COVID-19: Children’s vaccinations must be scheduled in João Pessoa; View location – Polémia Paraíba

The municipality of João Pessoa continues to vaccinate all teams, together with youngsters aged three and 4, in opposition to Covid-19 this Monday (25). Also from this date, immunizers from the producer Coronavac will be supplied at ten reference well being items for individuals who must take the second dose of this vaccine. Other immunizations are often given in all well being providers delivered in the municipal community.

With this group, the Municipal Health Department goals to ensure help and keep away from the wastage of immunobiologicals supplied by the Unified Health System (SUS), in addition to avoiding congestion in providers.

It was outlined that the appointment was solely needed for youngsters aged 4 years who have been to obtain their first dose of immunizing agent; For these already three years previous, the vaccine is disclosed just for these with comorbidities or disabilities and no appointment is required for this group.

Schedules can be made by means of the Vacina JP app or the web site beginning this Sunday (24) at 7 p.m. At the time of vaccination, vaccination card, SUS card or CPF, proof of residence and a report or card for youngsters with comorbidities or disabilities are additionally required, proving that they belong to this precedence group.

“It is essential that, every so often, dad and mom carry youngsters’s vaccination playing cards in order that the doc is up to date with further time. The Ministry of Health has already registered and permitted the municipalities that routine vaccines can be administered concurrently with the immunizing agent that protects in opposition to Covid-19″, famous Fernando Virgolino, Head of the Immunization Department of João Pessoa.

Documentation Required – Children aged three to 11 must carry a SUS card or CPF and proof of residency in João Pessoa. Children who’ve comorbidities or disabilities must additionally submit a medical report or assertion that proves the illness. For the second dose, it’s essential to current the vaccination card and photograph doc.

To obtain the primary dose of vaccine from the age of 12, an official doc with a photograph, SUS card, CPF and proof of residence in João Pessoa must be offered. For D2, D3 and D4, a private doc with a vaccination card and a photograph is required in addition to documentary proof for well being employees and a medical report for immunosuppressed sufferers.

Reference web site for 2nd dose with Coronavac Immunizer:

Hours: 8 AM to 11 AM and 12 PM to 4 PM

Health District I:

USF Cruz Das Armas i
USF Green and Life
Health District II:

USF adjustments lives
USF Health Station
Health District III:

USF Nova Alliance
USF Rosa de Fatima
Health District IV:

USF Alto do Siu Integrated
USF Cordão Encarnado II
Health District V:

USF Banking
USF Besa
Vaccination heart for different vaccinators:

Children 3 years and older with comorbidities or disabilities (no appointment required)

1st dose: Coronavac
– Polyclinics (Mandakaru, Christo, Mangabeira and Prius) – 8am to 4pm
– Mangabera Shopping (Pedestrian) – 1pm to 4pm

Children above 4 years (by appointment)
1st dose: Coronavac
– Polyclinics (Mandakaru, Christo, Mangabeira and Prius) – 8am to 4pm
– Mangabera Shopping (Pedestrian) – 1pm to 4pm

Children above 5 years (no appointment)
1st dose: Pfizer
2nd dose: Pfizer (60 days)
– Polyclinics (Mandakaru, Christo, Mangabeira and Prius) – 8am to 4pm
– Municipal Immunization Center (Tower) – 8 am to 4 pm

Children 6 to 11 years (no appointment)
1st dose Coronavac
2nd dose: Coronavac (28 days)
– Immunization room at USFs* – 8 am to 11 am
– Mangabera Shopping (Pedestrian) – 1pm to 4pm

From 12 years of age (no appointment)
1st dose: 12+
2nd dose: Janssen, Coronavac (28 days), AstraZeneca (90 days) and Pfizer (60 days)
third dose: 12+ (120 days after 2nd dose); immunosuppressed (28 days after 2nd dose); and healthcare employees (120 days after 2nd dose)
4th dose: Immunosuppressed (120 days after third dose)
– Immunization room at USFs* – 8 am to 11 am
– Ivan Cantisani Gymnasium (Tambia) – 8am to 12pm
– Mangabera Shopping (Drive and Pedestrian) – 1pm to 10pm

40 years and from well being employees (third dose after 120 days)
4th dose: 40+ and healthcare employees (no appointment)
– Immunization room at USFs* – 8 am to 11 am
– Mangabera Shopping (Drive and Pedestrian) – 1pm to 10pm

*Excluding USF (Timbo I, Timbo II, Tower, Jardim Miramar I, Jardim Planalto, Tito Silva and Bessa).


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