City Hall of Cuba Mayor Mato Grosso highlights 1st state meeting on violence against children and adolescents

Mayor Emanuel Pinheiro praised Mato Grosso for the first state meeting on violence against children and adolescents, which was held at the headquarters of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Cuaba between 26 and 27 of this month, promoting and reflecting a broader debate. Dealing with the subject matter. The initiative was organized by the Attorney General’s Office, which specializes in defense of the public ministry of children and adolescents in Mato Grosso.

The chief executive of the municipal executive highlighted the concerted effort surrounding the meeting, which brought to the table an issue of great political and social relevance. “An initiative that proposes to strengthen the conflict network. Those who need manpower the most need to mobilize forces,” he said.

The purpose of the State Meeting was to promote debate and reflection on measures to combat all forms of violence against children and adolescents. According to the schedule, the event was officially opened on the 26th (Thursday), at 19:15, after public recognition by those who were members of the security network and members of civil society.

At 20:00 was the keynote address “Reviewing the Practice of Institutional Action to Protect the Rights of the Child and Youth Population”, delivered by Specialist, Attorney Paolo Roberto Jorge do Prado.

Prado would like to thank all the partners, supporters and all those present at the event. “I would like to greet everyone and say that I am delighted to see this auditorium filled with colleagues from the public ministry, representatives of the judiciary, the state education department, the military police, the civilian police, organized civil society, and municipal representatives. The Department of Education in Cuiabবার, among other gifts, ”he said.
Paolo Prado highlighted that the meeting should be part of a permanent agenda and be held annually, on a tour basis, each time in one institution and even in different cities. “I want to hug everyone and tell them how important it is for us to be together, to walk and to learn from each other. Let’s talk, let’s get out of the office, let’s talk. This is important and it must happen. “

On the 27th (Friday), Sia Vostraz de Tetro inaugurated with the presentation of the show “Innocents Petless Robb”. At 8:30 a.m., the panel “Fighting Abuse, Sexual Exploitation and Other Violence Against Children and Adolescents (Post-Epidemic) – Reflecting Safety Practices”.

Speakers included Prosecutor Anna Carolina Rodriguez Alves Fernandez de Oliveira, Secretary of State for Education Alan Racende Porto, Judge Tulio Dualibi Alves Shuja, Police Representative Judah Mali Pinheiro Markondes and Community Police and Human Rights Coordinator. Police of Mato Grosso, Lieutenant Colonel Emeryla Parpetua Shuja Martins. Prosecutor Paolo Prado was in charge of mediation.

At 2:00 pm, the panel “Conflict Mediation and Protection Network” began with Prosecutor Miguel Slesarenko Jr., Judge Maria Das Grasse Gomes da Costa, Police Chief Clayton Quiroz Moura, Deputy Commander of the 1st Military Police Company in Randonopolis. First Lieutenant PM Felipe Nunes Cordeiro and state schoolteacher Patricia Simone da Silva Carvalho. The mediator was Secretary Alan Porto. Following the debate, the work was consolidated with the publication of a letter of intent in defense of children and adolescents.

To close the program, the book is entitled “Projecto Loose – The First Integrated Security Network Report, which was implemented by Act No. Oliveira and Henrik de Carvalho Puglisi.”

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