Dina from “Married at First Sight” surprises Tiago by admitting back after the betrayal.

Dina took a moment, but she showed up. The first group dinner, with all the contestants and experts present, aired this Easter Sunday, April 17 on “Married at First Sight”. Tiago Jackata met without his wife, but still, Dina, 33, insisted on going to the event alone.

After their betrayal of 32-year-old Tiago Jacketta, on their honeymoon in Cape Verde, the couple’s relationship is shaky. However, to the surprise of the businessman, the woman took part in the first group dinner. Laura, another participant in the SIC format, made a point of toasting her colleague’s courage. “We’ll talk later, but congratulations. I’m so proud of you. Open smile, raise your head. You’re a woman and you’re not indebted to anyone,” said Dina.

The participant from Sesimbra came without his wife and did not want to talk about what happened on their honeymoon, explaining that he did not want them to hear only the version of his story. Tiago was waiting for Dina to arrive, and as soon as he saw the woman he admired her appearance, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

From his side, Dina just stared at him. However, he guaranteed: “Reunion with Tiago is going well, it’s calm, light, it’s good”. Similarly, Tiago admits: “It’s been great, because I already had a cumulative concern.”

“I need to see Dina and what her body language told me,” said Tiago, who then offered to return the ring to the woman’s hand. Dina agreed, but after a while warned that “it’s not just ringing” so that everything would be fine after the betrayal.

Experts, who saw and commented on everything, recalled that the couple had not yet talked about what happened on their honeymoon in Cape Verde, and that the conversation was not to be forgotten. It is mandatory for the relationship.

Conflict begins at the table

The couple, who left the reality show Adventure shortly after their honeymoon, decided to give their marriage another chance. Laura wasted no time in bringing the matter to the dinner table, and Dina said directly that she would not talk about it. Nevertheless, Laura insisted on telling Tiago: “You still have a lot to learn in life.”

Seeing Tiago face to face, Uicãa wished him “good luck”. Bruno and Ruth, the last married couple, lost more on the subject than any other couple. However, it was enough for Bruno to consider that Tiago and Dina had made a “bad start”.

From Donner’s point of view, the businessman was trying his best to “hide as much as possible what happened on the honeymoon and clear the picture.” Facing Laura about the day’s happiness after the honeymoon, participants tried to focus on the fact that they liked each other because he felt that Laura was questioning his feelings towards the woman. In a defensive tone, Tiago added that Laura should “look at her marriage” and not her and Dinah.

“Going over themes is not a good option”

Dina and Tiago decide to give Love another chance and return to the experience. After meeting with experts after dinner, the couple opened up about what happened on their honeymoon.

Dina said that everything fell apart during the honeymoon, including faith and respect, especially after Tiago left her alone for one night. The other night, he wanted to find a woman he had met on their honeymoon. Dina explained to the experts about the state of the relationship after these moments. “I was feeling very disrespectful. I still have no confidence. I want to regain that confidence.”

Tiago didn’t take long to present his point of view, and he spoke most of the time talking to the couple’s experts. “I left the hotel room because we had been arguing all day, and when he texted, I told him where I was. Dinah was upset that I was always flirting with people,” he said.

For a Brager contestant, it’s not worth it if Tiago doesn’t realize he’s wrong, because they won’t always agree. Moreover, Dina says: “He is very defensive and does not want to know what the experts are saying. Now the challenge is to understand how we are going to deal with it.”

According to the businessman, the separation between the two was only physical, the connection they felt with each other remained. However, he did not regret meeting the woman in Cape Verde and admitted that if he was likely to return on time, “I would definitely not miss meeting him.” Experts advise not to sidestep the issue when discussing new relationship rules.

“The honeymoon issue has not been resolved, it is in a Bain-Mary break,” Dina assured. Tiago, on the other hand, considers: “Dina apologizes, admits completely wrong, but I can’t do something I don’t feel.”

The other couple watched the conversation. “I think she’s going to get frustrated worldwide, but we’re here for her,” Doina said.

Finally, Tiago and Dina admit that they wanted to give their marriage another chance and that’s why they started their adventure at “Married at First Sight”.

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