Clayton Kershaw was impressed with the break-up of the Los Angeles Dodgers history

LOS ANGELES – A sold-out crowd erupted after Clayton Kershaw recorded a 2,697-day regular strike in the fourth inning, breaking a Los Angeles Dodger record that Don Sutton held for 50 years.

A video of the event shone on Dodger Stadium video footage, and the noise of 52,613 fans grew. The game was suspended, and Kershaw – well-known, popular and very consistent in his early days – broke down.

He lifted his hat, rubbed his chest against the rubber, walked behind the hill, raised his hat, and then gathered himself before continuing his journey.

“It’s special,” Kershaw said after making another solid move in the Dodgers’ 5-1 loss to the Detroit Tigers. “I didn’t expect it. I understand that the Dodgers are a historic franchise and have been around for a long time, so the guys on the list I had a chance to pass were great. But I didn’t. Know that fans know or care very honestly. “It was so cool. I tried to wipe it off and kept going, but it wouldn’t let me. It really meant a lot.”

Sutton, Hall of Famer, who died in January 2021, represented the Dodgers for the last time in 1988 and has ruled the show since then. resulted in his work reaching 2,700. Only 25 others have reached that mark.

Kershaw beat Dustin Garneau on a twist to tie Sutton for the second time from the third inning, which resulted in a short stop. Later, with only one unbeaten run, he set a new mark by making the first Tigers man Spencer Torkelson pass through the 0-2 slider – a word that Kershaw made earlier in his career that set him apart. He recorded two more innings, then raised his hat when he noticed another third port.

After Kershaw finished the top half of the sixth half, Dogers leader Dave Robert approached him to “enjoy this.”

He was glad to see Kershaw already.

“It’s just a growth,” Roberts said as he watched Kershaw acknowledge the crowd in the middle of his start. “I think he understands that you can get out of your mind to start thinking again. He’s done it more often than recently, and I think that’s a good thing. This was a special time, obviously, for him, but fans. I’ve been with him on this trip.

Three-time Cy Young Award winner, Kershaw leads all Dodgers players in a baseball-Reference victory at the top of the standings in third place, fourth in victory and fifth in innings. Since the era of live football in 1920, he boasts a low ERA (2.49) low (2.49) and WHIP (1.00) among pitcher starters with at least 1,500 innings.

And at 34 he is still as good as ever.

Kershaw, who did not participate in last year’s postseason due to a hamstring strain and did not pick up the ball until January, did not make his debut until 20 inning in 2022. His ERA dropped to 2.35, and he has scored 30 times in his first four games of the season for the fifth season. during his 15-year career. In four other cases, Kershaw did not finish worse than a fifth in a vote for Cy Young.

“I don’t want to just stop,” said Kershaw, who returned to the Dodgers on a one-year deal, $ 17 million. “This is not my goal, to go on. I have no interest in traveling just to be there. I want to be here to support a team that can win the World Series. This is what I want to do. well this season, but there is a long way to go. “


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