Civil police have completed an investigation into sexual offenses against children in Pomerod

A preventive detention was requested for the man, who will be tried. If convicted, the sentence could range from 36 to 40 years in prison.

An investigation into a case of rape of a vulnerable person and pedophilia registered in Pomeroy was completed in February this year. At the time, Pomerod’s civil police arrested a man responsible for various sexual offenses against children in the town.

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This Tuesday, May 10, the Civil Police held a press conference, detailing the information obtained at the conclusion of the investigation of the case. The interview took place at Bloomnau, where representative Antonio Godoi disclosed information obtained through the investigation.

According to the correspondent, on February 15, a suspect approached the prime minister, grabbed a girl by the arm and tried to lure her to his residence. The girl was frightened, told her parents, called the prime minister, who rounded up the writer and sent him to the police station.

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The duty adviser then passed the law on the charge of kidnapping for obscene purposes. When he was arrested, the civil police requested that the man’s cell phone be confiscated, which the judge granted. With the confiscated cell phone, history was consulted and then, there were indications that this type of crime may contain important information.

The suspect was released, wearing an electronic anklet and, through cell phone data extraction, found strong signs of abuse by his nieces, aged seven, 10 and 12, as well as child pornography. An arrest warrant and search and seizure warrant were requested at a person’s home and several items were found there, probably used to attract children.

“Since then, the investigation has followed three paths. The first was the representation of sharing material with Brazilian police detectives, to be used as evidence in other crimes, if there was any indication of its use. The second route was the installation of a police investigation to investigate domestic sexual abuse, special testimony from children, the opinion of a police psychologist and a report on the investigation material. The sexual harassment of the three sisters has been confirmed and family members have been heard twice. In this case, he will be charged with raping a vulnerable person. The third and final method relates to child abuse. Since the man sold videos of victims and nieces, he should also be charged with creating, offering, exchanging and storing child pornography, “the representative counted.

Three requests were made for preventive detention from these methods and together, the sentence could reach 36 to 40 years.

Authorities also highlighted the way some children were attracted through gaming applications and social networks, allowing pedophiles to approach their victims. Therefore, parents need to be always present and pay attention to the supervision of their children on the Internet and cell phones.

Remember the case

On February 25, Pomerod Civil Police arrested a man responsible for a number of sexual offenses against vulnerable individuals, including the production, distribution and storage of media involving rape, juvenile corruption, explicit sex with children or scenes of pornography.

The investigation began weeks ago, when the man was arrested for trying to abduct a child for pornography. According to correspondent Antonio Godoi, he tried to take the child by the hand to his home. However, he managed to escape and informed his parents, who called the military police.

Depending on the nature of the crime and the man’s history, his cell phone was confiscated by a Pomerod representative, and after the judge approved a breach of privacy, evidence was skillfully found that he was involved in multiple sexual offenses, involving minors.

Police also discovered that he was sexually abusing his three nieces, all under the age of 12. In view of the seriousness of the crime, in addition to the search and seizure, a preventive arrest warrant was requested against the author, which was accepted by the judiciary. He has already been arrested and will be sent to the Blumenau Regional Jail.

The man has been arrested and the child has been identified, according to the law. She already had a criminal history, answering for three weak rapes. However, he was released after a court hearing in custody using an electronic anklet.

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