‘Cracolândia Cat’ in a letter asked to see 1 year old girl on Mother’s Day; The Secretariat vetoed Kovid’s visit to an immunized child Sao Paulo

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The girl is 1 year and 6 months old, but cannot see her mother at the Franco da Rocha Women’s Penitentiary in Greater Sao Paulo because she has not been vaccinated against covid. According to the Department of Penitentiary Administration’s (SAP) resolution, those who enter their prisons must show proof of immunization against the disease.

Since children between the ages of 0 and 5 cannot receive the vaccine because they are outside the National Immunization Program (PNI), Lauren is unable to see her daughter. The two were separated on July 27, 2021, when a 19-year-old man was arrested during a police operation to fight trafficking in Caracolandia.

This area of ​​downtown Sao Paulo is known for its illicit drug dealing by drug dealers and their use by users. Lorraine was charged with drug trafficking with her boyfriend, who is still in prison. He is not the father of his daughter, who came from a previous relationship.

May 17th is going to be 20 years, Lorraine wrote a letter at their request. g1To express how he feels about his absence due to the arrest of his daughter and the security measures imposed by the SAP due to the coronavirus epidemic.

“Help us regain the right to have our children in our hands,” Loren wrote this Saturday (6th) from the Franco da Rocha Penitentiary in Greater Sao Paulo. “It’s an excruciating pain For us and our family members, because in addition to being temporarily in prison, we can’t see our children. “

‘Mother’s Day Eve …’

Lorraine wrote a letter saying she wanted to help her daughter be able to see again – Photo: Reproduction / Revelation

The letter was first delivered to his mother, specifically before the report arrived. (See full above). In it, Loren draws the government’s attention to the plight of prisoners who, like her, have children under the age of 5 who are not yet vaccinated. And because they do not have an immunization card, they are prevented from seeing their parents.

After dating the first of two notebook sheets, Lorraine wrote that on this “Mother’s Day …”, she was “thinking” what word to use to “describe” something so complex and so simple at the same time. For mom’s “love”.

“It’s as if we’ve disappeared from their lives overnight, not even saying goodbye,” said the digital influencer in one of the two notebooks penned. “The shortage of vaccines for children aged 0 to 5 years is severe in our country, The vast majority of the prison population has children at that age. Measures need to be taken in case of vaccination. Not just for us, but for them, for the good of all. “

“The lack of immunization in early childhood is unacceptable. At least it is not necessary that we can live peacefully with our children, that is the only way we can be with them on our visit here. Family ties are essential, something so important and often invisible to society It’s clear to those who live, feel, know and perceive, “wrote Lorraine.

Defense wants to go to court to see the girl

Lauren Bauer holds daughter in family archive photo; Beside this, the letter that the influencer wrote that the biggest gift he could get this year would be to hug the baby again – Photo: Publishing / Private Archive

Wanted by g1, The Penitentiary Administration portfolio did not take a position until the last update of this report. Prisoners, staff and spectators do not have to wear masks in the unit where he is being held in Franco da Rocha. Use of virus protection is optional.

“It will be the greatest gift of all of us this year: our children can come back to live in our embrace.” According to him, the “experience” by imprisoned mothers and their children is “complete homelessness.”

Lawyer Patricia CarvalhoThe man who defended Lorraine reported that SAP refused to respond to requests that his client visit his daughter in prison or even see her via video conference, with the possibility of going to court to obtain it being studied.

The defense wants to make a request that its client be given the legal rights granted to prisoners in the Constitution of Children and Adolescents (ECA) so that children, regardless of age, will be able to take their children into prison.

“The authorities must reconsider, and more importantly, the problem of children under the age of 5 who are not yet vaccinated because children are being prevented from staying with their parents. Children have the right to be with their parents for a few hours,” Patricia said.

“Parents are already captives, that is, children are already deprived of paternal or maternal coexistence. I believe that the Department of Punishment should review this issue and urgently prioritize this issue because children need this coexistence. With parents.” Said the defense.

Case 1: Convicted of trafficking

Campaign against drug trafficking in the Krakowland region in 2021 – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

On April 11 this year, Lorraine was tried and sentenced by a judge to five years in prison for drug trafficking. Also, he will have to pay a fine of R $ 50 thousand. In the process, he was arrested for the first time on June 30, 2021 in Cracowlandia.

His defense will appeal against the decision to try to reduce the time of execution of the sentence and the time of payment of the fine. The young woman has denied the crime.

On that occasion, in 2021, the military police accused him of hiding drugs in his underwear. Loren denied the allegations at the time. Subsequently, her arrest was converted into house arrest because she had a nine-month-old daughter. Even then he continues to answer for the crime.

The request to convert the arrest in Flagrant delicto into house arrest was based on a 2018 agreement reached by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to provide benefits to detainees who are pregnant or mothers of 12-year-old children who have not been convicted.

But since Loren was re-arrested by police last year for failing to provide benefits, the house arrest he was entitled to was revoked and the student went to a general prison.

Procedure 2: Accused of criminal organization

Exclusive image shows a police operation that arrested a young man in Cracowland.

Lorraine is also facing charges from a criminal organization. He is in conflict with 22 other accused. During Operation Coronet, civil police photographed and photographed suspected drug traffickers in a tent in Cracowlandia. The court has not yet set a date for another hearing.

Influential and her boyfriend, Andre Luis Santos Almeida, Known as “China”, was seen at the scene, according to the investigation, to sell drugs. Obtained by Exclusive Image FantasticShow from TV Globo Couples are selling drugs in the area, according to the Ministry of Public Works (See above).

The two were arrested on July 22, 2021, after being identified by civil police as traffickers. Police arrested the student and her boyfriend from the house where she was staying with her daughter in Baruiri in the metropolitan area.

They were accused of keeping Crack, marijuana, ecstasy and perfume launcher According to police at the property, Loren and Andre stockpiled drugs at a hotel in Rua Helvetia, Krakowland. And they helped supply drugs to other hotels. In one backpack, there were 85 cannabis, 295 cocaine and eight cracks. Also found were 97 bottles of perfume launcher and 16 Ecstasy pills and R $ 750 cash.

The judge has already denied two of Lorraine’s previous pleas in the case: one under house arrest and the other for freedom.

The g1 Unable to identify Andre’s defense for comment until the last update of this report. He was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison for open trafficking.

Police report shows Loren in a tent in Cracowlandia – Photo: Reproduction

In February of this year, the court acquitted Lorraine of one of the drug trafficking charges against him. The judge realized that there was no evidence that he was being trafficked.

The young woman was allegedly arrested by police officers on July 27, 2021, where she hid a backpack with drugs. According to agents, he said he hid about 420 kilograms of the drug in Rua Helvetia, in Krakowland, in downtown Sao Paulo.

In November 2021, Lorraine refused to appear in court to indicate to police where the drugs were found. And said the seized drugs are not his. ”

Video: Find 'Cracolândia Cat'

Video: Find ‘Cracolândia Cat’

Despite the acquittal, he cannot be released because he is still responding to two other processes. If convicted, Lauren could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

He is currently held hostage by Franco da Rocha. Andreo is in jail on the same charges.

Prior to his arrest, he played the role of Low Bower on social media to more than 50,000 of his Instagram followers. The MP alleged that the luxurious life he showed in the pictures and videos helped in smuggling.

Brother: He is ‘involved with the wrong people’.

Romero, from Lorraine Cutie’s Bauer, is known as the “Cat of Cricolandia”. – Photo: Playback / Instagram

Loren’s brother posted a video on a social network on July 23 saying that the young woman “Involved with the wrong people “and” family will not go over their heads “ His (Watch the video above)

Lorruam Bauer said he was “You pay for what you do.”

According to police, Loren’s father was shot dead in an attempted robbery in 2014, disrupting the family.

Video: The brother of 'Cracolandia Cat' says that he has always had a dignified life

Video: The brother of ‘Cracolandia Cat’ says that he has always had a dignified life

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