Communists oppose allowing children to choose ‘pronouns of choice’

Most Americans believe that allowing children to choose a “pronoun of choice” that does not match their biological gender will only confuse them, according to new research.

Researchers at the Harvard Center for American Political Studies and Harris Poll conducted a survey in May that asked more than 1,900 registered voters whether or not children should choose to use “she,” “she,” or “they.” Contact for your gender.

About six out of 10 respondents (59%) said that children should be “named according to their gender”.

Forty-one percent of respondents believe that “children should be able to choose their pronouns.” Sixty-one percent of Democrats, 56 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34, and 53 percent of respondents who live in an urban area say the same thing.

Republicans (77%) and independents (64%) believe that children should be referred by their biological gender. Most male (60%) and female (59%) respondents agree.

The study further asked whether allowing children to choose their pronouns was a measure that “prevents discrimination against transgender students” or “additional measures that make children more confused about their gender.”

A strong majority – 60% – believe that the pronoun of choice is an “extra measure that makes children more confused about their gender”. Another 40% believe that using the pronoun of children’s choice “prevents discrimination”.

Parents (59%) and non-parents (58%) agree that children should be named according to their biological gender.

While most respondents said they thought teachers should be able to use the pronouns of their choice for their students, 63% of respondents said they should use their discretion in classroom pronouns.

According to the survey, most Democrats (56%) and respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 (54%) said teachers should be forced to use pronouns that children say they want, in the pain of losing their jobs, according to the poll.

About 27% of respondents think it should be classified as “invalid discrimination” for not using someone’s chosen pronoun, while 73% said it should not be considered “invalid”.

The survey was conducted online among 1,963 registered voters in the United States from May 18 to 19, 2022. The results were age-weighted to match gender, region, race / ethnicity, marital status, family size, income, employment, education, political party and political ideology, to match their actual proportions of the population where needed.

Fight for justice

Far from being fictional, the use of biological gender pronouns for trans-identified people – referred to by the LGBT community as “dead naming” – has led to legal battles for many Christians, especially those with academic careers.

A federal judge last month granted a temporary injunction in the case of a Kansas teacher who is suing his school district for a policy requiring teachers to use the names and surnames of trans-identified student preferences and withholding those preferences from parents.

U.S. District Judge Holly Titter granted a restraining order to Fort Riley Middle School teacher Pamela Ricard, which prevented her from disciplining Gary County Schools Unified School District 475 Trans for failing to specify a student’s preferred name and surname. – Familiar students. Parents “in the regular course of their duties.”

In April, a Christian professor in Ohio who complained that Ohio University officials threatened to punish him for refusing to use a pronoun of a trans-identified student’s choice was given a 400,000 settlement and given the right to refrain from using it. Your faith.

Last fall, a Pennsylvania university threatened disciplinary action against students who “abused” pronouns, including “gender error, pronoun abuse, and dead names.”

In 2018, a school board in Virginia fired Peter Wlaming for refusing to use a pronoun of choice for a trans-identified student. Following his dismissal, a large group of West Point High School students walked out in protest of the teacher’s dismissal. Vlaming filed a lawsuit against the West Point School Board in October 2019.

In 2021, another teacher was fired in Loudoun County, Virginia, after concerns were raised at a school board meeting about a proposed policy that already requires teachers to use the pronouns of their trans-identified students’ preferences. A judge has ordered that the teacher’s stay be revoked and the Virginia Supreme Court has rejected the school district’s appeal.

With information from Lilia Barros, Christian Today

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