Credit du Nord prospects’ blues in the evening of their bank

Published on Friday, November 25, 2022 at 08:27

“We danger shedding the high quality of our relationship” one worries, “huge nonsense” grumbles one other: the switch of Credit du Nord prospects to the crimson and black banner of Société Générale subsequent January 1 grinds its tooth.

Announced in December 2020, the merger of the retail banking community of Societe Generale and its subsidiaries is the topic of a letter despatched to Credit du Nord prospects in current weeks. It appreciates the convergence of “historical past”, “values” and “strengths” of the two teams.

That’s how Isabel Boht, a shopper since 2016, realized information that did not fear her an excessive amount of.

An opinion removed from shared by Bruno Eckmann, who plans to change banks. “That’s nonsense,” scolded the entrepreneur for whom “Société Générale was by no means a bank for businessmen.”

Pierre Delplanc, a “long-time” buyer of Crédit du Nord, is not thrilled both, saying “Société Générale is a bank I’ve had issues with in the previous”.

Questioned by AFP, Credit du Nord basic supervisor Jean-Louis Klein however denied any “backfire” from prospects. Among their primary questions: adjustments to advisers, organizations and RIBs. Société Générale has put up a web site on-line to reply.

– Red and Black Lives –

The fusion of the two networks is accompanied by a refined ornament of the brand. The group selected the identify “SG” together with, by area, the bank names of the defunct Crédit du Nord community: SG Courtois, SG Laydernier, SG Crédit du Nord…

In areas traditionally much less coated by Credit du Nord, Société Générale has opted for area names: SG South West, SG Auvergne Rhône-Alpes… In the Vosges and Auvergne, the Kolb and Nuger banks are disappearing.

“It is a withdrawal of historic, visible and cultural identification”, commented Marc Durand, unionist of the group Force Overiere, “in addition to for patrons and workers”.

The troopers, who have been promised a 1,000 euro bonus, are additionally “in the center of the blues”, based on him. Employees “do not actually know what sauce they’ll eat.”

Terneuve, a subsidiary bank of Crédit du Nord, “had the traits of a small establishment with a sure proximity”, explains AFP Michel Noire, a shopper who expects to “lose the high quality of the relationship”.

Jean-Pierre Tisseur, whose accounts are managed by the similar subsidiary, selected a regional bank exactly for its proximity. “I do not know if I’ll discover that with a big banking group that, I believe, would not have the similar tradition or the similar objective,” he marvels.

Customers in Ile-de-France and Corsica inherit a redundant Société Générale SG.

– The Great Migration –

The venture is headed by one of the right-hand males of the managing director of Societe Generale: Sébastien Proto, Emmanuel Macron’s promotion classmate at ENA and determined candidate for the head of “Socgen”.

This issues all of the two million Crédit du Nord prospects, who’re usually much less city and extra prosperous than the guardian firm.

The authorized merger is scheduled for Jan. 1, 2023, however “the essential moments are between the two IT transitions,” Mr. Klein famous, in two phases, mid-March and mid-May.

If financial savings are anticipated in the coming years, the merger invoice is steep: between 700 and 800 million euros.

The merger will outcome in 3,700 job cuts, an “effort” to be distributed between 2023 (about 30%), 2024 (50%), 2025 (20%). No one shall be pressured, the get together promised.

The bank places ahead concrete parts in its letters, corresponding to multiplying by three, because of the Société Générale community of branches accessible to present Crédit du Nord prospects in the area.

But this argument turns off lots of of group-wide businesses.

The new bank, the outcome of a merger between Société Générale and Crédit du Nord, will profit from a drastically decreased regional community, with 1,450 branches in 2025 in comparison with 2,100 5 years in the past.


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