Cowherd: 49ers QB Trey Lance checks everything but one of my boxes

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Colin Cowherd loves Trey Lance. He feels the San Francisco 49ers quarterback could have a successful NFL career, especially working with head coach Kyle Shanahan. Cowherd believes that Lance looks everything except one of his boxes when it comes to the production of a successful passenger.

What are Cowherd’s four points in reviewing the quarterback in the modern NFL? The first is size. Cowherd believes the 6-foot-4, 225-pounds Lance achieves this.

“A big, strong kid,” Cowherd said in a statement, The Herd.

The second is the ability to run.

“Check it out,” Cowherd said. “It could not be Kyler Murray, but he could move.”

Third is humanity.

“I met him – check,” Cowherd said. “A wise son, a good son.”

What is the fourth box to be examined — the one that worries the Shepherd? That would be correct.

“He’s not a good football player,” Cowherd said. “Neither is Philip Rivers. He should not be, in the order of Kyle Shanahan, Drew Brees. But he could not be Cam Newton. Matt Stafford’s final percentage is 63. He won the Super Bowl. Josh Allen and [62.3]. You’ve got to get there. That’s right.

“Right now, he is [57.7 percent]. Again, he is not a good ball thrower. That’s not all, the end-all. Kyler Murray, for me, throws the most beautiful ball in the league. Philip Rivers threw the worst. Peyton Manning didn’t throw a pretty ball. That is, to me, a problem.

“Three out of four boxes, not just supervised, are above average. He’s bigger than you should be. He’s faster than you should be. His personality is great. A bright kid. That’s not it. [the issue]. But the right thing … it’s all the right box. And under Kyle Shanahan, you don’t have to be Drew Brees or Kirk Cousins [to succeed]. ”

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