Did you enjoy your two-day break from the Deebo Samuel saga? The San Francisco 49ers did not sell their power receivers during the pre-season. If that happens, many think the move could be made Thursday night for the first time.

There were interesting parties. There were ads. However, there was no one who suggested that Samuel, who recently applied for a job, resign. The best donations are said to have come from New York Jets, and they were funny.

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On Saturday, general manager John Lynch was asked if the group had received any calls about their frustrated recipient and if anything had changed with what was happening.

“Nothing,” replied Lynch. “Nothing has changed.”

Lynch seems right on this point. Nothing has changed. Samuel says he still wants to transfer NFL teams.

On Sunday, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler made a change in Samuel’s performance, saying the recipient had “dug” out of the 49ers. Unfortunately, this means that the saga can continue until the verdict is reached.

“It looks like he’s still dug, he still wants to be sold even after he’s finished,” Fowler told SportsCenter. “But he knows this could wait a long time as the 49ers did nothing. their entire receiver.

“Teams like the Lions and the Packers have explored this. They have filled their need for more host games, so no environmentalist right now. Maybe they can try to fix the relationship. It’s bad. The 49ers would like to do that.

“I spoke to a team source who said, ‘Look, we can’t break the chaos without Deebo Samuel last year, and we love him outside and on the field.’ Then there is the problem here. He may be able to fix it, but in the meantime, he still wants to be sold. “

If Samuel is still interested in playing elsewhere, San Francisco may have missed out on their chance to make money while the star players are on fire. Sell ​​it for a selection in 2023 where no one can know what the team is planning until the next season will be less.

The 49ers voted for one of their nine picks on the big receiver-Danny Gray of SMU. But no one is waiting to replace Deebo Samuel.

The head coach of San Francisco remains confident that the 49ers’ relationship with Samuel can be repaired.

“It’s part of the business,” Kyle Shanahan said of the difference after admitting he had not spoken to Samuel for several weeks. “There are some things that people have to go through. There are some things that everyone is trying to find and try to do. Then you see what you can do. [do], and you work from there. You can fix anything.

“We hope, when all this has been said and done, we will find the best thing for the Niners, the best thing for Deebo. We hope, that’s it because we love to continue the way we have been. But we know it’s ahead of us right now.”