Detroit Tigers fans deserve better. It is time for a change

DETROIT – The last time I hit my laptop at night to record a Detroit Tigers piece, was the reason the team had just traded with Austin Meadows.

Everyone was happy. The Opening Day was drawing to a close and the long, sad construction was about to end.

Or we thought.

Tonight’s theme is not fun. A few hours ago, the same Detroit Tigers were embarrassed by a 9-0 defeat at Oakland Athletics. Followers at Comerica Park saw the offense – which has played less than 85 games in 31 games – were shut out of seven innings by a pitcher who was unable to even pull out three times – A month ago.

That’s right: Rookie Zach Logue founder, who appeared in his second MLB game, only conceded five beats when he left the Tigers for seven innings.


The Log dropped 10 times he received, hitting 21 and running eight times in just 16 innings at Triple-A in April. 1,813 His WHIP means that junior teams put two runners at the bottom of each inning. Tires could not fail one.

Sure, sometimes things like this happen in baseball. But do not let Tigers get off the hook easily. On Tuesday, he was locked out of 5.1 innings by Adrian Martinez, who made his MLB debut after dropping 16 runs in a 19.1 innings entry – you think – Triple-A.

That’s 12.1 wireless innings against two pitchers who failed to bring out the younger players.

The loss dropped the Matigers to 9-22 this season. There are 131 games left to play, but fans who watched last year know the start is a death penalty.

It was fun for a while, watching Tigers try to get back to .500 starting 2021 season 9-24. But that should not be the case this year. The team signed Javier Baez, Eduardo Rodriguez, Andrew Chafin, and Michael Pineda. Al Avila sold Meadows and Tucker Barnhart. Senior Expert Spencer Torkelson is here, too.


But it did not make a difference. It’s May 11, and the Matigers season is over. The series is better than history shows, but it is not enough to climb from this cave.

Here’s the thing: It’s not “original” anymore. We can’t wait for Sparky Anderson to have a 40-game history to know that something is wrong with that.

See the amount of home games for other Tigers players in 2021:

  • Baza – 31

  • Torkelson – 30 (ana)

  • Plants – 27

  • Grossman – 23

  • True – 22

  • Complications – 22

  • Candelario – 16

It is a list of seven legitimate power fighters. Well, in 636 plus at-bats so far this season, the team has hit just 10 times.

Baseball is a tough sport, but big determined players like Baez, Meadows, Grossman, Schoop, and Candelario often don’t have a long, one-time, the same fall.

There is something wrong with the team’s performance. No one beats with force. When the ball hits hard, it almost always sits down. The team scored three runs or less in 24 of 31 games. With the exception of a 6-0 win at the end of Tuesday’s second round, the Tigers scored 15 runs in May.


I don’t expect the Matigers to make the final game this year (you can see my final options here, please do not ignore the Phillies), but they have to be competitive until the summer months. At the very least, they should be battling low-key titles like Oakland Athletics and Pittsburgh Pirates.

But no, the Tigers have a very bad reputation in the American League. Only two games than the worst team in baseball, the Cincinnati Reds, who sold almost all of their best players and started the season 3-22.

For the sixth year in a row, not even in mid-May, and Tigers fans have no hope.

These fans have been patient. When Chris Ilitch and Al Avila insisted that losing and refusing to spend money over the past few years would benefit, many people understood that it was part of the process. But this process is long overdue.


What is happening on the field is not the fault of Ilitch and Avila, but it is their problem if they do not change. Is one-fifth of a seasonal not enough for the sample size to see if something is wrong?

The name on the hot seat seems to hit coach Scott Coolbaugh, and he could be in danger if it is his intelligence that prevents the offense. Why can’t Torkelson hit the 90s running low to mid? Why is Candelario rocking balls in the ground? Can anyone tell Baez that his strike is not long enough to reach the left-hander boxer?

How much of an offense AJ Hinch, who skillfully brought the Matigers out of the pit last year until the finish of 68-61? He is considered to be one of the best referees in the game, but if last year was not enough to show the staff that April and May are issues, I should miss something.

Detroit has been playing baseball for the past six years – it should not have been. Now, the best fans can expect with the same summer as last year – moral success and silver.


Detroit fits well. Tigers fans should do well. It’s time to dump her and move on.

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