Cremonese, with Crema ends 3-1. A lot of very young players on the field

The full report is the match report of Cremonese-Crema 1908, the sixth pleasant match of the grigiorossi of the pre-season 2022-2023


Sunday 31 July 2022
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Cremona | 10.30 am

NETWORKS: 3 ‘Gondo (CREMO), 12’ Gondo (CREMO), 37 ‘Madiotto (CREAM), 70’ Quagliata (CREMO)

CHARACTER (3-4-1-2): Sarr (78′ Ciezkowski); Sernicola, Bartolomei (86 ′ Gardoni), Ndiaye; Ghiglione (85′ Arpini), Acella (87′ Basso), Valzania (62′ Milanese), Quagliata (81′ Cherubini); Tenkorang (73′ Bright); Gondo (51′ Strizzolo), Ciofani (87′ Borghesan).
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Additional data.: Massimiliano Alvini

CREMA 1908 (first half 4-3-3): Peschieri; Spanish, Brero, Cerri, Grassi; Meleqi, Erman, Ricozzi; Madiotto, Recino, Melchiori.
CREAM 1908 (second half 4-2-3-1): Peschieri (73′ Bianchessi); Nesci, Viviani (87 ‘Bellavita), Forni, Groppelli; Abba, Bignami; Mapelli, Mancini, Tosi; Rooster.
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Additional data: Stefano Bellinzaghi

THE BEGINNER: Mr. Daniel Minelli of the Varese part (helpers: Mr. Fabrizio Lombardo from Cinisello Balsamo and Mr. Michele Lombardi from Brescia)

WARNING: Bartolomei (CREAM), Viviani (CREAM)

Have a sixth Cremonese take a look at forward of the 2022-2023 Serie A competitors. Crema 1908 performs in Serie D.

Sports report


45′- End of the second half, Cremonese-Crema 3-1.

42′- The final change of the two teams: in Cremo inside Basso and Borghesan for Acella and Ciofani, in Crema Bellavita for Viviani.

42′- Cremo luck! Squeeze the lean between Bright who shoots from a couple of steps away.

41′- Go forward and alter Alvini, Gardoni enters Bartolomei.

40′- Viviani does not cease Acella typically, he warned.

40′- Arpini replaces Ghiglione.

39′- In Cremo’s nook, Ciofani spits and the ball ends up on Strizzolo’s head, blocking Bianchessi.

36′- Outside Quagliata, Cherubini enters. The Primavera boy will take the protection on the proper aspect of the heart, with Sernicola forming the left winger.

33′- The place can be for Ciezkowski, inside as an alternative of Sarr.

33′- Good ball from Abba to Gallo who goes for a shot, denied by the defence.

29′- Acella loses the ball in entrance of his space, Mancini takes benefit and kicks with his left foot, curling a shot, Sarr is sweet to dam.

28′- It begins once more, in Bright as an alternative of Tenkorang for Cremo and Bianchessi for Peschieri nel Crema.

26′- A second winter break for the two groups.

25′ – GOAL FOR CREMONESE! Quagliata additionally scored.
The strain of Strizzolo who recovers the ball and serves Quagliata, the winger kicks first and finds a nook to the left of Peschieri. The boy’s greatest recreation got here from Heracles, in all probability the greatest in the field.

20′- Acella’s go via the center, the midfielder finds Tenkorang releasing a left hand inside the space, the diagonal ends up on the aspect.

17′- Inside Milanese for Valzania.

12′- Strizzolo tries once more, this time with a shot from distance: the shot is denied by the protection.

9′- From the nook he tries to squeeze his head, the ball out.

8′- Great play by Quagliata, wonderful cross at the far put up the place Ciofani closes, nook for grigiorossi.

6‘- Inside Strizzolo for Gondo.

2‘- Good end on the left from Ghiglione inside the opposition, excessive ball.

1‘- Go to restoration. Everyone has modified at Crema, aside from the Peschieri participant. There is not any change in the grigiorossi.


45′ + 2 – End of the first half, Cremonese-Crema 2-1.

45′ + 1 – Health employees in the field to assist Valzania, who’s affected by again ache.

45′- Two minutes of restoration.

43′- Bartolomei’s nook, deflected by Ciofani and Peschieri blocked once more.

41′- Ciofani shot from exterior the space, blocking Peschieri.

37′ – CREAM GOAL! Madiotto is 2-1.
Sarr provides energy to the opposition, Erman from the left crosses Madiotto who shortens the distance with his header.

31′- Now the cash race begins once more.

27′- The freezing chilly of the teams that go to quench their thirst.

24′- Ricozzi’s shot at the subsequent penalty, Sarr smanaccia in the nook.

23′- Bartolomei warned, who was holding Recino nicely on the edge of the space, the Crema striker let him go and made a superb transfer.

21′- Cremo continues to be near scoring: Ghiglione’s low shot from the proper, put by Tenkorang who takes the first kick in a superb place however doesn’t make the purpose.

18′- The recreation stopped for the opponent on the floor after a troublesome entry by Valzania.

17′- Against a less expensive opponent, Cremo is ready to use all that Mr. Alvini does, the recreation is doing a lot on the aspect.

16′- Cremo continues to be in peril, Ciofani virtually 3-0 to convey out the assist of Gondo.

12′ – CREMONESE GOAL! Eagle once more!
Ghiglione sensational, from the floor he places in the heart of the cross on a superb fly to Gondo who leaves and places Peschieri on 2-0.

11′- A massive elevate from Ndiaye who’s pushed by the crowd makes half the ball and chain, then serves Gondo who misses the cross.

6′- Between indicators and makes an attempt, Alvini determined to strive Bartolomei in the center of the three-man protection.

3 ‘- GOAL FOR CREMONESE! Gondoni Gondo now!
Beating Bartolomei’s nook, the striker left the purpose free and shot to the proper from shut vary.

1′ – Crema instantly tries with Meleqi’s shot exterior the space, excessive ball over the crossbar.

1′- The match begins at Soldi Sports Field: Cremo in blue jersey, guests in white uniform.

9.45 p.m – Official look: as it’s recognized, Alvini leaves many starters in the sixth pleasant recreation, which doesn’t even go to the bench, after taking part in yesterday afternoon with Verona. We will see for the first time the proprietor Quagliata on the left, the young man who has simply been purchased to switch Valeri. Attacking Gondo close to Ciofani, supported by Tenkorang.

8.00 am – From 10.30 we are going to inform you about the sixth summer season life from Campo Soldi in Cremona. Cremo have simply returned from Dimaro’s promotion and yesterday they confronted Hellas Verona in one other pleasant match.

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