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23.07 OUR LIFETIME from Italy-Chile ends right here. Thanks for following us and good night time everybody!

23.06 The success of Bertolucci’s boys: the sport on the ice from the first half and the second half of administration. Now go to the challenges with France and Portugal.


1’06 “The punishment of Italy.

2’25 ”Marquez scores with a strong shot from distance: 8-3.

4’30 ”Chile tries to recuperate shortly, however Italy folds properly.

6’35 ”It is Italy that is aware of and is thrilling: dominating in all instructions.

8’25 “ANOTHER START FOR ITALY! Double from Gavioli who replaces the Chilean purpose.

9’20 “Penalty that Fernandez misses.

9’23 “Banini’s foul on Fernandez himself is a blue card. Punishment for the South Americans.

9’57” Fernandez was left on the floor after a tough battle.

11’57 ”Chile and Fernandez take benefit of the penalty: blue card for Malagoli.

11’57 ”Ball to the left and proper: there are a number of errors.

13’35 “The finish of time known as Bertolucci.

14’15 “Part of the match, Italy manages an incredible alternative.

16’00 ”Another thrilling likelihood is missed by the Chileans.

18’00 “ITALY GOOD! Davide Gavioli joined the celebration.

19’25 “Wrong penalty from Chile.

19’40 “The Blues proceed to assault regardless of getting the higher of it.

21’07 “Veronaaaaaaiah !!” Veriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiah! 21 “VERONAAAAAAA

22’41 “Gnata comes very near scoring!

24’06 “Fernandez instantly shot from the middle: parried Zampoli.

22.20 The two groups return to the discipline.

0’0″ The first half ends at 5-1 Italy. Alessandro Bertolucci’s boys rule. Goals from Ambrosio and objectives from Compagno, Malagoli and Verona determined.

1’42 ”Chile seems sturdy in the purpose and tries to assault strongly.

3’12” Short Chile! Amazing work by Marquez who places it beneath Zampoli’s legs.

4’17” ITALY DOESN’T STOP ANYMORE!!! It’s 5-0!! Alessandro Verona is launched by Ipinazar, avoids the participant and places it into the internet.



7’03 “The penalty of Italy.

7’06 “One phrase from Italy: Chile solely thinks of defending itself.

8’08” Second time to South America.

10’00 ”Malagon hits the submit! What an opportunity for the Azzurri.

10’37 ”Timeout requested by Alessandro Bertolucci.

10’37 ”Rojas notes! likelihood of 1-2 in favor of Chile.

11’17 “Persistent motion by Italy and in the finish Compagno makes a mistake.

12’24 “An element of the sport with many distractions on account of errors: Italy should keep away from pointless interventions.

13’03 “Second foul by Italy: this time Malagoli.

13’46 “A really quick ball from Italy, however Chile is doing properly.

14’47 “It’s time to ask Chile: Rodrigo Quintanilla desires to clear the thoughts of his boys.

16’30 “An excellent run, however Italy controls this chance: Chile doesn’t discover offensive solutions.

18’32 “GOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! FEDERICO AMBROSIO GOOD!!!! Quick restart, dry shot and Martin Martinez is overwhelmed!

18’45 “Zampoli once more! This time Marquez had tried.

20’45 “Zampoli saves Italy! What a save for Fernandez Fernandez who hits with a positive shot.

21’15 “Good shot by Cocco: good goalkeeper from Chile.

21’45 ”Chile now tries to take motion, however Italy defends itself with a plan, leaving few areas and attempting to recuperate shortly.

23’30 “GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Ambrosio receives a penalty denied by Martin Martinez, then coolly sits down and finds him.

23’40 “Italian penalty.

23’50” What a save from the Chilean participant on Gnata’s try.

LET’S GO! Football in Chile.

21.30 The blues is sung and shouts “Italy!”. Now nearly every part is prepared.

21.29 Now our music, the Song of Mameli, the music of the Italians!

21.28 It begins with the Chilean music.

21.27 The teams are about to enter the parquet and have already been introduced by the speaker.

21.23 Portugal are reigning world champions and are favorites to show it once more. The blues should attempt to be a free cannon.

21.19 The blues of Alessandro Bertolucci are included in the metallic group with France and Portugal in addition to Chile. It is vital to win the first sport to open the approach and play to qualify for the transalpines.

9.15pm Good night mates of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Chile, the Azzurri’s first sport in the 2022 World Hockey Championship in San Juan.

World Cup favourites

Good night mates of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE Italy-Chile, the Azzurri began the World Rink Hockey Championship in 2022 in San Juan (Argentina).

It’s the first time you possibly can’t miss the Azzurri who’re going through a comfortable opponent earlier than France and Portugal are harmful. In explicit, the Lusitania dominates the world’s elite and could be very tough to alter.

Men of Alessandro Bertolucci they should take duty for “free mines”. Cocco, Ambrosio, Verona and their associates have all the {qualifications} to have the ability to symbolize the component of discontinuity that explodes in the “pre-written” occasions of the World Cup, however to do that instantly will probably be essential to be on the ball.

OA Sport provides you LIVE from Italy-Chile from 9.30 pm, the first Azzurri in the 2022 Rink Hockey World Championship in San Juan (Argentina). Good enjoyable!

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