Crazy price that would cost a full charge in France!

With its 212 kWh of usable capability, the GMC Hummer EV has a monster battery in comparison with the batteries we’re used to in the electrical passenger automobiles and vans we’re used to. This is essentially felt in refill payments, generally in very shocking methods. Let’s have enjoyable calculating the quantity in keeping with totally different conditions.

Not all that environmentally pleasant

With its 2.20m width for a peak of simply over 2m, the GMC Hummer stretches over 5.50m in the pickup model of the EV however “solely” 5m in the SUV sauce. Which makes it a huge child that tops the 4 ton scale.

If it’s marketed in France, a query would appear to come up: can or not it’s pushed with a B license which usually assumes that the GVW doesn’t exceed 3.5 tonnes? Probably, since electrical autos can profit from a discount of as much as 1 ton because of the additional weight because of the battery. A way already used for some utilities, together with the equal of a quadricycle.

Our EV battery

Three engines drive the Hummer EV, for optimum endowment, 735 kW (in horsepower, it is extra attention-grabbing: 1,000 hp) of energy for a most torque of 16,000 Nm.

1.3 tonne battery

The GMC Hummer EV’s Ultium battery (nickel, cobalt, manganese, aluminum) is nicely weighted by greater than 1.3 tons of 24 modules. It has a complete helpful power capability of 212 kWh which borders on 247 kWh. Don’t count on the precise vary to be greater than 400-450 km.

Like the Porsche Taycan, Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, the machine is offered in an structure under 800 V which opens the door to ultra-fast charging (350 kW). If the counter-end rely is ample, solely 36 minutes will revive the pack. It shall be with out calculation on the load curve.

In a video posted on the YouTube channel Out of Spec Review, Kyle Connor reported a 152-minute wait time to go from 0 to 100% at an Electrify America station deployed throughout the Atlantic by Volkswagen at 2:47 p.m. which, presenting itself as a person not subscribed to this community, was billed $96.32 or 92.30 euros in keeping with Wednesday, November 16, 2022 costs.

To promote rotation on the terminal, we don’t assist full refueling at excessive energy. However, the train is attention-grabbing and permits for some comparisons.

Outside America

What will occur in France on the equal community? In Europe Ionity, already nicely established in France on fundamental roads and particularly on motorways, has not been billing per minute for a number of months. Otherwise, at 0.79 euros per unit at full price, the invoice would have been 120 euros. Do you assume that’s a lot?

It is true that if the recharge vary had been lowered to 20-80% to eradicate regeneration occasions at minimal capability, the quantity to be paid would have been lowered by a number of tens of euros. Now, at Ionity, this corresponds to 0.69 euros per kWh. Is it good for a potential GMC Hummer EV driver? No manner. Because the American YouTuber’s state of affairs would cost 212 x 0.69 = 146.28 euros to breed. Except for working a tri-standard 50 kW terminal at 0.39 EUR per unit, i.e. a full tank at 82.68 EUR. It should be lengthy.

Our EV

Another resolution: go for the Ionity Passport formulation, with a minimal dedication of 1 12 months with a month-to-month subscription of 17.99 euros. In this case, for full power provide at 74.20 euros, the excessive electrical energy tariff drops to 0.35 per kilowatt hour.

What about alternating present?

In a home socket, calculating energy of the order of three kW, 212 kW hours shall be delivered on paper in about 3 days. This is longer, however shorter than in the US the place the house community is 120 V. With them, it takes twice as lengthy. At EDF’s blue tariff (together with tax of 0.1740 euros per kWh), totally recharging the pack directly prices solely 36.89 euros.

The GMC Hummer EV can get energy station mills, which have a double curiosity: to produce as much as 6 kW of electrical energy at 240 V (V2L/V2D) to different EVs or numerous electrical shoppers, and a most of 19.2 kW of AC recharge to equip the machine from one. Barring harm, it can give us 11 hours of ready. That’s a lot greater than a Renault Zoé, however not in comparison with a automobile geared up with a 64 kWh battery that solely carries a 7 kW charger.

Hummer EV charging

In Paris, in Belieb’s community taken over by TotalEnergies, guests pay 1.90 euros per hour together with quarterly tax for 22 kW AC. It’s 83.60 euros for a 0-100% recharge. For residents who’ve subscribed to a subscription at 7 euros per 12 months, the unit turns into 1.70 euros or 74.80 euros in full.

2 situations in the province

In Vendée, a non-subscriber shall be billed 47.64 euros (212 x 0.22 to which 1 euro is added for guests), at a SyDEV AC terminal with a most energy of 17 kW, growing the connection time by about 90 minutes.

And on the MobiVE community, in New Aquitaine? Here, billing is by the minute. For fee-for-service customers, we have now a price of 0.099 euros per unit. For 11 am, this provides us 65.34 euros. When paying by bank card, a ceiling of fifty euros applies. Be conscious, nevertheless, that if 2 automobiles are linked collectively, the charging capability is split by 2. Which, for a per minute price, will increase to a full 130.68 euros in roaming.

By subscribing to the service for 18 euros per 12 months and connecting at evening, we get the bottom figures of those 3 networks. Minutes are lowered to 0.066 euros, 50% much less between 11am and 6am the subsequent day (7pm slot). So we have now an optimum of seven hours at 0.033 euros per unit (13.86 euros) with 4 hours added at 0.066 per minute (15.84 euros), a complete of 29.70 euros. Cheaper than at house, until 2 automobiles are linked to the identical terminal (59.40 euros).

These simulations don’t think about any roaming prices and glued contracts between operators.

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