Delaware State University, a former black college, says a group of lacrosse women were discriminated against during a Georgia parking lot.

The team bus headed north on I-95 in Liberty County on April 20 following a game in Florida when it was stopped “on suspicion of a minor offense,” Delaware State University President Tony Allen said in a statement. Liberty County is located on the coast of Georgia, south of Savannah.

At the stop, sheriff advisers used drug-smelling dogs to search for students’ suitcases, Allen said.

A video filmed by the actors shows “police are trying to intimidate our athletes into admitting that they have drugs or other substances,” Allen added, not realizing that no bans have been found.

Liberty County Governor William Bowman said the bus was lifted because it violated a state law requiring a bus or motor vehicle to run on two right lanes unless the bus or driver is planning to turn left or move right or right. HOV road, and the driver was given a warning.

“We did not know that the suspension was accepted as discriminatory,” Bowman told a news conference Tuesday. “While I do not believe that there are any other forms of action based on what I have here, I welcome comments from our community on ways to help our laws continue to uphold the rule of law,” he said.

Sophomore lacrosse player Sydney Anderson wrote about his experience in Delaware State newspaper last week.

“Everyone was confused because they were looking at the bag, when there was no reason to be,” Anderson said.

“The team members were very surprised to see the police passing through their bags. They pulled out a K-9 dog to take their belongings. .

The officials spent 20 minutes looking at the bags and said they were acting “unless they were selling children or drugs,” Anderson said.

Assistants were patrolling the area the same day and “there were several other vehicles parked that morning, plus another bus where there were counterfeit items,” Bowman said.

The video shows the assistants on the bus

A video distributed by Delaware State University shows two White ministers standing in front of a bus and telling passengers not to search for their belongings.

Another deputy is heard to say, “If you have anything in the y’all bag, we’ll probably find it – okay. I’m not looking for a bit of marijuana, but I’m sure you guys. ‘The directors will probably be disappointed in you if we find it.”

The officer continued: “Please, if you have anything in doubt, please tell me now. marijuana is still illegal. “

CNN could not confirm what happened before the recording or what happened after the recording stopped. CNN also asked for more information about what happened at the university and was told by the director of the University of News Services, Carlos Holmes, that another video was available but his behavior was bad.

The affected agents were not identified by the sheriff at a press conference.

Bowman realized that the ministers had notified the passengers on board that the hunt was over. He explained that regardless of race, gender, or age, the same procedure would be followed. However, he said no personal items were on the bus or any other person who had been searched.

“Before he got into the fire truck, his deputy did not know if the school was black or if he knew the people who were riding because of the height of the car and the dark windows,” said Bowman.

“More than anything else, we want feedback from riders on the Delaware State University Lacrosse Team on communication channels that we can imagine that we may not know,” the sheriff said Tuesday.

CNN reached out to Delaware State University to comment following a press conference held by the Liberty County sheriff.

In a statement, Allen called the incident a “disgraceful process” and said the university was “looking at practical – legitimate and alternative – solutions available to our running students, our teachers, and the university.”

“We do not want to allow this or any other event to go unnoticed. We are ready to go wherever the evidence leads us. We have the video. We have the collaborators. Most importantly, we have the courage to stand up for what we believe,” Allen said in a statement.

CNN’s Sharif Paget contributed to the report.


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