Clowns perform for children in Rio for free

Rio Arenas Jovelina Perola Negra, Pavunate, Abellardo Barbosa, Pedra de Guaratibate, Lona Cultural Municipality Elza Osborne, Campo Grande and Lona Cultural Municipality Terra, Guadalupe, 6, 12, 18 and 24 May Gramelos – The Show.

The initiative comes from Rio City Hall, through the Municipal Department of Culture, and the Carioca Culture Promotion Program (FOCA). The project is a perception of Circo do Rio Produções Artisticas.

Gramelos – The Show It is a combination of “Cara de Pau” Churumelo and “Avikendrik” Palhaco Grasinhar. Dramatic in the form of a circus cabaret, the show features a myriad of skills, musical instruments, comic magic and dance, where the two clowns specialize in a feud for the best. Display Of the world.

The project arranges circus workshops with juggling and comic magic methods, as well as a circus parade with the Churumelo circus band through four cultural venues. Tickets must be collected half an hour before the event. Classification is free for all ages.

Its staging Gramelos – The Show It was based on the ideas of Jaques Lecoq and Teatro Físico, and according to the information received from the organizers, was “Brazilian” with the strategy of suburban karyoka. Humor used by Clown Grassinha and Churumelo is physical and verbal. In it, speech enhances gestures and legitimizes the cunning of a clown who always wants to retreat, that is, to deceive others.

The costumes follow the traditional concept of traditional circus stage magicians, with hints and features of modern cloning, aimed at highlighting the failures of the great lunatics. The scenes are created with a simple screen, in the same color palette as the costumes, the natural objects of comic magic that are amazingly displayed during the show.

Initially, the song was played by a band consisting of three musicians and two clowns. Presentation time, fast-paced mistakes and success driven Display.

The story

Two Shows Circus performers arrive in town at the same time, scheduled for the same time, at the same local circus. The best clowns in the world find they need to share their rings. Conflict is created. Who will be the best? Clowns perform their challenging numbers and discover that they can loot Display Colleague

Children act as judges. They will decide who will leave the courtyard with the award for the best event. The search for perfection shows the public how foolish man is when he wants to “win life.” Humanity and challenge show how beautiful it is to be who you are and to accept yourself as human and fragile. In the end everyone is together. The show is directed by Daniel Poitivin.

Renato Garcia is the creator of Clown Grassinhar. Acting in the cultural scene since 2010, as an actor, clown and cultural producer, he has participated in more than 20 plays on the national and international circuits. He was a theater teacher at the NGO Ecoa – Teatro Social from 2012 to 2014. He is an art and theater teacher for students from kindergarten to fifth grade at Colégio GAU and the circus-theater of Escola Municipal Mario Crowe. Currently, he coordinates the Gemma da Alegria project for hospital clowns, where he is the artistic director. He also works as a clown in a hospital for children and adolescents with special needs.

Creator of Tiago Carva Clown Churumelo. Small entrepreneurs, are formed Design From the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, and from the Escola Lever de Palhaco (Eslipa) in Clown. In 2013, he founded Churumelo Circus, a company dedicated to circus services, workshops, ShowsMultiplying circus language, lectures for events, groups and schools with the main purpose. He is also the founder of Carva Estúdio, a company DesignLeader in creating visual arts projects in the Rio Circus area.

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