Contamination at the ExxonMobil wasteland in Frontignan: a massive rehabilitation project begins

The Mobil wasteland rehabilitation website in Frontignon opened its doorways on Tuesday 15 November forward of the begin of operations in December.

If, throughout work, about forty vans from Monday to Thursday, which move by the entrance to the Mobil de Frontignon wasteland to empty the land marked by hydrocarbons in the direction of Bellegarde, it’s relatively bipeds which have crossed the safety barrier. Tuesday 15 November.

Inspection of presentation and clarification

The website of the previous refinery, demolished in 1991, has in reality been opened for pre-construction inspections in addition to interpretation by ExxonMobil. In the morning, the elected officers of the metropolis, DRIAL (Regional Department for Environment, Planning and Housing) and representatives of the state, particularly sub-prefect Emmanuel Darmon, addressed the press. In the afternoon, for residents.

165,000 m3 of excavated earth

The concept was to current this project to as many individuals as attainable “large” As described by Harvey de Graef, Esso SAF’s Environmental Manager. The problem is actually, daunting. and easy in its presentation. It’s a query of digging 4 to five meters deep over an space of ​​eleven hectares to take away the land that is too wealthy in hydrocarbons, then filling all of it in with wholesome materials. 165,000 m in all3 The land, contaminated or not, might be mined. Easy to say. onerous to do

A check to droop the process

That is why between September 2020 and March 2021, Esso SAF carried out a check operation at the website to learn how to handle this rehabilitation project that, a few years in the past, gave rise to the city corridor and a few authorized passes in between. ExxonMobil Group. With the expertise gained, the first mechanical shovels could be placed on related units for testing from mid-December. however large

The world’s largest inflatable tent!

Thus the giant inflatable tent with destructive strain – in order that odors can’t escape – is 90 meters 35 by 120 by 50. “For comparability, we might save a hundred buses there.”, commented Hervé de Graef. This construction, constructed particularly for the occasion in Canada (making it the largest tent in the world), will home the Excavator Carousel. The air there might be filtered by a particular plant. A therapy unit can even purify water pumped from the basement – 80 m3 Approximately each hour – and can reject it in the pond of La Perade.

Excavation takes 4 to 6 weeks per space

The world might be led to a different tent, a strong one, organized there. Either to be reused as underlayer, or despatched to the Bellegarde storage and reprocessing website. Extracted materials the place there isn’t a doubt of contamination will move instantly from the inflatable tent to this particular place in the guard. Then as soon as the space coated by the inflatable tent has been handled – a interval of 4 to 6 weeks – this infrastructure might be moved throughout the website.

“It takes about an hour to relocate. That’s the entire level of this inflatable system.”Remy Muth defined, Technical Director of Seche Eco Services, the firm that received the contract. “The longest one lastly assembles all the concrete blocks and removes the air air purifier”.

Specially formed “nostril”.

Alongside this massive project, the City of Frontignon, Esso SAF and Atmo Occitani (in cost of steady air high quality monitoring) have launched a community of noses to detect any studies of attainable odors by native residents. and implementing corrective actions. Twelve persons are at present being skilled to very particular specs. Because regardless of all precautions, smoke could stay. Especially when digging in the open air the place tents can’t be pitched. Logically, these ought to solely be on Tramontana days.

Cost of €50 million

Between February 2026 and the scheduled finish of the work, this tent might be moved seventeen instances. This will contain the relocation over time of different models required for this website, which accommodates roughly forty staff per day. Its whole price, excluding taxes, is estimated at 50 million euros. “Come take duty and pay the full invoice”Commented by Harvey de Graef.

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