CNMP launches national campaign to prevent missing children in partnership with Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (SBP)

Posted 5/2/22 5:26 pm

In collaboration with the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (SBP), Councilor Otavio Luiz Rodrেসguez Jr. presided over the National Council of Fundamental Rights (CDDF) Committee for the Defense Fund (CFD). On Wednesday, April 27, a live, open to the public, was broadcast on SBP’s YouTube and Facebook channels. The initiative aims to guide and direct pediatricians and families through a series of recommendations that can help reduce the number of missing children and prevent other incidents from happening.

Currently, 35% of missing persons in Brazil are children and adolescents between the ages of 0 and 17 (Source: Sinalid 2022). Worldwide, 1.2 million children go missing each year. In Brazil, there are about 50,000 children whose addresses are unknown today (source: ONU, 2019 and CFM, 2018). Causes of missing children and adolescents include torture, slave labor, illegal adoption, organ removal and more.

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Prosecutors were also present, including the coordinator for human rights and minorities at the Rio de Janeiro State Public Ministry (MP / RJ), an associate member of the CDDF, and a member of the management committee of the National System of Location and Identification. Missing (Sinalid), Alien de Lima Pereira; President of the SBP, Louisiana Rodriguez Silva; And Lucy Pfeiffer, secretary of the SBP’s Security Scientific Division (DC). The broadcast also featured a speech by SBP Secretary General Sidney Ferreira; Marco Antonio Chavez, president of DC Security; And MP / RJ server Andre Luiz Sosa Cruz, a member of the Sinalid Management Committee, associated with the CDDF.

During the inauguration, Louisiana Rodriguez Silva noted that the entity’s goal is not only to systematically update pediatricians, but also to focus on issues affecting public policy and children and adolescents. “We know they are important because they are the future of our country. For this reason, we are very careful about all the social problems, inequalities and violence that can affect this age group. We need pediatricians, families and children to educate themselves to protect themselves from the risk of disappearance, “he said.

The importance of pediatricians

To alert pediatricians, Sydney Ferreira warns of what steps need to be taken in health units. He noted that the professional must integrate with the workplace administration and request documents regularly when creating service bulletins. “If the child arrives with their partner without documentation, the administration must identify the parents and guardians and alert the police authorities and the parent council about the case,” he stressed.

Also, experts advise that pediatricians should always see patients as they may be missing children and adolescents. According to Sidney Ferreira, when examining them, it is necessary to observe the patient outside of the complaint explained during counseling, pay attention to the behavior and pay attention to possible cracks, wounds and other symptoms that indicate that the child is suffering from some form of violence.

CSM Children's Card 2c4bf60df3Violence

Inter-family and virtual violence can be one of the reasons for the disappearance. The statement was made by Marco Antonio Chavez Gammar, who presented data from the Ministry of Health, indicating that by 2020, more than 91,000 children and adolescents had been victims of physical or sexual violence. Pediatricians warn that this scenario is inconsistent with Brazilian reality, and that the under-reported violence makes thousands of victims disappear.

“Children who are born into a violent family understand that this is a habitual way of life. Many suffer and do not feel that it is enough to awaken the love of their parents, even to the point of self-harm. In some cases, these children find a way out of their lives by leaving home or committing suicide, “he explained.

The pediatrician warned about the situation of the first introduction of the virtual world and how many children and adolescents are in this environment without the supervision of adults. As a result, they reveal their personal and family life on social media, talk to strangers and become more vulnerable to people with different psychopaths and vague interests. In this situation, disappearances may occur due to information obtained on the Internet, cyber bullying and the convenience of kidnapping through virtual crime.

During the broadcast, experts also addressed the following issues: the Brazilian scenario of disappearances and violence against children and adolescents; Difficulty disclosing to public bodies; Form of resistance; Among others.


One of the issues raised during the transition was the lack of knowledge of family and society and how this scenario favors the disappearance of children and adolescents. As part of the “Missing Children” campaign, SBP has developed ten basic guidelines aimed at increasing the access of parents and guardians to quality information on the subject.

Among the highlighted guidelines, SBP recommends: create an identity card (RG or passport) in childhood; Regular supervision of children by a responsible adult; Do not delegate childcare to another child or adolescent; And don’t wait 24 hours to report missing.

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With information and pictures from SBP.

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