Cortez calms storms, Aggies is back to pick up the list from State, 9-6

Game # 48: Pa. 10 Texas A&M 9, Mississippi State 6
Notes: Texas A&M (32-16, 16-10), Mississippi State (25-26, 9-17)
WP: Chris Cortez (5-2)
LP: Kohn Peak (2-2)
Box Score

Some of the 6,094 at Blue Bell Park could be worried as Texas A&M fell four times Saturday afternoon.

Sending a message to worrywarts is easy: Hold on.

Trevor Werner has one.

Jamie Maury, TexAgs

Trevor Werner finished 2-for-4 with two runs and three RBI on Saturday.

He has struggled with a broken bone in his left arm since the beginning of March but he managed to catch the home run twice as No. 10 Aggies (32-16, 16-10) set the baseball record for the 9-6 Southeastern Conference at Mississippi State (25-26, 9-17).

Werner also awarded one of the RBI’s eight-time winning streak.

“The past few weeks have been a bit of a struggle, honestly,” Werner said. “My grip strength decreased slightly. I talked to the instructor (Jim Schlossnagle) about my slightest movement. ono.

“But he is, like, ‘That will change your flexibility. You have to relax, and let it do its job.’

Werner certainly did.

Likewise Dylan Rock, who also ran twice at home, was Chris Cortez (5-2), who made five strong innings in support of founder Wyatt Tucker.

The Aggies go to the intensive care unit on Sunday afternoon. What’s going on shows that he has to come from behind to win the third game.

A&M made a 7-3 draw Friday night to win 8-7. Last week, the Aggies trailed 9-0 but won 13-12 in South Carolina.

This time, the Aggies fell 4-0 after a shot was fired Wyatt Tucker dropped three times in the second inning and ran home only a third. Aggies also followed 5-2 in the fifth.

“These guys… They work hard. They do not go out alone. He just keeps playing. It’s a wonderful team to have. ”

– A&M head coach Jim Schlossnagle

“Once you get used to playing in the back, you’re not scared,” said Schlossnagle, who jokingly said Aggies sees four opponents save the pitches. “These guys… They work hard. They do not go out alone. He just keeps playing. It’s a wonderful team to have. ”

The Aggies began their return to the bottom of the third Rock-out, two-run blast.

But he probably did not finish the meeting if not because of Cortez.

The right-hander always hits 98 mph with his running ball, but more importantly, it was useful with his running circles.

Cortez only conceded four hits, hit five and did not make his long trip this season.

“He had a broken ball,” Schlossnagle said. “He throws the fastest ball down the pitch all the time, but he didn’t match his running game.

“These days, he has thrown a running game to destroy … several times the residual change. This is a big sign for us if they start to have confidence in the game.”

Mississippi State pitchers Preston Johnson, Jackson Fristoe and Pico Kohn were not very sharp.

The former Bulldogs Johnson – who stopped running at home to Rock – also handed two Werner rifles in the fifth inning.

Jack Moss tore up two Fristoe rips to give A&M a 6-5 lead in the seventh.

Jamie Maury, TexAgs

Cortez conceded just one run in five games to win his fifth win of the year.

However, Mississippi State left-handed 6-foot-6, 235-pounds Brad Cumbest led the way in the top eight and ran home to make a 6-6 tie.

“I left it up in the middle a little bit,” Cortez said. “That guy (Cumbest) is a strong man. I took his pitcher, and he pulled it out. I think I didn’t miss much more than one word. I don’t think much of it. Just get to the next batter.”

Under the inning, Brett Minnich pulled the lead to Kohn (2-2). Troy Claunch sang, and Ryan Targac followed with a double lead.

Jordan Thompson raised the sacrificial fly, and Werner released his RBI song to give Cortez a full ninth support.

Ho-humu. Another shortcoming. Another success.

“This is just about the size of the team; the group of guys we have, “said Werner.” (We could not) battle. “


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