasurolofas or something near the tail.

I am taking advantage of your absence to taste Gonochi. Surprisingly, it looks like a mall food court dish, compact pasta and sugar base with tomato sauce and very little acidity correction in the meat.

Pedro returns to the table and disappears again. Also add food. Dinosaur Walkway is child-free. Hell, where did this punk go? It eats under the table to hide from some extinct predators. It soon disappears again and Gonochi starts to get cold.

You see, the play ends before it swallows half of the flour. “You didn’t like it very much, did you?” I asked him. “I found it a little heavy.” The child was elegant and political in his criticism.

I’m getting ready to mince the mule from there – everything has been paid in advance – but Pedro has one final request. She wants a chocolate milkshake (R $ 31) with colorful marshmallows I say I can no longer ask. The waiter is involved and says yes. Okay, now Easter, eat more chocolate.

Then, in the corridor of the mall, when Pedro looks at the milkshake, we talk about the play. It gives me important information. The plot is more like a dino show that he saw with his mother in the parking lot of another mall. Clothing seems to be the same.

But what can be expected from a Jurassic show? Unpublished material? The last thing dinosaurs had was a meteor that floated off their surface.


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