Comment: Why the division of FIFA and EA Sports would be a very expensive mistake

What was written in 2021, happened in 2022: EA Sports and FIFA did not agree.

Admittedly, divorce is friendly. There will be one game (FIFA 23) and then the two teams will go differently. EA Sports will keep the game, FIFA will keep the name. But then what happened?

EA Sports has moved for the first time, announcing the launch of the ‘EA Sports FC’ brand, where its future games will be released. It was also quick to answer a question that immediately came to the minds of every concerned player: Will they be able to use the real names of clubs and players?

The press release from CEO Andrew Wilson mentions EA Sports’ many “partners” in the first, second and fifth paragraphs of his five paragraphs, before naming the aforementioned individuals who swear allegiance to him.

One by one, the Premier League, La Liga in Spain, the German Bundesliga, UEFA Europe and the federation of South America CONMEBOL have pledged allegiance to EA Sports FC. The message was received and understood.

Two hours later, FIFA responded, rather than satisfactorily.

The governing body of world football has announced that it has “changed” its game rights, that it has a new “unprecedented” game in preparation for the final quarter of the World Cup before this year and that it is “working with publishers, studio and funders.” 2024 trial ”.

“I can assure you,” FIFA President Gianni Infantino said, “that the only real, real-life game with FIFA’s name on it would be the best for football players and fans. FIFA is the only world name, the first. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26 and so on – always the name of FIFA and it will last forever and it will be the BEST. “

They usually have a few words that are offered to bring out.

Let’s start with the “unpredictable game”. And please note that this is a “game”, for most.

FIFA said it was “launching a new game in 2022 and 2023”.

The word “unpredictable” suggests that this will not be a ‘Be a football player’, nor will it be a ‘Be a football player’ game. But what else can you do under the FIFA flag?

Are we talking about the unfairly judged Minecraft construction game, where you have to build as many stadiums in the desert as you can, while migrant workers die as hard as you can? It may be a game-changer, whose goal is to destroy the best competition by launching a four-team disaster that was a disaster during the 1982 final in Spain. We wait with crushed air.

Infantino’s belief that just owning the word ‘FIFA’ is a guarantee of success in the fast-paced gaming market is astounding.

This is probably the most difficult challenge to express to people who are anxious or sincerely believe, which causes fear in a number of groups. Had he been the president of Ferrari and all the workers had left and all the factories had been burned and all the plans lost, would they also believe that Ferrari would last forever and remain the best?

It is unlikely that Infantino is aware of the existence of such a division.

Someone must have told him how the Eidos publisher broke up with Sports Interactive, a development company behind the Championship Manager list in 2003. Eidos retained the name, Sports Interactive kept the database and match engine – the main components of the game.

It was not a peaceful division with anger to this day.

This was in the era of Facebook and Twitter, and the breakup was not known by many players.

Both teams released their own games and Eidos had a well-known chance. But their Championship Manager 5 was so full of bugs that it was unplayable for release. Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2005 was very high.

Even with no social networking site, it did not take long for players to discover games that were worth their money.

It Took the Football Manager years steady, steady growth, but now it is the strongest in the industry, with the Championship Manager ceasing to make.

The advantage of Eidos in this battle, which many customers are unaware that this was not their favorite game, is being denied to FIFA now due to the proliferation of internet in the last 48 hours.

And that’s why we came up with something interesting: The release of the “new experimental new theme for 2024”.

Let us be clear that competition is good. EA Sports’ polished and popular series can also participate. His constant focus on game purchases has caused concern and some players see it as not providing much progress from one brand to another.

But competition in this market is fierce.

The Japanese company Konami found out last year that it was a difficult release for its ‘eFootball’, the next generation of Pro-Evolution Soccer (PES).

Konami has been in the video game business since 1978, the PES series began in 2001 and sold over 100 million units in its various formats. His ‘eFootball’ was a great way to try to tackle the dominance of EA Sports and free games. Konami had the resources, expertise and knowledge, and his new game was modified for release.

What does FIFA bring to the party that Konami did not do? Except for the visible magical powers of his name?

FIFA’s best option would be to partner with a regular broadcaster – someone like 2K, who makes the NBA and PGA Tour auspicious. But while this type of company may have difficulty forming multiple units, the data and quality assurance (QA) in time to be released in 2024.

Although the issue of the breakdown is still ongoing, many people think it is due to a dispute over how to distribute the money. EA believes it is making one-third of its $ 5.6 billion annual revenue from the game alone, and FIFA appears to be looking for a much smaller share.

When the EA reported on the split in last October, the author erroneously predicted that FIFA should be insane in the future to close the supply chain.

But that is exactly what it has done now.

FIFA’s only sponsor was the threat of making its own game and EA called it a bluff.

Considering the cost, everything and time, in building a new game license, this can be a very expensive mistake.

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