Detroit Lions minicamp views: The first team attack line is in full swing

The Detroit Lions closed out a formal minicamp Thursday with practices that sounded like the last day of camp. There were a lot of competitive exercises, some compliments, and a very interesting finish to the Lions rehearsals where I met the Lions.

We’ll get there, but first, let’s talk about everything I see from Day 3 of the minicamp.



  • IT’S Josh Paschal
  • DT John Penisini
  • C Ryan McCollum

McCollum didn’t appear out there acting. Instead, Tommy Kraemer joined as a third team. With a two-minute drill, Kraemer jumped on Tim Boyle’s knees, throwing the game, but otherwise, he was fine.

The following players were experimenting but not experimenting:

  • TE James Mitchell
  • TE Derrick Deese
  • WR Jameson Williams
  • WR DJ Chark
  • EDGE Romeo Okwara
  • LB Natrez Patrick
  • CB / S Ifeatu Melifonwu
  • CB Jerry Jacobs
  • S DeShon Elliott

There is no difference here.

Participated in:

On Wednesday, Jonah Jackson missed most of the team’s games, but returned to play more 11-on-11 games on Thursday. Instead, Taylor Decker will take over some reps on Thursday, the first time this season that we have seen all five start-ups working together on a team drill.

“It’s very rewarding for us, even just to be together because the chemistry of having an o-line is great,” Frank Ragnow said after the performance. “Even though the tempo may be different, it’s good to understand how we all think and how we move.”


I can’t say for sure, but the lions had been trying for a long time to throw back, strong, and receptive arms. On the board, I think Godwin Igwebuike had some of the best pitchers on the team. Tom Kennedy, who threw a very good shot at Calf Raymond at the end of last season, also lost a lot of money on the net. Raymond chose the best pitchers for his team after practice.

“As a result, the Trinity has always been, I think, a very good arm,” Raymond said. “But, you know what? I say Josh Reynolds, but Amon-Ra through one there hit me from the left, because I had no idea he had that, then he got a little confident with it. I would say that the Trinity is closely related. ”

More competition experiments

When the teams split into gymnastics, they were all engaged in competitive sports. I just thought about the mistake. Many of the recipients grabbed the ticket, then ran around the main yard in the yard, and grabbed the ticket to end the race. Runners and frustrated runners competed in another type of athletic competition that was hard to see in the distance. So far, the quarterbacks have tried to drop 30 yards in a small yard in the net that looks like this:

Once again, it was a great relief to be able to exercise, but exercise strengthens the strength.

two-minute drill

Towards the end of the game, the Lions re-introduced some late-season activities – which have been the focus of the entire season.

Scenario: Down with nine points, 1:59 left, starting their 25-yard line.

The offense of the first team started with the best run I have ever seen since the entire game.

Play 1: Jared Goff hit Calf Raymond in the head, who hit AJ Parker. Now, to be honest, Tracy Walker fell for the game and probably would have been more impressed. However, it calculated and found 25-30 yards.

Play 2: Josh Reynolds led Will Harris on the post route to win another 37 yards.

Play 3: Shane Zylstra beat Alex Anzalone on the cross for hitting.

With 1:18 left, he had made two games.

However, their second trip was not a success. It started with a throw behind Raymond and Walker’s shoulder to hide hard for 25 yards. After the spike, a 9-yard throw to St. Brown and loser, Riley Patterson set up a 54-yard goal and won. He misses wide left.

David Blough bounced back with the second offense on Thursday, but was unable to drive much through the two-minute drill. He struggled to sit in front of the sticks, having two who turned two times a quarter and burned all three times. They had not yet gone through the middle when Blough tried to force the move to Quintez Cephus which was easily facilitated by Bobby Price, who was on the way.

Tim Boyle was not found in the hole but scored 11-on-11. He, too, struggled to keep the frustration going.

the adult punt returns

In order to end the experiment – as well as the long-term program of many fighters – the Lions were at fault vs. defense adult punt return. Dangerous and defensive players were riding punts from about 30 yards through the Jugs machine.

Originally: 290-pounds rookie defensive Demetrius Taylor, who grabbed a pair of impressive shoes.

The offensive partner was Penei Sewell, who grabbed the ball lightly and then threw the ball to celebrate at least 20 yards down.

He decided to go for two rounds, when Alim McNeill met Kevin Jarvis. McNeill made sure to wear gloves before the punt, but both players caught the ball easily.

Without a link between the offense and the defense, there had to be a breach. That’s when the whole defense turned into a “We Want to Jump” song, featuring a 6-foot-9, 330-pounds-pound, Dan Skipper. The teachers insisted, and Skipper stepped in. Although at first he did not think well of the ball, he grabbed the ball and threatened to throw the ball over the team of players who had beaten them. [Editor’s note: This isn’t the first time Skipper showed off his punt fielding skills. He did it at the East-West Shrine game five years ago, too.]

“Give life to this, then it was great,” Ragnow said after the performance.

ALL: The Lions have a video of the most exciting fish:

The Lions team will return to the game on Monday, but mostly young players will have time to spend with the coaches.

“Next week will be a lot more for young, well-developed players,” Dan Campbell said Thursday. “This gives us a good chance to just hang out with them, more than one.”

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