Deshaun Watson is said to have offered $ 100,000 to settle each case, but his money was denied on these grounds.

For the past 12 months, Deshaun Watson has faced 22 charges, but the number has risen to 23 this week. when a new lawsuit was filed in Texas.

When a new lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, it included an interesting note: It appears that Watson paid $ 100,000 to each plaintiff to settle the 22 charges against him. It was already known that the negotiations took place during the last trading session last season, but it is not known how much Watson offered to settle any lawsuits.

As mentioned earlier by Pro Soccer Talk, there are comments on recent cases refers to repayment. The most recent case is 11 pages and on the second page was information about the establishment.

This is what the statement says, “We now know that Deshaun Watson has given each Defendant $ 100,000 to settle their charges, but not everyone will accept the money, because of a harsh non-disclosure agreement. [NDA] that Watson’s team wants. ”

It appears that Deshaun Watson offered $ 100,000 to settle any charges against him.

The statement was added by Tony Buzbee, representing 23 of the 23 plaintiffs.

So why would Watson make a confession if he said he was innocent? Here’s how the donations fit in with the rest of the past nine months:

  • It appears that the donations were made by the end of October. Back in January, one of the women in the case presented the NDA book to the Daily Beast. The woman did not sign the NDA, which said Watson would agree to pay her $ 100 to sign another term in October. At the time, it was unclear whether the gift was hers or not. Based on court documents released this week, it appears that the donations were made to all 22 women.
  • Why did the Watson team want the NDA? Watson’s lawyer recently explained that the only reason he wanted the women to sign the NDA was because Miami Dolphins wanted it. The Dolphins were trying to market Watson’s business back in October and according to a number of reports at the time, they would only have ended the deal if Watson had sued all 22 women who filed a lawsuit. In the end, only 18 of the 22 women agreed, which disrupted sales and eliminated table settlement because it was all or nothing.
  • Tony Buzbee says the NDA interrupted the talks. After the trading deadline, Buzbee said the NDA’s brutal allies had killed the alliance, “In our case, there were non-disclosure agreements and many women pushed back,” Buzbee said in November. Buzbee also described the NDAs as “disruptive” at the same time.

In fact, it appears that Watson’s camp paid $ 100,000 to each complainant in order to direct sales to the Dolphins, who tell you how close the business was. If all 22 women agreed with Watson’s offer, it is possible that Watson is playing for the Dolphins right now, but four women pushed back and refused to sign.

In the current situation, Watson is still facing 23 charges. Meanwhile, the NFL is finalizing its investigation into the Browns quarterback, an investigation that is expected to be completed soon, according to Prime Minister Roger Goodell.

“I think we are approaching the end of the investigation period,” Goodell said at a Spring League meeting on May 24.

Although the investigation is expected to be completed soon, Goodell did not give time to announce the findings of the league’s decision on whether Watson faces penalties or not.

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