Covid: Cities in Greater BiH extend vaccination to 3- and 4-year-olds – Gerais

Municipalities in the metropolitan space of ​​BiH unfold vaccination towards COVID-19 (Photo: Leandro Currie/EM/DA Press)

As of final week, some municipalities in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte, together with the capital of Minas Gerais, are increasing vaccination towards COVID-19 to all kids ages 3 and 4, no matter immunosuppression.

The growth comes after the Minas Gerais State Health Department (SES-MG) final Wednesday (7/20) started distributing new doses of CoronaVac to vaccinate kids of this age. See which cities have already got doses out there:


Last Monday (twenty fifth), the City Hall of Betim prolonged vaccination towards COVID-19 to all kids between the ages of 4 and 3, no matter immunosuppression.

Vaccinations might be administered at ten Basic Health Units (BHUs) in the town from 8 am to 5 pm: Alcides Braz, Alterosa, Angola, Citrolndia, Homero Gil, Icaivera, Laranjeiras, Petrovale, PTB and Vianpolis.

This Monday (25), eight doses had been administered at Vacimovel, which completely caters to kids aged 4 and 3 years, and 38 doses had been administered at ten UBS.

Remember that in vaccination, the kid have to be accompanied by a mum or dad or guardian, who should current an identification doc in addition to the kid’s paperwork: id card and vaccination card.

If he’s accompanied by a 3rd social gathering, he should current a vaccination authorization type signed by a mum or dad or guardian. This time period might be accessed on the City Hall portal.


In Contagem, the vaccination towards COVID-19 for kids aged 3 and 4 years began final Monday (25). However, it’s meant for individuals with extreme main immunodeficiency.

In order to vaccinate the kid, in addition to the vaccination card, the kid and the guardian should current an id card, id card. If the kid is accompanied by a 3rd individual, she or he should current a written consent type by an individual over the age of 18.

Vaccinations shall be administered on the following items from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM:

For all guests: UBS Sesc. For kids aged 3 to 11: UBS Bernardo Monteiro; UBS Maria da Concio; UBS Linda Vista; UBS Santa Helena; Beach UBS; UBS Nova Boa Vista; UBS Tourist Park; UBS So Joachim; UBS Arpoador; UBS Jardim Lagoon; UBS Villa Prola; UBS Darcy Ribeiro; UBS So Judas Tadeu; UBS Petrolandia I; UBS Ilda Efignia; UBS Joaquim Mourinho; UBS Amazonas and CSU Eldorado.

Ribeiro das Neves

Like Contagem and Betim, Ribeiro das Neves additionally began the method of vaccinating kids of this age on Monday (25) from 9am to 4pm.

In order to vaccinate the kid towards covid-19, the accountable individual wants to current proof of cohabitation by means of a medical report, prescription, discharge abstract and many others. Apart from CPF and/or SUS card; Photo doc or delivery certificates and child booklet.

Vaccination Site:

UBS Barcelona, ​​Rua Claudio Daniel, No. 220 – Barcelona; UBS Seville BI, Rua Monte Carmelo, No. 311- Seville B; UBS Florence, Av. Ida Jubelin, 840 – Florence; UBR Arlete, Rua Antnio Faustino, nº 61 – Bairro Rosana (primary unit of Sade Dona Clara); UBR Raimundo Firmo (Venice), Rua Pedrolina Amncio, 484 – Venice; UBR Francisco Torres (Maria Helena), Rua Santo Incio de Loyola, 397 – Maria Helena; UBR Expedito Monteiro (Jardim de Al), Rua Suau, 358 – Jardim de Al; ESF Santa Martinha II, Rua Jorge Eustquio da Silva, 235 – Santa Martinha; ESF San Genaro, Rua Venina Pereira Veiga, 234 – San Genaro; ESF Vereda, Rua Padre Geraldo Magela, nº 21 – Vereda; ESF So Jos 1, Rua Rosngela, nº 197 – So Jos; ESF Pedra Branca I, Rua Vinte e Nove, nº 55 – Pedra Branca; ESF Menezes, Rua Tancredo de Almeida Neves, 1061 – Menezes; ESF Areias I, Rua So Lucas, 173 – Areias; ESF So Miguel, Rua Mírio Costa Ferreira, 131 – So Janúrio; ESF Nova Pampulha I, Rua Hum, 577 – Conjunto Nova Pampulha and PSF Luar da Pampulha, R. So Mateus, 257 – Luar Pampulha.

Services with touring teams, from 9 am to 3 pm: ESF Pedra Branca (solely Monday, 07/25), Rua 42, quantity 23 – Pedra Branca; ESF Maria Helena (solely Tuesday, 07/26), Rua São João Batista, quantity 3 – Maria Helena; Metropolitan ESF (solely Wednesday, 07/27), Rua Mariana, 120 – Bairro Fazenda Castro; ESF Vale das Accias (solely Thursday, 07/28), Rua Alameda dos Eucaliptos, 37 – Vale das Accias and ESF Fazenda Castro (solely Friday, 07/29), Rua Marechal Floriano Peixoto, 18 – Bairro Making Castro.

Santa Luzia

In Santa Luzia, vaccination began this Tuesday (26). Vaccines can be found at sure primary well being items relying on the day of the week.

Children have to be accompanied by a mum or dad or authorized guardian. If this isn’t attainable, an grownup should accompany the kid, with an authorization signed by a mum or dad and a replica of the id doc of the individual signing the authorization.

A vaccination card and a doc are additionally required from the kid. Children aged 3 and 4 years shall be vaccinated between 9 am and 4 pm. The second dose must be administered 28 days after the primary.

Immunization shall be administered on the following primary well being items:

Monday: UBS Bom Destino – UBS Pinhes – UBS Crrego – UBS Tia Lita – UBS Londrina – UBS Via Colgio;

Tuesday: UBS Nossa Senhora das Graas – UBS Industrial Americano – UBS Nova Conquista – UBS Baronesa – UBS So Cosme;

Wednesday: UBS Address in Rio – UBS Bom Jesus – UBS Celso Diana – UBS Luxembourg – UBS Alto So Cosm;

Thursday: UBS So Geraldo – UBS Cristina – UBS Duquesa – UBS Virgin of the Poor – UBS Freemisa;

Friday: UBS Santa Rita – UBS Bonanza – UBS SESC – UBS Carib – UBS Jabaquara – UBS Vale das Accias.


The Sabah municipality additionally started increasing vaccination of 3- and 4-yr-previous kids on Monday (25). Immunizations are being carried out on the Centro Administrativo Prefeito Hlio Geraldo de Aquino, Rua Marqus de Sapuca, 317, Centro and the Basic Health Unit (UBS).

Children should current, on the vaccination website, an official identification doc together with photograph or delivery certificates, CPF, proof of residence and vaccination card.

Check vaccination places and timings in the town:

Monday by means of Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.: Administrative Center Prefeito Hlio Geraldo de Aquino | Rua Marqus de Sapuca, 317, heart.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8am to 2pm: UBS CAIC – Rua Diamantina, s/nº, Nossa Senhora de Ftima neighborhood; UBS Ftima II – Rua Sacramento, s/n°; UBS General – Rua Rio Grande do Sul, 12; UBS Km 14 – BR-381, no., Borba Gato – (31) 3691-1016; UBS Novo Alvorada – Av. Aparecida do Norte, 25 – (31) 3672-9540; UBS Ravenna | Rua Cndido Lcio Ferreira Pinto, Boa Vista neighborhood – (31) 3672-3704.

Tuesday and Thursday, from 8 am to 2 pm: UBS Roa Grande – Rua Santana, 545 – Roa Grande.

Thursday, 8am to 2pm: UBS Castanheiras – Rua Catarina de Freitas, 220.

Some cities like Igarup, Nova Lima, Ibirit and Belo Horizonte have already began vaccinating kids as younger as three years previous.

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