Curitiba-based artist Albuquerque and Griff’s new release

“Vanilla Sky EP” is a new musical release by Curitiba-based artist Albuquerque and Griff. The collaborative work was done on April 8 in digital stores by British record label “The Soundgarden”, the famous English DJ Nick Warren. The two tracks formed the first collaboration made by Albuquerque and the pair Griff. From construction to final mastering, the process for the two tracks took about eighteen months.
The first track, “Vanilla Sky”, was composed around piano chords that conveyed the main theme of the work in a poetic and profound way. The second track, also called “Evening”, was written around a piano note, which takes shape while adding the percussive layer of dance and bass sound, giving the essential and characteristic balance to the work. “

We quickly exchanged ideas with Albuquerque, see the chat:

1- How did you get the opportunity to partner with English DJ Nick Warren?
Griff’s Dan and I often hear releases from Soundgarden, Nick Warren’s label. When we were in the production process, it was definitely a label that we wanted to launch our music. We emailed them as soon as we finished the tracks and to our surprise he responded quickly. He said he liked the songs, downloaded them and wanted to publish them. Then I warned Dan: “Congratulations, you’ll be a Soundgarden artist!”

2 – He played this track in his last performance in Rosario, Argentina. How did it feel to see your track played by such an imaginative DJ at a festival of this magnitude?
Nick Warren is a legend, part of the first generation of House DJs. It is definitely an honor for us. For my generation, the young GRAFE boys, the Global Underground collections were the nectar of electronic music, with DJ Nick Warren as one of the ambassadors of the label. So he was always a great inspiration to me. I’m really glad he appreciates our music too.

3 – Tax Collaboration It’s not a very simple thing. It requires coordination and mutual respect among the participants. How did Griffith’s partnership with this couple come about? And how was the production process?
Yes, it’s complicated because everyone has a method, a computer, an operating system, a software version. But GRIFE guys and I have been interested from the start to keep our software aligned for this exchange. We have about five tracks ready and many more in the pipeline Some Dan start, then I move, back, move again if necessary, as well as reverse. I learned a lot in the studio with them. Also, they are now joining DJ LeoZ, Foletto and Cancci, part of my own label Sonido Profundo. We keep in touch every day, beyond friendship and love of music, it makes it so much easier!

4- You have played a lot abroad in recent years. From your observation, how do the Gringoras view our scene today?
The Brazilian landscape has grown a lot, that’s undeniable. In addition to the bands, Brazilian electronic music producers attacked sets of gringos. From Deep House to Techno, it is common to find Brazilians on the tracklists of foreign DJs and to see the dance floor outside the dance in Made in Brazil Sound.

5 – And the art of music promotion? Very nice. Who did it? Why respect Curitiba?
The art is a 3D video created by GRIMM artist @yourstrullygrimm who is Dan’s brother. I believe I am perfectly married to the tracks. First Vanilla Sky, with sunset at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum and then almost sunset on the evening track. But all credit goes to GRIMM. We made the music, and the rest depends on it. Very cool because I see Curitiba as the main electronic music scene in the country!

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