Classical music and ballet to entertain the kids on the weekends

Two charitable projects, two entertainment options for children. One of them is Ballet Parisopolis, a social project offering free ballet and dance classes to 200 children in the Paraisopolis community this weekend. Tucca Pela Música aims to raise funds for an association that cares for children with cancer. The orchestra’s performance, targeting the whole family, has returned to the income committee.

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Parisopolis Ballet

Ballet Parisopolis, a social project that offers free ballet and dance classes to 200 children and adolescents in the Parisopolis community, celebrates 10 years with a presentation on ballet relaunch paquita And a suite inspired by the first work Sleeping Beauty. The institution will have 50 students on stage – the presentations introduce the project’s semi-professional dance troupe.

Cesc Santo Amaro. Rua Amador Bueno, 505. Sat. (14), 6 p.m., and the sun. (15), 17 h. Free (tickets can be collected one hour before the show at the box office). 70 minutes. Free.

Classical music for children in Sala Sao Paulo

The Music for the Association for Children and Adolescents with Cancer (TUKKA) project, a return to income for children undergoing treatment for cancer, contains monthly presentations. Showtime next weekend. Scholarship or popular?, A musical journey that mixes popular songs with the pundit universe Cartola, Candeia, Beethoven, Vivaldi and Rossini Symphonyeta are in the collection edited by Tucca Fortíssima. João Maurício Galindo, conductor of Orquestra Brasil Jazz Symphony in the state of Sওo Paulo, is directing and directing the music. Juan Alba and Jean William are on the cast of the show, which will feature CIA dancers Isaac Suarez and Thais Lima. Dance La Dance. Choreographed by Gisele Belt.

Sao Paulo Room. Former Julio Prestes, 16, Campos Eliseos. Sat. (14), 11 a.m. Tickets from R $ 50. 60 minutes. 3 years.

2POR4 with Grupo Esparrama

A fun scene game between two inexperienced clown maestro and a classic string quartet. At the Grupo Esparrama show, during a competition to determine who will be the best conductor of the day, candidates demonstrate their musical “skills” and present the instrument and sound characteristics of a string quartet in a fun way.

Cesc Epiranga. Rua Bom Pastor, 822. 15 May and 15 June, Sunday at 11 a.m. R $ 25 (complete). Free.

Dear Kafka

Children’s game by Cia. Inspired by a real-life episode of the panoramic theater elevator Franz Kafka (1883-1924), the starting point of the novel. Kafka and travel dolls. The episode relates to Kafka’s encounter with a girl who lost her doll and cried. To reassure him, he discovers that the doll will not be lost, but on the trip, and introduces himself as the “doll postman.” Since then, he has written many letters to the child, describing all the adventures of the doll, living in all corners of the globe.

Sesc Bom Retiro. Al Nathman, 185. May 15 to June 16. Sunday, 4 p.m. BRL 25 (complete). Free. Recommended for ages 4+.

Educational activities at the Sao Paulo Energy Museum

The Sao Paulo Energy Museum (Mesp) will promote fun activities and experiments to arouse the curiosity of children and families about the theme of nature and energy production. Experimentoteca promotes thought-provoking experiments in physics with experiences such as home-made compasses, piles of potatoes and rocket launches to show the multiplicity of science and to show how there are many fields of small discoveries. Content provided by the museum.

Exterior of the Energy Museum. Alameda Nothman, 184, Champs Elyses. May 14 at 10:30 a.m. Free, no registration required. Recommended for 4 years.

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