“Dá Anger to Look Back” has entered its second week

(Looks back in anger)

By John Osborne

Directed by Frederico Corrado

May 13, 14, 15 and 27 At 21.30

Jose Tagaro Gallery

(Behind Cortaxo City Hall)

Information and storage:

Service Area – 964032279

Picture of Beatriz Cachulo

After an emotional debut that pays homage to actor Joel Branco, John Osborne’s “The Riva Olhar Para Tras” staged by Frederico Corrado moves into its second week at Cartacso!

The first days of the full house at the Galeria José Tagarro have received strong praise from the public, who enthusiastically praised this part of John Osborne and the special participation of Vania Calado, Joao Vittor, Gabriel Silva, Ines Custodia and Joel Branco. ..

This is the 28th production in the service area, which celebrates its tenth anniversary with this show and could not have done it in a better company. Proof of this was the tribute paid to Joel Branco on the day of the premiere, which included the recorded testimony of Herman Jose, Philippe La Feria, Joao Baio and Jose Raposo, who did not want to miss this return to Joel Branco’s stage.

One week after the debut, the balance could not be more positive and the bet seems to have completely won the “Da Riva Olhar Para Tras” (look back in anger). Cartaxo and Service Area audiences have found it, one of the greatest classics in British theater, with open arms. Subsequent sessions are already close for sale, and there are already closing dates for sessions in other parts of the country.

Highly relevant to the historical, political, cultural and social contexts reflect the mood of Britain in the mid-1950s.

John Osborne, an “angry young man”, wrote the landmark of English theater when he brought to the stage young Englishmen who did not participate in World War II and where they discovered that the consequences were not promising.

Jimmy Porter, who seems to get nothing better than his job at the candy store, is married to Alison, an intelligent but dissatisfied young working class man, an upper-middle-class young woman with whom he has a toxic relationship, in complexity and abuse. Allison’s best friend Helen advises him to leave Jimmy, but eventually falls in love with him. A love triangle story, “Da Ranger Looking Back” is also a dark portrait of the life of the English working class in the late 1950s and a critical view of the class system.

Directed by Frederico Corrado, the show features Vania Calado, Joao Vittor, Ines Custodio, Gabriel Silva and Joel Branco.

Joel Branco with service area

Joel Branco, who we all know as one of the most popular actors in Portugal’s light theater, was a dancer and appeared in several Park Meyer magazines. His performance in “Godspell” in Tetro Villarreal has made him one of the richest actors / singers, which he has confirmed with Ivan Silver in “Não Há Nada Para Pessoas”, where he won the Best Actor of the Year award. Casa da Imprensa and Nova Gente. Various performances on television in soap operas, series and programs such as “Liberated 21” (2011), “A Minha Family” (2009), “Floribella” (2007), “Tu E You” (2007), “Fala-Me” de Amor. “” (2006), “Camilo M. Sarilhos” (2006), “Inspector Max” (2005), “An Adventure” (2004), “The Serpent’s Eye” (2002-2003), “Enekdots Factory” (2002)) , “Love” (2001), “Captain Robbie” (2000), “Camillo’s Shop” (2000), “Mrs. Minister” (2000), “All Time in the World” (1999), “Family Doctor” (1998-1999), Os Lobos (1998-1999), Mother Earth (1998), “Bomb Bio” (1998), “The Big Bet” (1997-1998), “Beware of Ghosts” (1997), “The The Adventures of Camilo “(1997),” All on Stage “(1996),” The Unstoppable “(1996),” The Minister’s Wife Minister “(1995),” Nico D’Obra “(1993-1994)” and the Romance “Raposa” (1988), “What a pt not to be color” (1987), “Carnival infernal” (1986), “Ponto e Virgula” (1984), “Origens” (1983), “Branco, Sousa e Companhia” (1981), “Sabadabadu” (1981), “A Feira” (1977), among others.

In the song he sang “Friend to the End”, defending the tree as a friend, singing songs of nature, peace and friendship.
The album “Dez Anos de Cantigas”, edited by Movieplay Portuguesa, includes the theme “E a Peça Acabou”; (Debuted in 1986) and other hits from the actor-singer in the previous ten years – including nine of his most well-known songs, including the popular duet “Olho Vivo E J De Olhao” with Harman Jose.

Over the years, she has appeared on several shows staged by Philippe La Ferreira at Tetro Polytama, such as “Maldita Kokena”, “My Fair Lady”, “Amalia – O Musical”, “A Cansao de Lisboa”, “Musica no Coracao”. “”, “Um Violino no Telhado”, “A Cage Das Lucas”, “A Flore du Cacto” and “Pinocchio”, where he worked with Frederico Corrado, as well as “Isto é Que me Dói!” (In the version directed by Francisco Nicholson – who was assisted by Frederico Corado – in Tetro Villarreal) , As always, with heart and soul.

“Look Back at The Rage” and Theater in Portugal “

In the history of Portuguese theater, the play “Look Back in Anger” has some historical productions. Entitled “O Tempo e a Ira” in 1967, translated by Jose Palla and Carmo and staged by Fernando Gusmao, it is a tetro experimental do porsto by Luiz Alberto, Jose Cruz, Isabel de Castro, Fernanda Alves and David. Silva .. Then in 1968 the Cascais Experimental Theater, with the same translation, was staged by Arthur Ramos and scenes of Paolo-Guilharm with Jose de Castro, Lords Norberto, Maria do Cue Guerrero, Luis Santos and Canto e Castro. In 1992, it was staged by Rui Madeira at his Braga Theater Company, and in 1996, with the title “The Reviva Olhar Para Tras” translated by Gustavo Rubim, it was Juvenal Garcেসas who staged it at Tetro-Estudio Mario Viegas. Explanations by Simao Rubim, Rita Lello, Pedro Tavares, Mafalda Vilhena and Carlos Lesarda

With the special participation of Vania Calado, Joao Viter, Ines Custodio, Gabriel Silva and Joel Branco

Director: Frederico Corrado Text: John Osborne | Translation: Frederico Corrado | Cyanographic design: Frederico Corrado and Mario Julio Cyanographic Execution: Mario Julio | Service Area Production: Frederico Corrado, Mario Julio, Rui Manel, Florebella Silva and Vania Calado. Stage management: Mario Julio | Clothing Adjustment: Florebella Silva | Technical Direction and Lighting Design: Miguel Senna | Edit: Mario Julio | Production of a service field with the assistance of the Portuguese Republic – Culture / Department-General for the Arts

Partner: Cortaxo City Council

Support: Casa Das Pele | JMFernandes – Glass and Aluminum | Tejo Radio Newspaper | Grandpa Magazine | Newspapers from here Local values Theater guide

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Jos Tagaro Gallery
Rua Doutor Manuel Gomes da Silva | 2070-096 Cortaxo

(Behind Cortaxo City Hall – next to Municipal Market)

Theater M / 16
Tickets: 8

Information and storage:
Service Area – 964032279



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