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Roberta Regina Rossi Serme Coutinho da Silva, 40, director and in-charge of the Colmia Magica Infantile School, east of S সাo Paulo, presented herself at the Ituquake Setuba Central Police Station late Thursday night (28) in Greater Sao Paulo. , And the civil police arrested him.

He spent the night at the police station with two lawyers. Roberta has not yet testified.

The director must leave the police station for a custody hearing this Friday (29) and then be sent to a women’s penitentiary in Trembe.

The private company is under investigation by the police after sharing videos of children tied with sheets on the internet in March. Roberta has been on the run since the arrest warrant was issued just a month ago.

On Monday (25), police arrested Fernanda Carolina Rossi Serme, 37, Robert’s sister and one of the owners of Colmia Magic. He was at the home of Mogi Das Cruzes in Greater Sao Paulo.

Fernanda was transferred to the Trembe Penitentiary Complex (140 km from SP).

A video taken with a cell phone shows the children tied up with sheets in the nursery school bathroom.

In testimony before the arrest, the suspects denied knowledge of the child abuse scene. Nevertheless, they recognized the bathroom as a children’s school.

Lawyer Andre Dias provided the information SheetIn March, the school wanted to find out who had recorded and who had put the kids in that situation.

Employees and former employees of Magic Hive claimed that the babies were kept in comfortable babies, inside the bathroom, tied with sheets, while they cried loudly, according to prosecutors’ records. Also, to reduce the sound of children crying, blankets were placed on the children’s heads. According to officials, the exercise took place at the request of the day care administration.

Police have already heard about 20 people, including staff and parents of the students.

On the other hand

The sisters’ lawyer, Andre Dias, said Sheet That your client was tired and chose to turn himself in.

According to her, her clients, Roberta and Fernanda, have denied instructing teachers or former employees to engage in any offensive or illegal activities with any child and have stated that they are not aware of the habits seen in the video.

“The teachers, at their own discretion, kept the children in the bathroom and acted in a reported manner,” he said.

For the lawyer, the police are “working with a lack of procedural character” in the case.

He claimed that the police were ignoring the fact that employees and ex-employees had been conducting investigations for months and that only their clients were the target of the investigation.

“Imagine a man holding children for nine months, feeding them the same food and cutlery during an epidemic, and the representative accuses only Roberta. [a chefe]But that person has been doing it for months, “he said.

Dias said he believed the delegate “maliciously misspelled it” that employees and former employees hired Roberta and Fernanda as responsible for the guidelines that led to child abuse.

“The representative did not ask [para as pessoas] What happened on the spot, he asked, was ‘Roberta tying up the kids?’ ”, He said.

According to the lawyer, the information of the case is already reaching the media. “I have heard that my client has been arrested through the press. Journalists call me to ask what I thought about rejecting the appeal against the arrest without even knowing that the appeal has already been rejected,” he said.


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