Civil police are investigating allegations of child abuse at a private day care center in Canoas.

Civil police are investigating allegations of abuse against a teacher at the Anjos e Marmanjos Child Education School in the Rio Branco neighborhood of Canos. According to a report from the Municipal Police Department for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (DPCA), there are professional cursed and threatened children in the organization’s cafeteria.

05/06/2022 Eskolinha Anjos e Marmanjos
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Although physical aggression has not yet been discussed, the allegation is considered serious, according to Pablo Rocha, DPCA’s acting representative in Canos. Audios sent by a neighbor to the school revealed the lack of staff care while caring for the children.

“The audios have reached the civil police and we are treating the case as abusive, deserving of all seriousness. The person who is always cursing and shouting, it is not possible to work with young children between the ages of 2 and 6, then let him find another job. He can’t continue working on it, “said the representative.

Rocha noted that Whistleblower, which starts next week, should be officially heard from both neighbors and teachers. “We are collecting material that proves the allegations received by the audios.”


In Rua Boa Esperança, where the school is located, other neighbors point out that screams can be heard from a distance. “It even contained an affidavit with a racist meaning,” said one man who declined to be identified. “The incident that took place before this teacher was removed is serious.”

Another neighbor said he changed his grandson’s school because he was treated as a “plague”, not a name. “We had to change it, because he complained, cried and said he was a ‘little insect’,” Grandma said.

However, no other allegations came to the notice of the police. For this reason, the representative also makes an appeal to the community, who can report abuse at any time, by calling the Civil Police on 181 or by calling 100. He guarantees that all complaints received at the specialized police station will be cleared. .

“We still don’t know how long this kind of teacher behavior has been noticed, nobody does anything, but the community needs to be involved and report abuse of this nature. Our kids don’t have to go through this situation. This.”

What does the municipality of Canoas say?

The municipality of Canoas, through the press office, has taken an official position on the allegations about the Anjos e Marmanjos school recognized by the municipality. On Tuesday (3), upon learning of the incident, the Municipal Secretary of Education met with representatives of the school, who reported the removal of the teacher in question for 10 days. The meeting was recorded in the official minutes. After the meeting, the secretariat sends reports to the municipality’s education council and the municipality’s general regulator, so that the parent council can proceed with the incident.

This Friday (6), the Municipal Council for the Rights of the Child and Adolescents (COMDICA) was also informed. Now, the ministry is urging the municipal attorney general’s office to immediately assess three issues: permanent removal of the teacher in question; Recognition expiration, effective July 31; And barriers to organization participation in the new accreditation process.

The Municipal Secretary of Education will also call the parents of the recognized students in the institution for a meeting on Monday (9) so that all the information can be clarified and the behavior adopted in the institution can be heard.

‘Sad’, lamenting Secretary Beth Colombo

In an interview with journalist Deborah Oliveira on the Ponto e Contraponto program on Radio ABC this Friday morning, Beth Colombo, Canos’ education secretary, said City Hall would not tolerate such behavior.

“It’s a surprise and a pity for us,” he said. “Under no circumstances is there any behavior from an affiliated school, or one of our own, that is not expected from an educator in a children’s licensed school. We have requested legal action and removal of the teacher upon learning of the complaint.”

According to the municipal administration, Anjos e Marmanjos School serves 140 students. Of these, 136 are children contracted with City Hall.

“We have 29 pre-schools of our own, with 25 contracts to meet the demand [onde surgiu a denúncia] One of them. There are actually three. It is a parent organization. There are two more. We have bought a total of 240 seats from the organization as a whole. And we have never received such a complaint. “

Although the secretary noted that the organization’s agreement with the municipality should be reviewed, it would take time. “We can’t end the deal immediately, because I don’t have a place to put these kids on the municipal network. It’s not easy.”

Finally, Colombo insisted that the case serve as a precaution. “We are very sorry and this experience shows that we must always be attentive to our children.”

What the school says

Roberto Andreola, a lawyer for the Anjos e Marmanjos School of Early Childhood Education, sent a note on behalf of the organization. See the full school statement below:

“1. Anjos e Marmanjos Early Childhood Education School, founded 18 (eighteen) years ago in the town of Canoas / RS, became aware of the existence of audios in this first week of May 2022 where an employee uttered bad words. Children at lunch;

2. First, in almost two decades of activity, the school has always prioritized its integrity, vehemently rejecting any form of abuse, whether physical or verbal, with children or even adults;

3. As of public knowledge, today (06.05.2022) a report was published in a newspaper of Porto Alegre / RS, the incident was reported from the audio;

4. The school reported that the suspect employee was immediately removed for uttering the words contained in the audio and, taking reasonable and reasonable, appropriate legal action, to confirm all the facts as soon as he became aware of the audio presented by the reporter on Tuesday afternoon (05.03);

5. On the same day, and in a continuous law, the school’s guidance and coordination met with the Municipal Secretary of Education of Canos / RS to clarify the incident and to take action on the types of procedures from that moment. On. The minutes of the meeting are drawn;

6. It is important to note that until this moment (Friday), the Department of Schools and Education and the Canos / RS Municipal Education Council did not have access to the audios mentioned in the report. Such files were unknown to the school until then;

7. Also, apart from this fact, the school is not aware of the existence of other allegations, allegations or investigations against the school, including allegations of abuse or violence against children. The work assigned by the school is monitored monthly and regularly by the SME of Canoas / RS, with complete transparency in all activities performed;

8. Inform that to date, no subpoena or notification has been received from the Civil Police, Public Prosecutor’s Office or any other agency for clarification;

9. However, the school has already taken steps to recruit professionals in the field of psychology and psychotherapy to assist the teacher and, in particular, all the children who were part of the classroom where the teacher suspected – and moved – to act;

10. It further states that the Department of Municipal Education or the CANOS / RS Education Council, in addition to other agencies, from the Executive or the Judiciary, will present and provide all the information and requests for clarification;

11. The school has been recognized by the municipality of Canoas / RS since 2010, thanks to the provision of its work within the rules established by law and educational policy, as evidence of innocent conduct;

12. The school does not deny its responsibility to take care of every child. It is fully available to parents and authorities to provide all necessary clarifications;

13. We reaffirm our commitment that our main cause is the care and diligence of children, to protect the well-being of children who may or may not be affected by this reported truth. “

The Prime Minister followed suit

In Rio Grande do Sul, the public ministry (MP-RS), has launched an administrative process to investigate the case through Joao Paolo Fontora de Medeiros, prosecutor for children and youth in Canos.

The MP-RS has issued a letter to City Hall in Canos asking it to inform the municipality and civil police of what action will be taken, to check whether other school staff agree with the teacher’s behavior. In question. It also issued a letter to the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, the body responsible for recognizing private schools for vacancy agreements with the municipality.

Now, the public ministry is waiting for the response to the requests made to the agencies

The Guardian Council has received a complaint

MicroRegion 1 – According to the Southwest Guardian Council, after being passed by the Municipal Department of Education (SME), the Guardian Council is already dealing with the abuse case.

The council added that no other allegations had been made against teachers or other professionals working at the institution.

No communication

The report contacted the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (COMDICA) to discuss the matter, but no response was received before the report was released.

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