Deandre Ayton could move this summer. How can they connect to Pistons?

Which team will Deandre Ayton play for next season?

That is a very popular question in the last few weeks, and it provides an overview of what is to come as a result of the upcoming season. The Suns’ will be the 24-year-old, who was No. The 1st choice in 2018, joins the free ban group this summer after Phoenix fell in the postseason. Rumors are still rife about Ayton and his relationship with the agency that wrote him. We will explain this below, but the sources show The Athletic that “it is more possible than not” for Ayton to play somewhere other than Phoenix next season.

One of these locations could be Detroit, where the rebuilding Pistons join a free multi-site team, a Cade Cunningham football player and one of the most popular and attractive games in Jerami Grant. The Pistons are expected to work hard and run to Ayton, on the spring. However, the way Detroit is ready to go to find his jobs is a challenge.

With Ayton saga guaranteed to dominate the final season after the NBA Finals, The Athletic’s John Hollinger, former NBA captain, and James L. Edwards III (Pistons beat writer) discuss Ayton, the end of his time in Phoenix, if Detroit sounds like a destination and as Pistons should do whatever he can to find Ayton.

(Editor’s note: Discussion has been changed for clarity and length)

Edwards: Considering the turmoil between Deandre Ayton and the Suns, the mutual trust is in line with what I have heard and it looks like he will play for another team next season. How sure are you that his time at Phoenix is ​​over?

Hollinger: I was skeptical until I started talking to a few people recently. Now, I think it’s more likely that they’re in a new place next season, especially if the Sun can create a brand with a profitable business. For whatever reason, I don’t think Phoenix is ​​comfortable going with him on big money, and I think Ayton might be better off going somewhere if he could have a big part of the frustration.

Edwards: Conflicts between Ayton and Suns head coach Monty Williams are out there. There are also rumors that Ayton does not get enough sleep because he only plays video games all night. Do you believe the clubs are more reluctant now to elevate him and get him than they were, say, six months ago? Or are these concerns too serious?

Hollinger: As long as they play Strat-O-Matic Basketball I don’t see a problem. Honestly, I think the questions that each group asks are kind of “What do we not know? Why is Phoenix reluctant to pay him? Is it Robert Sarver alone being Robert Sarver or is there something going on here? “I do not see the real reason why the demand should be lower than the questions that the front office may ask about the solar shutdown.

Ayton had a great season and has been one of the free suppliers on the market. The last two postseasons have shown that they can withstand high and low pitches.

Edwards: As mentioned earlier, I am confident that the Pistons will work hard for Ayton and, if the price is right, be ready to deliver. I don’t understand if he would waste his money, though. Above all, do you like the similarities between Ayton and Pistons? Is there another team you think could reach better?

Hollinger: I love it enough. First, the Pistons are in a position where they need the highest level of skill in each line in order to compete at the highest level. Cade Cunningham is part of the answer and the fifth player could be offered a chance to play another game, but Detroit is still in a position where talent is needed.

The issue I see with Detroit is that it could ruin something because Ayton is a free agent. Although Phoenix is ​​reluctant to return it, Sun is better off comparing the donation paper rather than letting it go in vain. On the other hand, a return to brand-and-trade could reshape their list in a way that puts them at the bottom of the high tax line and helps them compete next year. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to photograph Jerami Grant here.

If it weren’t for the Pistons, the other two powerful ones I see Ayton are in Portland and San Antonio. Portland, for the second time, would have gone beyond branding and marketing because of what the Blazers now have; Spurs have a chance to sign Ayton directly but the sign and commercials – because, say, Jakob Poeltl and Keldon Johnson – could look like the final whistle.

Edwards: As you said, Detroit could follow Ayton in the free squad, but the brand and marketing deal with Jerami Grant seems to be a way to benefit both sides. If Ayton leaves Phoenix, are you sure he is going to sign and sign a deal? Do you like to be like Grant in the Sun?

Hollinger: Yes, the Sun is about to follow the sign-and-trade if Ayton leaves because he has no way to replace it. They only get $ 18.9 million and Grant makes $ 20.9 million, but this session could easily end and add small deals from Phoenix.

Detroit’s biggest advantage is being able to do business like this too be a player in all other free organizations. They can choose the options of Frank Jackson, Luke Garza and Carsen Edwards, spend $ 25 million or more on free services, and then upon purchase, work as a “top-of-the-line” and write-and-sell team to send Grant, Jackson, Garza and Edwards to Ayton and Torrey Craig.

As for Grant joining the Sun… I really like it. I don’t think he’s as good as Ayton, but Phoenix has a hole in his list where the lack of big wings is a problem, and we saw mostly the Dallas list. I think Grant is a lot bigger, but if he wants to be the fourth option in the elite team he could be better off in the Phoenix team, giving them 5 small balls in the last game they missed. two years.

Edwards: Last thing: I am in a boat that Pistons, having a good cup holder, does not need to spend it all in free summer. This class is blah. Jalen Brunson seems to have moved to New York or settled in Dallas. Zach LaVine is not coming to Pistons. I don’t see Detroit Pursuing Miles Bridges being offered a price to rule. The verdict is handed down to Ayton. I loved how Isaiah Stewart ended the season. Saddiq Bey is already good. Cade Cunningham is the face. The best choice is yet to come.

I think my question to you is, do you think the Pistons should be forced to move too much? these summer, like finding Ayton? I think the pressure on the corner is one year, in itself.

Hollinger: I agree with you on the timely question. Detroit’s major push for the position is expected to come a year from now, with the Cunningham-Bey-Stewart team having another year, the fifth in 2022 has a year under his belt and the Pistons will be at high risk. wa cap space.

On the other hand, I do not see how turning Grant into Ayton hurts in any way, except that it leads to the worst election of 2023. Grant is about to run out, his price will not go up, and he wants a salary that may not be in line with the league. Detroit’s cap situation is so clean that earning a higher salary this year will not prevent them from doing it again next year; Cunningham is the only player confirmed to have $ 10 million in 2023-2024.

Considering the difficulties, in particular, of finding famous players in Detroit for free, as well as the lack of good players in every line to be completely free, I think it is appropriate for the Pistons to consider their options at Ayton. . You are right they do not have to do this, and there should be value in the discussion and the signs they want to get away from. That said, this opportunity will not come again in the next two to three years.

(Above photo credits Deandre Ayton and Isaiah Stewart: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)


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