Concerns of pediatricians who end up taking care of sick children

  • Nathalia Passarinho – passnpassariinho
  • From BBC News Brazil in London

Credit, Sinara Carneiro

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Manuela, 1 year and 8 months old, was able to spend the last two weeks of her life in a house surrounded by her parents, grandparents and other relatives, instead of waiting for death in the ICU.

Emotional doctors and nurses said goodbye to Manuela, who was wearing a blue and pink robe with a bow on her head, and was released from the hospital that day after being hospitalized for several months. A mixture of joy and sadness on the faces of the attendants. It was a different high.

Manuela, 1 year and 8 months old, was on her way home to spend her last days surrounded by her parents and grandparents. Before he dies the whole family, his little house and toys will be seen again.

“The pediatric team was all there and the ICU staff came out to see him. Even those who were outside the hospital went there to take a picture with him and say goodbye. We were very emotional. His life, however, was beautiful because we knew he was his. “She is leaving to take care of the family,” Cinara Carneiro, a pediatric intensive care specialist, told BBC News Brazil.

Carneiro works with public health systems (SUS) and palliative care in a private hospital. She is dedicated to caring for children with serious illnesses or health conditions that may not last long. The mission is to ensure that the child’s longevity can be optimal – so that he receives unique attention, affection, experience and pain.

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