Deshaun Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, denies having sex during a massage is not a crime

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As Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson continues to clash in a public court, two of his lawyers gave a radio interview Friday morning about the case.

Rusty Hardin and Leah Graham appeared on Sports Radio 610 in Houston. He answered many questions about the 23 cases pending against Watson. Any of the sexual offenses during the massage.

Hardin and Graham mentioned a number of things that need to be considered and evaluated. Towards the end of the interview, Hardin mentioned this about the possibility that Watson is receiving tattoos from various therapists with the hope, hope, and / or desire to adopt sex. In fact, Watson and his lawyers admitted that an alliance had been made with his three co-accused.

“I don’t know how many men are there now as they massage that maybe they sometimes have a happy ending,” Hardin said. “Probably none of your audience has ever been. I want to tell you, if it has happened, it is not a crime. Isn’t it? Unless you pay him a lot of money to give you sex, it is not a crime. . . . It is not wrong to do something or to say something or to live in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. ”

But we are not talking about criminal behavior at this time. The question is whether the violation took place – something that would not allow human rights abuses to receive compensation.

An important question for Watson is whether his behavior violates the Code of Ethics. If they plan to do massage they expect a “happy ending” and thus put themselves in a position that made many therapists feel uncomfortable, which could be “behavior that could endanger another person’s safety and health” / or “practices that undermine or jeopardize the loyalty of groups. NFL, NFL, or NFL staff. “

Hardin, Graham, and the entire Watson legal team are paid to represent him. That’s what they do. They are not paid to say, “Look, Deshaun loves to be hugged by strangers and made to have sex. In some cases, a massage therapist causes it. Sometimes, they have to move first. In some cases, massage therapists may not be interested in doing this. Sometimes a massage can be uncomfortable or frustrated. ”

Common sense shows, based on 23 statements that Watson expects, that he was doing exactly that. Does anyone believe that massage is a cure? He is a professional runner. She would like to find one person who always gives her a kind of massage that helps her to get the most out of her skills, not just the roundabout of people with different skills but different skills that can enhance her skills on the field. -and who can confuse with one mistake.

He has the absolute right to defend himself in these 23 cases, and to insist that he is not guilty of any wrongdoing before, during, and after the trial. As Hardin states extensively about the situation, however, he is coming to terms with the fact that Watson had a tendency to search and / or find a “happy ending.” Should anyone be surprised that traditional healers who refused to participate in these ceremonies, realizing that they had the legal right to the courts, decided to do so?

Hardin and Graham continue to criticize lawyer Tony Buzbee for appealing to Watson’s opponents. What if he did? Turn on the TV and try to watch for 20 minutes without seeing the commercials in which a lawyer or law firm tries to interview specific types of people with real-life allegations against the accused, from asbestos to talcum powder to grass eaters to car accidents. occupational injuries of any kind of litigation a person may commit, and what their lawyers make money for.

Eventually, the remaining 23 cases will go to court and be settled by the judges only once they have been resolved. In the end, the NFL will make a decision whether Watson violates the Code of Ethics. If Watson’s defense in Roger Goodell Court is, “Did I get a few interesting endings? Sure. Am I trying to get more out of it? You’re betting. But, hey, it’s not a case,” Watson has no chance of avoiding a long-term suspension.

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