Corpus Christi in Kurtiba? See where you can have fun for the kids

For parents of children, every holiday is the same: how can they be entertained? For them, the expectation of at least one day without classes and the likelihood of getting out of the routine with games and walks increases. To help you explore quality programming during this long Corpus Christi vacation, we’ve compiled a list of activities designed specifically for young children.

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Arena Games

Jardim das Américas Mall will allow everyone to play in analog or digital mode from Thursday (16) to Sunday (19). Arena games will have a significant menu of board games and virtual reality at their disposal for children, teens and why not adults. In partnership with Alcapao Jogos, the event takes place at the Food Court from 2pm to 8pm.

Available for all ages, board games can be accessed for free. Just register on the spot. Among the toys found are Forbidden Island, Alchemist, Photosynthesis and Euphoria. For those interested in technology, virtual reality games cost R $ 5. Participation goals are over 11 years old and last five to ten minutes. Kids will be able to have fun with Richie’s Planck Experience, Beat Saber, Epic Roller Coaster, Eleven (Ping Pong) and Star Wars – Vader Immortal.

Shopping Jardim Das Americas Jardim Das America is located at Avenida Nosa Senhora de Lords, 63. The phone is (41) 3366 5885.

The largest inflated bathtub in Brazil

Want to impress kids? Shopping Istaco also decided to inflate a huge bathtub in Banhera dos Patinhos Park, the largest in the country. The town has an unprecedented attraction, with huge replicas of ducks and calluses, a bounce house, a vertical maze and an instagramous space with giant objects.

Tickets for the giant bathtub cost R $ 35. Only 12-year-olds can play at the attraction, which is open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 10am, and Sundays from 11am to 10am. At Mall’s Event Square, L1.

For parents who want to see their children have more fun at a lower cost, Fun Passport offers discounts on the main children’s attractions offered by Estação. With a single ticket, children can enjoy Banhera dos Patinhos, Magic Unicorn, Kids Park, Go Kids Car, Trenzinho and VR360. At R $ 110 (original price R $ 175, but the mall offers a 35% discount), the guaranteed package includes parking. The passport can be purchased through the purchasing assistant, via WhatsApp, at (41) 98869-3105 or through the link. Tickets can be used from Monday to Friday except holidays. The passport is valid till June 30.

Shopping Istacao is located at Rebokas’ Avenida Sete de Setembro, 2775.

Natural flight

It’s a program that parents enjoy more than their children – if not more. Helicopter flights over Curitiba have returned after a two-year suspension due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Flights are operated by Helisul Aviação and flights are on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., taking off from the helipad at Park Barrigui.

At least three passengers are required to enjoy the trip. The flight lasts eight to nine minutes and the tourist points selected for the flight are Tangua and Tinggui Park, Paolo Leminsky Quarry and Wire Opera House, Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Civic Center, Panoramic Tower and Barigui. The park boarding and landing process is accompanied by a specialized professional who guides and coordinates the passengers.

Tickets are also being sold on the website and directly on the helipad. The flight costs R $ 450 and if purchased on site can be paid in ten installments. The park is located at Avenida Candido Hartmann, S / N, in Barigui Bigorilho.

Free children’s arraia

Next Saturday (18), it’s the children’s square dance dance and June game turn of the common game abuse. Shopping Curitiba is a free program featuring an area specially designed for children.

Fishing and hoops, elegant mail, dancing, makeup dressing room, parade and a cardboard redneck guitar workshop will be available for kids from 2 to 6 p.m. The program also includes performances by the band Tupi Perere, along with a collection of songs from the Sওo Joao festival.

Square dances and parades are held from 3 to 4 p.m. To participate in the workshop, you must complete a registration 30 minutes in advance. The presentation of Tupi Perer started at 5 pm.

Shopping Curitiba is located at Rua Brigadeiro Franco, 2300, Centro. For more information, call (41) 3026 1000.

“Stick” tent

If the kids really like pets, Park Shopping Boulevard has the best schedule for this holiday. This Thursday (16) the mall’s Araila also begins, with traditional common food and a pet party, including the right to a “lambeizos” tent.

Admission is free and the party is held in the central square of the mall. Until June 26, always from 3pm, live gangs occur. Families are invited to wear traditional clothing and bring their pets.

Kids will still have access to Sao Joao makeup and fishing. For adults, elegant mail will work the old-fashioned way.

Park Shopping Boulevard is located at Linha Verde, BR-116, 13303, Xaxim. Admission is free (general meals are sold at stalls set up in Central Square).

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