Detroit Lions official minicamp Day 1: David Blough captures QB2

The Detroit Lions took part in their first minicamp game of the year. As head coach Dan Campbell pointed out before experimenting, there is no difference between their OTA systems and minicamp systems — unless they are legal.

On Tuesday, it was clear that his focus was on the Red Zone game, as it was the Lions’ biggest fight last season.

“To protect, we have to push forward. There are a few things that fall into it and cover and run. In anger, dad, we shot ourselves in the foot tones,” Campbell said before trying.

So in order to make things better before the start of the game, almost all of the Lions’ game on Tuesday was in the red zone. This is how it all shook.


Before the start of the workout, head coach Dan Campbell said the only player who did not go to the official minicamp was John Penisini, but that apparently means there is no need to see him Tuesday night.

With the exception of Peninini, these are the players who did not appear in Tuesday’s game:

  • IT’S Josh Paschal
  • CB Jermaine Waller

Paschal has now missed the last two programs open to the press. At this time, it is not clear why he missed out on the system. It is fair to say that he is a rookie who has not signed his rookie contract, but that will not stop him from playing.

The following players were experimenting but not experimenting:

  • TE James Mitchell
  • TE Derrick Deese
  • WR Jameson Williams
  • EDGE Romeo Okwara
  • CB / S Ifeatu Melifonwu
  • CB Jerry Jacobs
  • S DeShon Elliott

The riders were seen for the first time throughout the game, although they were not perfect at all, unlike many other players. Elliott is the only newcomer to the list, but anything that helps him doesn’t seem too difficult, as he runs on the right track side during the practice. The microphone continues to sit on the side with a visible curve above his thighs. Deese also seems to be moving in the right direction, as the unselected rookie was more busy on the sidelines than I had ever seen before.

The following players do not participate in small groups:

  • OT Taylor Decker
  • TE TJ Hockenson
  • CB Jeff Okudah
  • EDGE Eric Banks

Decker and Hockenson returned after missing most of the performance before the minicamp, but both were changed on the line. Decker practiced gymnastics and gymnastics and has been on the team of many reps. Hockenson seemed to be in the same game. Okudah and Banks often worked side by side during the experiment, but both were busy in groups.

Changes to backup quarterback?

After Tim Boyle suffered the first two weeks of OTAs, David Blough was second in the quarter-finals of the team’s minicamp.

Blow made good use of his first chance. In four red games, he threw three touchdowns: for Trinity Benson, Quintez Cephus, and D’Andre Swift. His fourth play was a fair read between about 10 yards. His second reps had only two plays: Greg Bell’s chase and a back run where Blough fired a defender and a false pump to find him.

And it wasn’t the most impressive thing Blough did. But more on that later …

As for Tim Boyle, he did the red carpet. He didn’t even finish trying five times and would probably have taken two bags if they had connected.

That being said, the two exchanged positions in the red zone 7-on-7s, Boyle took second place and Blough dropped to third place. When this happened Boyle looked very good, throwing five games in seven games and either shooting defensive games or disrupting other games. So far, Blow has just turned on two of the five attempts.

This, in turn, suggests that the second group of lions is still ahead of the second group of defenders, which makes sense considering how many DBs are out there with injuries (Okudah, Jacobs, Melifonwu, Elliott).

Desperate drilling

The Lions created some fun scenes that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team in action. The offense had the ball in their 19-yard line with only 29 seconds left on the clock and had to hit safety. It’s an unlikely challenge in the case, but some of the best mistakes in the league have been made for a long time (see: 2022 AFC Championship games).

However, the offense of the Lions first team did not come close to changing. Here are the games:

  • A deep move made by Josh Reynolds, almost captured by Tracy Walker
  • A deep pass that was about to be taken over by Amani Oruwariye — probably from Jashon Cornell
  • Go to the defeat of Josh Reynolds

Once again, the Lions used the NASCAR package on the front, including Aidan Hutchinson, and again, the passing of the pass was a distraction to win and improve defense.

That said, David Blough has compromised the security of the drill. Here is a game split:

  • 37-yard beating of Trinity Benson
  • 21-yard post to Cephus between Mark Gilbert and Kerby Joseph (turkeyhole’d)
  • 23-yard touchdown cross the seam for Cephus to catch with one hand (Joseph covers again)

Blough ran the Lions 81 yards in 20 seconds, and threw his entire body back in the final throw. Interesting things from him Tuesday.

receiver attempt

There may be only one team available between Cephus, Benson, and Kalil Pimpleton, but they all took turns making a spectacular show on Tuesday. Benson continues to look like a completely different receiver who can run in one place. His best performance came in seven red bowls out of seven, as a good stuttering move eliminated a couple of yards between him and Mark Gilbert on the way out for easy grabbing.

Not to be outdone, Cephus had one hand on a desperate drill and slammed the last finger afterwards.

It was a quiet day for Pimpleton, but it is worth noting that he was returning as a second punch back to calip Raymond. After them, the absent Josh Johnson was third in a row.

Employee notes

  • With all the high school injuries, here were the “founders” defending the first team:

CB: Amani Oruwariye
CB: Will Harris
NCB: AJ Parker
S: Tracy Walker
S: CJ Moore

  • In the second straight, Chris Board found many first-team reps along with Alex Anzalone.
  • Hutchinson continues to focus on first-team security, expanding beyond the NASCAR package.

Search TE2

With Hockenson still in the minority and both James Mitchell and Derrick Deese set aside, chances are plenty of four solid endings to make a name for themselves: Brock Wright, Shane Zylstra, Garrett Griffin, and Nolan Given. But without the full pads, the chance to shine is just an extension of the game that just goes by, meaning Wright and Zylstra are the only ones who have been affected so far.

Zylstra had a play of the day and held down for seven months with the first team offense. Although in the past, he had the opportunity to touch the other red side with the ball firmly in his hands before Tracy Walker released.

Wright had two touchdowns on the day, one of which was a fine hit by Josh Woods. The other, Jarrad Davis was just behind, and a fine throw from Boyle made Wright play easier.

Random notes:

  • The last game of the game was a good demonstration of how the seventh round rookie running back Chase Lucas is smarter than the average rookie. The offense, operating from within a 5-yard line, heard Pimpleton walking. Lucas actively followed the recipient into the hard work of the individual but urgently called for Cedric Boswell to swap jobs for him so that he would not be held back. Communication was made and the change was successful, even though Pimpleton managed to get inside to beat Boswell anyway.
  • Only two “in-game” experiments: Riley Patterson’s miss and production from 45 yards out.
  • One day, another Jason Cornell came out. He’s my biggest surprise so far in the three weeks of non-playing games.

Here are the groups I would say “won” the day:

  • The first line of defense for the team
  • the first group second
  • recipients of the second category

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