Deborah Seko revealed that she was suffering from “taking a married man.”

Deborah Secco was a guest on PocCast, Lucas Gudez and Rafael Ukman, last Wednesday (8/6). At one point in the chat, the actress was embarrassed to be asked about staying with married men made by a presenter.

“You had a reputation for catching a few… at that time, did you hate to catch a married man?” Why did you like it? Like, was it fetish …? Or do you know he’s married? ” Lucas asked. “I didn’t like it,” Deborah replied clearly uncomfortably.


The actress then revealed that she was involved with married men while she was unmarried. “I knew the guy was in a relationship, I asked. The guy always said it wasn’t good, it was going to end. But it wasn’t something I liked, no. In fact I always suffered. No, ”he explained.

“Today I will never go out with a committed person. Because today I understand the importance of looking at another woman, “she declared.

Deborah also gave reasons for coming in the middle of the relationship. “But when I was younger, I think it was a feminist culture, this conflict between women. I have learned to compete with women in life, it has taken me a long time to resign and we have to see that we women have to be united and hold hands, ”she added.

However, the actress defended herself and commented that she was cheated on by men. “I never came to end the relationship, it always occurred to me that the relationship was over. And I, confused. But today I understand a lot about how wrong it was and how bad it made me feel and how bad it was for the people involved, “he concluded. Watch the video (the moment comes with a 38 minute interview)

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