Did you like ‘The Man from the North’? Here are 10 more revenge movies for you to check out!

Robert Egars Finally back to the world of cinema with the long awaited and already acclaimed release ‘People of the North’The epic and psychological horror that takes us back to the age of the Vikings.

The plot follows Amaleth (survived by the incredible) Alexander Skarsg্ডrd), A young man who, after witnessing the brutal death of his father and the abduction of his mother by his cruel and ruthless uncle, vowed revenge and returned a few years later to avenge his family and restore the dignity of his name. During his voyage, Amaleth crosses paths with magicians and spectators who predict the long-awaited conclusion of his personal vengeance – a simple story that can turn into a breathtaking tragedy.

Also count Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Clays bang, Bjork, Ethan Hawke, Willem Daffo And for others on the cast, the feature has rekindled our taste for the genre in question, and with that in mind, we’ve put together a short list of others. 10 productions with revenge That’s what you need to check.

Check out our picks below and tell us which one is your favorite:

If you found the story ‘People of the North’ To see ‘Hamlet’Because the story that inspired the Egars feature was also re-read in the iconic tragedy. William Shakespeare – and came in the hands of one of the most acclaimed and successful adaptations of this narrative Kenneth Branagh. In the 1996 film, the title character (played by Branagh also) returns to Elcino’s palace and marries his mother, Gartrude, to his uncle Claudius after the tragic death of his father. However, after meeting the ghost of the former king, he discovers that the snake that bit him is now wearing his crown, and at the same time, everything is taken from him: life, the crown and the queen. Hamlet swears revenge and embarks on a journey filled with insanity and blood.

1193 BC, Paris (Orlando Bloom(A prince who removes Helen and persuades the Masons to fight against Troy)Diane Krueger(From her husband Menelaus)Brendon Gleason) Then began the bloody war, which lasted for more than a decade. Hope for the primePeter O’TooleKing of Troy, Achilles (Brad Pitt), the greatest hero of Greece, and his son HectorEric Bana)

Its masterpieces are considered by many to be one Tim Burton, ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Off Fleet Street’ This is one of the best revenge stories ever written – both in the original stage version and in the film adaptation. Released in 2007, feature film, starring Johnny Depp And Helena Bonham CarterThe title tells the story of the character, an English barber and Professional killer Who kills his clients with a sharp blade, with the help of a baker who turns victims’ corpses into fleshy legs.

In the acclaimed and iconic thriller directed by David FincherAmy Dane (Rosamund Pike(Disappears leaving her husband Nick on her wedding anniversary)Fool) In trouble. He started behaving wildly, abusing lies and became the number one suspect in the police. In support of his twin, Margo (Carrie Coon), Nick tries to prove his innocence and at the same time, tries to find out what happened to Amy.

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) Was once one of New York City’s most feared assassins, working in partnership with the Russian Mafia. One day, he decides to retire and during this time he has to deal with the tragic death of his wife. Suffering from a serious illness, she has already predicted her own death and gifted her husband a dog to take care of during her mourning. However, a few days after the funeral, the dog was killed by thieves who stole his car. John Wick went out to take revenge on these people whom he already knew very well and who stole the last symbol of the woman he loved.

When Simon (Jason Batman) And Robin (Rebecca Hall), Who are married, unexpectedly cross paths with Gordo (Joel Edgerton), One of Simon’s acquaintances since school days, they could hardly imagine that their perfect life would be dragged into a whirlwind of terrible annoyance. At first, Simon did not recognize Gordo, but one disturbing incident after another, after endless encounters and mysterious gifts, reveals a terrible secret. When Robin discovers what actually happened between the two of them, she begins to question how much she knows her husband.

‘Nocturnal Animals’ It may not be the first vengeful movie to come to mind, but it portrays this subgenre with enough intelligence to keep us awake from start to finish. In production, Susan (Amy Adams(An art dealer in Los Angeles who lives with her husband Hutton Moro)Army Hammer) On a weekend when Hutton has to leave for her frequent business trips, she receives an unexpected package: a book written by her ex-husband Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal), And dedicated to him. A violent and heartbreaking publication.

MA (2019)

Starring Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, ‘Bad’Recent suspense Bloomhouse, With the title character, a lonely woman allows several young men to have fun in her home. However, when things get out of control for the guests, the youngsters begin to suspect that the hostess is responsible for not being able to leave them.

Beautiful Revenge (2020)

Acclaimed thriller ‘Beautiful Revenge’ There was an unexpected hit with both the audience and the awards season – winning an Oscar for it The best basic screenplay For its incredible story. The plot follows Casey (Kerry Mulligan), A promising young woman whose future was suddenly ruined by a mysterious event. But nothing seems to happen in his life: he is wickedly intelligent, cunningly cunning, and lives a secret double life at night. Now, an unexpected encounter is about to give Cassie a chance to correct past mistakes in this heartwarming and highly entertaining story.

Based on historical information, ‘The Last Duel’ Jean de Cruzes (Matt Damon) And Jack Le Greece (Adam the driver), Two friends who became rivals. When Margaret, wife of Caroges (Jodi Komar), Violently attacked by Le Greece, he refuses to remain silent and accuses his attacker of a bravery that endangers his life. The verdict was followed by a terrible conflict that left the fate of the three in the hands of God.

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