Compare boat insurance and get tour answer


Compare boat insurance for a motor yacht, a sailing boat or a sloop, and calculate a competitive premium? You can do that here….click, and take out your water sports insurance immediately.

You can read this more often on sites about “the cheapest boat insurance”
But is it really that simple….

The question is perhaps more correct: is it really responsible to take out such a pleasure craft insurance policy?

Depremie works exclusively with the major renowned pleasure craft insurers with expertise. So you always take out good insurance here with sound conditions.
However, in order to properly insure a ship, we advise you to also carefully compare the policy conditions. After all, your vessel represents a considerable value.
The conditions for water sports insurance can also differ considerably. Calculate the premium for your recreational craft insurance, but make a critical comparison of the conditions. You can do that in one go at Depremie Comparer. You can then take out your water sports insurance with peace of mind.

Yacht insurance or sailboat insurance, of course also at Depremie
Consumers generally take more time for boat insurance than for insurance for household contents or car. Sailing is often a beloved hobby and we believe that a good water sports insurance is part of that. However, insuring a boat, or rather properly insuring a boat, is not that simple. Many providers and many (stunt) premiums do not make it any easier for you. However, comparing boat insurance has now been made a lot easier. You can compare and calculate as much as you want at the premium comparison tool. And do you have any questions before taking out your pleasure craft insurance? Then feel free to ask them via Ask your question.

By the way, an extensive collection of policy conditions for boat insurance can be found here.

Your boat insurance, which covers are there?
You can opt for different types of insurance at Depremie in order to achieve customization as much as possible:

WA-Full Airframe.
Which form of cover is most suitable for your ship depends of course on many circumstances. You should think of the year of construction, the (current) value of the vessel, the use, etc. In contrast to car insurance, cover against third-party liability is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. If you cause damage to people or goods with your boat, the financial consequences can be particularly great. In addition, many marinas DO make liability insurance for your boat mandatory; otherwise no membership and/or berth. In this context, we would also like to point out that many insurers where your private liability insurance (AVP) is placed, sometimes also offer cover for damage caused by a vessel. Often, however, this is limited to simple boats such as a canoe, a rowing boat and a sailboard. Sometimes small sailing boats are also included. It is therefore important to check this carefully. You can always ask us for advice.


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