Cougars UNAM vs. Sounders, review: Seattle one small step

The Seattle Sounders traveled to Mexico City to meet the Pumas UNAM in the first leg of the Concacaf Champions League and came home with amazing graphics. After going down 2-0, the Sounders received two second penalties to respond to their opponents and build the game, 2-2. The two penalties, which were severely suspended requiring a VAR interview to be mentioned, sounded like poetry justice. The Pumas opened the scoring on a soft penalty – although it could not be reversed regardless of the way they called it out on the pitch – in the 38th minute. One of the rescuers came to the rescue, but Frei was convicted of leaving his line early and the follow-up was released.

The Pumas increased their lead early in the second half, when several defensive threats left an open passer to send the ball inside. Yeimar jumped but made a mistake, and Juan Dinenno got up and steered the ball to defend his goals. Seattle continued to push, but seemed to have lost their chances as soon as they finished Pumas’ second goal as Raúl Ruidíaz looked forward to the goal but his shot was defensive on the line. No matter, in 73 Ruidíaz forced his defender into the right hand ball and Nico Lodeiro climbed up to the point of danger. After practicing the player’s magic, Lodeiro smashed his penalty into the side netting, hitting ‘the player even though he took a finger. In the middle of the suspension, Cristian Roldan was pushed into the penalty area and the judge looked at the video and called a second PK for Sounders. Lodeiro also came up with this and left undoubtedly when he swung the ball over GK as the game passed the time he was given the first 6.

10 minutes after the end of the rules, the referee blew the whistle to complete the first leg and sent the two teams back to Seattle 2-2. Another dangerous exchange began between the players after they had blown a regular whistle, the main goal being seen as a continuation of the words shared between Lodeiro and the Pumas player during and after both penalties.

Obviously the pair have a lot more to look forward to next week. The Sounders have a week of rest and preparation before taking the Pumas to Lumen Field, with the opportunity to raise the CCL trophy in front of all of us.

11′- The Pumas approached the Sounders area, but Yeimar passed his time and controlled the ball before the actual accident.

16 ‘- The Sounders keep the ball going hard, but it comes to an end as Jordan Morris gets on the ball to the right and releases the shross that comes out.

26 ‘- Xavier Arreaga took action to challenge the shooter but missed, which led to Stefan Frei’s unbeaten shot as he jumped into the corner.

35 ‘- After a free kick, Stefan Frei saves the shot but is convicted of leaving his line early. Juan Dinenno scored on a rebound. 1-0 Groups

40 ‘- On the other hand, Alex Roldan pulls a free ball around the edge of the box to make a handball, and a Nico Lodeiro shot saves well.

45 ‘+ 5 Sounders are able to restore their livelihood, and Lodeiro sends a cross to the back post. Raúl Ruidíaz directs the ball to João Paulo, whose shot has passed through the bar.

48′- Dinenno doubles forward with a strong header. The cross is sent from the left of the Sounders without pressure, and the end is solid. 2-0

50 ‘- The Sounders almost respond immediately, as Jordan Morris’ head goes off. A few seconds later Ruidíaz sees the goal but his shot is kept in the corner.

73 ‘- Ruidíaz draws a ball by hand. After a bit of VAR, Lodeiro climbs onto the spot. The wolf reaches by hand, but Lodeiro beats him! 2-1

90 ‘+ 7 – Cristian Roldan was pushed into the penalty area by the defender, giving Lodeiro a second chance from there. Lodeiro hits it in the net! Sounds great! 2-2

CONCACAF grinder: The Black & Red United’s Jason Anderson said, “The CONCACAF Champions League is an artificial intelligence machine.” And anger does. CCL, as so many competitions in the community are, is a grinder that disturbs you physically, mentally, emotionally, in any way you can think of as broken. Opponents, venues and administrators are crushing you and tearing you to pieces with what is left of the evil pile of the former football team, but the Sounders have shown themselves to be a chance to have it as any team in the region. Against the Pumas, like any other team they have met in CCL so far, they are often the team that causes the outrage.

Magical times: More than a handful of Sounders seem to be on the verge of extinction when the game arrives at the hour. Nico Lodeiro was having a hard time touching and struggling to do things that often make him seem as easy as breathing. Player after player failed to show their style at a time when it was so important. Then Raúl Ruidíaz, whose shot in the box was Seattle’s best chance so far, handed down the penalty and Lodeiro did what he was used to doing from then on. And then he did it again! Even if things do not go well, or the players are not doing well, the team and the players still run out of magic moments, and they also need less if they want to raise the CCL trophy on. Lumen Field next week.

Image in History: You’ve heard it before. Whether it was Garth Lagerwey, or me, or Jeremiah Oshan, Dave Clark, or any other person on the web or in the world television, you heard that this is our history. Opportunity to put Seattle Freaking Sounders in record books. Becoming the first MLS team to win the Concacaf Champions League. It is true, and we are close to one step. There are 90 – or 100 left, as the game showed – minutes left to play. Or maybe 120, or penalties, I can’t predict the future. But they should be played at home. Seattle managed the business in the first leg, returning from 2-0 to the level of the game and making the job easier next Wednesday: win, and you become immortal. The Sounders – we – just need to win, and live forever in history and write books like the first. Making history is a habit of Seattle Sounders. Whether they are young or First Team is in their blood. So let’s make another story.

Missing a penalty? Nico Lodeiro would not.

56.6% – The Sounders won 56.6% of duels against the Pumas.



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