Deciding to be a single mother, the woman adopted a child with microcephaly and cerebral palsy. alagoas

Getting married, having children and seeing her grow up is a dream for many women, but motherhood is not always born out of this traditional configuration. Military police officer Tais Maraba decided that by adopting she would become a single mother, she would not have to wait for the perfect match or get sick or have her belly grow month after month.

On this Mother’s Day, g1 tells the story of a mother and daughter who have learned that maternal love goes beyond blood ties.

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The girl he will meet is 1,500 km away, in Kolatina, inside Espirito Santo. Hellosa Angelica, who has microcephaly, cerebral palsy and epilepsy, waited 1 year and 3 months to be adopted by her mother. “You have to be acceptable to accept your child the way he or she comes,” the military said.

Despite all the difficulties and adaptations she had to make in her life with the arrival of Helloisar, the mother said that her love for her daughter was stronger. He recalls that, often, the gender, race and age of the children you want to adopt make the process difficult.

“I wanted to adopt him as a teenager. Before I got ready for Haloiser, I had already pointed out a profile so that this acceptance of the child included the way she was. I wondered: What difference would it make if it were a biological baby for me? So why are we so selective about adoption? Tais says.

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She was already in the habit of visiting children’s shelters, which helped her mature the idea of ​​adoption and guarantee her a look that looked beyond her own will. Along with the visit, he also saw the desire of every child in the shelter: to be a child.

“When people don’t go to shelters, they idealize a child who doesn’t exist, they get frustrated because they did projects that didn’t match reality. So this push of reality is really important, real-world predictions, “Tais explained.

And so, she became the mother of Haloiser, who came to transform the life of an entire family with a very caring and loving routine that involved the daily life of mother and daughter.

The arrival of new members in the family

“When I heard that the guard had left, I bought a ticket and left [buscá-la]. I’m happy, worried, I can’t even explain it, it was a concern, but a good concern. I was going to get my daughter, not a baby to take care of. It was my daughter and I was going to take her, “said Tais.

The Army family, who already knew about the adoption and the desire to be a mother, celebrated the arrival of Little Hellois together. There was no problem with the potential disadvantages that Helloise’s special conditions could bring. “When my family found out that Helloisa was coming, they were overjoyed.”

Helios received all the necessary treatment, therapy and physiotherapy at the shelter where she lived before her adoption, but lacked care, a hug and a mother’s scent. Today, at the age of 3, he has a loving and caring grandmother with whom he spends hours a day, a cousin and an aunt, in addition to his mother who gave him a loving family to share.

The baby already had a name in the shelter, and his mother decided not to change it when she adopted him, but added a second name that was as meaningful as the first. Hellosa changed her name to Hellosa Angelica.

“Before he came into my life, I already thought that if my son had a name and left his name, I would not change him, because we have a very strong identity with our name, so if we call someone else, we look. No. And since he’s already gone in his name, I haven’t changed. I’ve added another, to mention being an angel, it’s a little angel who fights, “he says.

For the proud mom, it’s Helloisa, even though she’s still so young, that she teaches more than she learns. And it shows that if there is love, all difficulties are overcome.

“The biggest lesson Helloisa taught me is that we have the biggest limitation in not knowing how to deal with people with disabilities. She’s just as perfect as she is. Special,” Tais celebrates.

Hello Angelica has come to transform and bring joy to the life of the whole family – Photo: Personal Archive

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