Detroit Lions OTA stock report: 10 standouts from Thursday systems

The Detroit Lions have five systems in their group operations, and two of them are in front of the press. We only hear a little bit about what this 2022 Lions team can be, but with two data, we can tell which players are heading in the right direction, and who are going downhill.

This first, however, is fine. Players change when they restore their marine legs and grow better with their friends and plot.

Today, I want to highlight 10 of the most notable performances from Thursday’s practice — often compared to last week’s OTA section — to see who’s progressing and who’s not. So here are seven players who are going in the right direction and three who are struggling.

keep it

Jared Goff

Thursday was one of the most courageous episodes I’ve seen from Goff on the field of practice. During the individual test, he would throw 40-yard bombs with well-rounded lines and hit each recipient slowly while the crowd of season ticket holders were ooh’d and ahh’d. In the full 11-on-11s, Goff had the confidence to install several windows in solid windows.

There were a number of trips that caught the ball very long, but less than what we had always liked. They are farther away than they were at that time last year.

Trinity Benson

Defending his business against Trinity Benson, Lions general manager Brad Holmes said he believed Benson was a developmental approach that could pay off.

“Knowing that he was young, the goal of the Trinity was not 2021,” Holmes said. “It was like, ‘If he could give it, that’s fine. If he needs more time to learn a new system that comes late, then that’s what he’ll do.’”

Benson had an impressive Thursday, showing off the frequent speed we’d expect to see first hand – with strong hands, to get started. They also had some appearances on special groups. The most exciting thing in his day, however, was to run on the water on a road that would take 20-25 yards.

There is no clear way for the 53-year-old Benson, but if he continues to climb, it could land him on the team and give him a chance to play if a foul hits the team.

Josh Reynolds

Last week, it was clear that Goff was doing great chemistry with DJ Chark. This week, his long chemistry with Reynolds was fully unveiled. In the team’s test, Reynolds caught three times, two of which were windows receivers for at least 20 yards.

The Lions have to rely on Reynolds early in the season if Jameson Williams is not cured of his ACL tears. But with the way Reynolds played with Goff last year and the way he started long-distance workouts, it’s not a bad thing at all.

jashon cornel

Last week, Cornell found time to defend the first team because Michael Brockers had come out, and played a number of good games, including a pass or two. This week, Brockers came back, and Cornell still saw form with the first team. Once again, he managed to make an impression – this time just looking at the last bag in Jonah Jackson’s car during the one-minute rehearsal.

Cornell has a real picture of making a list, too. The Lions have no depth of defenses beyond Brockers, Alim McNeill, and Levi The Sword, and Cornell’s blast speed, short could be a perfect fit for the attack.

Kerby Joseph

With Ifeatu Melifonwu and a leg injury, Joseph found time to play with second-team defense and immediately took advantage of the opportunity. His focus on the ball was evident when he jumped in front of Tim Boyle’s pass, and was about to pick up another one after the test when the pass hit the hands of Shane Zylstra.

Chris Board

The Board receives funding for long-term refunds and first-class security, especially by Alex Anzalone. Perhaps the Lions are planning to give a chance to a number of different players – as part of the red carpet competition – but the fact that the Board was first in line behind Derrick Barnes feels important.

His action was up and down the court. In one play, it effectively disrupted the A-gap and was not involved in the process of forcing non-completion. However, in hindsight, he struggled when Zylstra hit him hard on the seamstress for maximum benefit.

Will Harris

Harris continues to bounce back as a first-team defender while Jeff Okudah sits on the team’s bench, and, more than ever, looked like his own Thursday. The best respondent was the Amon-Ra St. Brown, where he drove all the way to St. Brown and was in a perfect position to pass. Were it not for the beautiful “self-defense” of St. Brown, would have had it. Even the last ones he left on Thursday often had to be well-traveled and hard-working.

It starts to look like Harris could find a place on this list in the back room. Although, competition will rise when Okudah and Jerry Jacobs return to the field.

goods on the ground

Tim Boyle

We’ve seen Boyle run two two-minute games. Its total numbers included: 1-for-3 for 10 yards, 1 tackle, and two pockets. Its accuracy is far from team and individual testing. He holds the ball too long. In short, he doesn’t seem to be progressing as much as you would for a player who is still young and coming from his real NFL experience. Honestly, they are struggling with new and solid recipients, but they are not far from what you would like them to be.

Austin Bryant

Bryant already has a tough trip to the top of the Detroit 53 men after adding a number of defenders on the sidelines this season. On Thursday, he did not exercise due to injury. Bryant can’t afford to miss the moment right now, because it’s important that he benefits every time he joins the line.

lions tighten ends

While Zylstra held a good seamstress, Detroit’s solid room didn’t have much hope so far. With TJ Hockenson and rookie James Mitchell, it’s a great opportunity for someone to step up and run for the first time at No. 2 functions. Garrett Griffin and Derrick Deese missed the test Thursday, Zylstra had a bad drop, and I have not seen Brock Wright do it once during the entire test.

Detroit’s solid room will probably be better when Mitchell and Griffin return, but for now, it looks like the lions need encouragement.

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