Description: Ratcliffe, Boehly are an interesting twist in the competition to buy Chelsea

The Consortium led by Los Angeles Dodgers owner Todd Boehly was selected yesterday as a potential rival for Chelsea, however the biggest change in following the Premier League club came from the late invitation of British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

The Athletic they understand that the Boehly team, which includes Dodgers’ owner Mark Walters and Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, has never made a secession agreement and considering it has a week to complete the deal, the project has been relatively new. look.

The Boehly Consortium was battling two other clubs to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich, who sold them shortly before his approval for colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin after he took over Ukraine. It is estimated that the total cost of the Boehly consortium exceeded £ 4 billion. This includes promising to spend £ 1.5 billion to develop the club and Stamford Bridge, on top of Raine’s £ 2.5 billion offer.

But now another reliable request, which did not follow the long procedure, has been issued.

Ratcliffe, owner of Ineos, a petrochemical giant, spoke to Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck on Thursday before offering his chance.

“We delivered (Friday) morning,” Ratcliffe told The Times. “We are the only ones in Britain who want to. Our reason is just to try to make the best club in London. We have no intention of making a profit because we make money in other ways.”

Here we describe what happened one amazing day for Chelsea and what it means for the club to be the future owner.

Ratcliffe’s bid for Chelsea was delayed, but was it too late?

That being said, if you agree to sell your home to someone who has been connected to your real estate agent, who has repeatedly looked to meet your price, are you ignoring someone knocking on your door and saying “I’ll pay? More and I can do it tomorrow”?

Good for you if you are old enough to honor the first contract but not many do. Gazumping is annoying when it happens to you but it is not allowed.

The Chelsea sales process was led by American bank Raine Group. Working on an unprecedented scale, it sold the club well, eliminated time wasters and established a three-horse race between the richest teams, most of which had the ability to run sports teams. As the sale of fire goes, it has become quiet and thoughtful.

Instead, Raine realized he had done little by Friday when he joined two of the less successful businesses – a team supported by Crystal Palace owners David Blitzer and Josh Harris, and led by Boston Celtics owners Steve Pagliuca – and he told them he was traveling with a terrorist group led by Boehly.

We think the conversation was “well played, guys, but we’re going with a guy who’s been trying to buy Chelsea for years and he didn’t win this week when we asked you all to donate £ 500 million to Roman charity.”

But with Americans waking up, Ratcliffe told The Times he was ready to invest £ 2.5 billion in Abramovich’s charity and provide $ 1.75 billion to rebuild the stadium and support the organization over the next 10 years. As his next newspaper reported: “This is the will of Britain, of the British club.”

The Athletic he understands that this went to Chelsea, not Raine. The bank does not seem to know much about Ratcliffe’s request a few hours after US businesses branded Boehly a hero. To be honest, there is nothing more in Ratcliffe’s words – and a more encouraging word than giving all the money – but there is no doubt that he did not see this coming.

We understand that Ratcliffe just decided to take part in the competition this week but has moved quickly to be able to do what he believes is the most exciting. For example, you have spoken to the British government, which has a veto on this trade.

He is known to have been in London this week, talking to his banks. He didn’t have time to talk to any of the game teams, though.

“Ratcliffe can win if he really wants to because he will be funded by the Ineos and he can only increase corporate debt to raise money for these purchases,” says a book interviewed by a British businessman in the past. “Boehly and the others have to deal with their team members.”

Ineos made a profit after paying £ 1.7 billion in taxes last year. There is no doubt that Ratcliffe will be able to buy Chelsea and he believes he can close the deal in a few days. Time is short, after all. Chelsea are just fulfilling their game because they have been given special permission to work. It expires at the end of May.

As a result, he has time but if Raine is willing to tell Boehly, Blitzer, Harris, Pagliuca and all the other billionaires who have their time that it is not man-made but $ 4.25 billion from Britain’s richest sports enthusiasts – which just happens. to be a Brexit fan, a flag bearer for their country, even a resident of Monaco – more than $ 4 billion from the American business group and business finance.

So Ratcliffe is serious then?

Can you make a global champion of petrochemicals, accumulate more than $ 12 billion and go on vacation to the North and South Pole without having to worry?

Yes, we think it is fair to say that for a young man who started living in a council house at Oldham but now spends his time between Monaco and luxury homes on the shores of Hampshire and along the shores of Geneva, it is difficult to buy companies. He built Ineos, the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in the world, with more than 20 commercials, plants and refineries in a decade. The 69-year-old Brit is good at this.

For most of his career, Ratcliffe was unknown. But more often than not, his business disputes, conflicts with government agencies and governments and, it must be said, his remarkable success has brought growing interest. He has begun spending his money on projects that invite people to be seen, such as sports.

He bought FC Lausanne-Sport in 2017, shortly after local officials volunteered to build a new stadium, then teamed up with Olympic maritime champion Sir Ben Ainslie to compete in the America’s Cup, a patriotic punt that cost him more than £ 100. million.

In 2019, he purchased the world’s best bicycle clothing, Team Sky, and made it into Team Ineos. The name change did not seem to delay the British team, they won the Tour de France that summer, and received another French award later that year when they bought Ligue 1 Nice.

Ratcliffe’s sponsorship helped Egan Bernal win the Team Ineos Tour de France in 2019 (Photo by Mustafa Yalcin / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

From then on, he helped Eliud Kipchoge try his best to run the marathon in less than two hours, became a close ally of the Mercedes F1 team and began supporting the All Blacks rugby federations.

And now, he’s back to Chelsea. Because Ratcliffe was about to choose Nice’s cheapest option – best for his taxes, too – he politely asked about Chelsea’s availability.

Manchester United fans are young, the tycoon has been a ticket holder at Stamford Bridge as a senior. But he and Abramovich, another who acquired his wealth from scraps, could not agree on a price for 2019. The Russians wanted £ 2.5 billion but this was before everyone talked about charity, the fifth property or 10 years of construction. Ratcliffe told him it was too much and spent £ 80 million on Nice, instead.

Three years later, with Abramovich’s time in London on the clock, Ratcliffe seems to think the £ 2.5 billion up front is right for global and European experts. Time is everything.

Does this mean we should expect small businesses?

Well, we did not expect this, so it would be foolish to say otherwise impossible. But it is difficult to determine where they came from.

Raine’s plan appears to have shocked all US sports fans who want to add a Premier League team to their current game, and have complained about requests from Africa, Asia and the Middle East for a lack of Twitter access.

It is possible, we think, that we are about to waste time and everyone is talking about £ 2.5 billion for the club / charity plus £ 1.5 billion or more to keep Chelsea as they did. to get used to it, there are all the ingredients for someone to get into and practice professionally. Someone like Elon Musk, for example, but seems to have settled on Twitter.

Perhaps the groups that decided to take part in Raine’s work could start again. Other than that, they are all groups of like-minded people, some of whom have done business together.

But what role does a club saga need? There is more here of fly-on-the-wall notes.

What does this mean for the Ratcliffe tree in Nice?

Ah, finally, simple.

For the time being, there is none. It means just as Harris and Blitzer are in Crystal Palace or parts of Pagliuca in Italy Atalanta – a bridge we may need to cross but do not lead.

But, because of this game, if Ratcliffe buys Chelsea, they will not be able to keep Nice. Not unless they want to turn one or the other into a farm team without the desire to compete in the European team competition. Nice, because of its value, is fifth in Ligue 1 and will play Nantes in the French Cup Final next month. They have a good weather.

On the other hand, Lausanne-Sport stinks. They are sure to be relegated to the second division of Switzerland. He can keep them.

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