College football transfer portal: Placing 10 unsuspecting players after the deadline

Pittsburgh senior receptionist Jordan Addison became the recipient the best player available at the college football exchange market on Tuesday where his name appeared on the wall after winning the Biletnikoff Award for the second time in a row with the Panthers. Although Sunday marked the deadline for players to submit their current schools with written notice to enter the portal, schools had two more days to complete the request, which is why Addison’s name did not appear immediately.

While many coaches have a strong idea right now about how their schedule will look in the future, there are some uncertainties on the portal who are trying their best. Sunday may be the last day of entry, but there is no deadline to transfer players to the new program.

There are various reasons why players may be on the portal at this time in the calendar. Some must have learned in the spring that the process of visiting time could be easier elsewhere. Some may realize that they do not participate in new, direct or indirect coaches. Some have problems that they can do to overcome, while others may just think seriously about their options.

So even though most of the top transfer games have already done so, here is a look at the top 10 transfer games following the last day of Sunday.

1. Jordan Addison, WR

Old School: Pittsburgh

The noise around Addison indicates that USC is the destination of the Pittsburgh star. Addison grabbed 100 1,593 yards and 17 touchdowns in 2021 and will be a player wherever he is. He is already receiving his debut in the 2023 NFL mock drafts and will have more opportunities to earn his NIL rights while playing what could be his last college football season.

Old School: USC

McCoy is a 6-foot-3 target who held 21 runs for 236 yards and two touchdowns at USC in the abbreviated 2020 season. He missed the 2021 season after being arrested on domestic violence charges which were later dropped. McCoy should be strongly encouraged to reach for the five-star award he enjoyed as the top player in the 2019 recruiting class.

Old School: Michigan State

Crouch could face obstacles in his quest for fitness after moving from Tennessee to Michigan State in 2021. But the first 100-year-old prospect could play out. He scored 75 Spartans games, plus two sacks, in 10 games last season. Not only do they have to be the host of all the meetings, but they can help a good team.

Old School: Vanderbilt

Johnson grabbed 124 passes for 1,233 yards and 10 touchdowns in 36 appearances over four years at Vanderbilt. The 6-foot rider has been present several times in the last two years but has also experienced many repetitions in the past during his career. Commodores has not done much in his work, and Johnson was the team’s successor in 2020.

Old School: Louisiana

McCaskill received honors from the second All-Sun Belt team in 2021 as well as the third team honors in 2020 as a leader in the defense of the Louisiana program that made history 23-2 at the time. Assuming he has reached somewhere, this will be the sixth season of Detroit native college football as well as old college equipment.

Old School: Baylor

With Blake Shapen on the line to replace Baylor defender, Bohannon is on the move after helping the Bears lead to the Big 12 title and the Sugar Bowl victory as a long-time champion in 2021. He completed 62.9% of his victory with 18 touchdowns and seven innings. during his redshirt junior campaign and could be a regular modern soldier on a program that needs a quarterback.

Old School: oklahoma

Jackson only took five appearances in 45 yards in two appearances as the new season-watching man. But the old four-star prospect was in the top flight of talent at OU and is expected to spread its wings to a new location. He was No. 17 were selected as recipients in the 2021 class, according to the 247Sports Composite.

Florida QB Emory Jones dropped 19 TDs last season.


Old School: Florida

Jones waited in the wings to get a chance in Florida, but things did not go as planned when he joined the starting line-up last season. Now entering his fifth season of college football, Jones will try again in the new system. With a strong arm and good mobility, it can be a lifeline for the team that is needed.

Old School: Texas State

Childress has played a major role in Texas State High School for the past two seasons, raising 135 tackles and nine strokes in 24 games. Don’t be surprised to watch this fall and see it launch the Power Five program.

Old School: Florida

Del Rio-Wilson was a four-star prospect and also saw No. 17 quarterback in class 2021 and 247Sports Composite. He faced a major battle to play in Florida after the change of coating for the Gators from Dan Mullen to Billy Napier. They can easily jump off cliffs and face countless time-consuming distractions wherever they go. But he does have some advantages and a lot of time to get the share ready before it expires.

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